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Are nikki bella and john still dating

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In November , Cena even told E! Continuing, she teased, "Maybe there'll be date number two. And that was happening for a while. But the year-old had vowed to undo his vasectomy in a bid to win Bella back.

Are nikki bella and john still dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Nikki Bella Admits She's Still in Love With John Cena as She Attempts to Start Dating Again

More Stories. News, which said the couple was "working on their relationship" and "taking it day by day. Come the end of July, Nikki and John had broken up for good. News in a statement at the time.

Nikki Bella reveals she is dating again after splitting with WWE legend John Cena

That was almost six months ago. Scroll down for everything Nikki has said about the breakup, dating and single life ahead of the Total Bellas premiere.


And that was happening for a while. No kids.

Nikki Bella reacts to John Cena dating another woman

In that order. Still, the WWE veteran admits she hasn't "kissed another guy in 9 years. News back in December. What to expect from her date with Peter Kraus, then? Continuing, she teased, "Maybe there'll be date number two. I don't know. Looking at you, Mr. It doesn't take long for Brie to unveil her pick.

Nikki Bella Gets Emotional Talking About Moving Out of John Cena's House

But when the video pans to a snippet of her sister's soon-to-be-televised rendezvous with Peter, it appears Nikki is less enthusiastic. Speaking to E! So basically, this season is all about Nikki enjoying the single life and figuring out what she wants.

How Nikki Bella Reacted to Seeing John Cena With Another Woman

He's also fresh off a starring role in Bumble, and released a children's book, Elbow Greasein October, so it seems like he's taking the breakup in stride. It's always great to see people move on from relationships with continued success. Now that's an awkward transition. Overall, though, Nikki and John seem to still be on good terms and both embracing life without each other.

Are nikki bella and john still dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)