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As we were pulling up to the ceremony location, i kid you not, the skies cleared and it was absolutely beautiful. The distance grew more and more. The Moon Palace wedding department made sure every request was met at a moment's notice and even offered their own suggestions based on past Indian weddings that have taken place at this resort. Then before the locals and tourists awoke, we sat on a park bench underneath the Eiffel Tower, excitedly talking about the life ahead of us.

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We recited our vows to one another under the stars of Delhi's sky and had all of our wedding moments beautifully captured by Braja Mandala. She has had the opportunity to work with several Bollywood celebrities, pageants and broadway shows.

She is passionate and creative about makeup techniques, styles with a special focus on enhancing the eyes. Since flowers are typically such an integral par t of wedding designs, Suhaag Garden began experimenting with them and exploring new ways to enhance the overall impact.

What star south asian bride magazine as a simple wish, culminated into an extension of tje company: tAnirika. As the hottest new trend to hit Indian weddings, brides are waking up to smell the roses found on their very own custom floral jewelry.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted using a wide range of florals including, red berries, gold medallions, red roses and fuschia orchids — and accented with semi-precious stones, studded pendants and pearls.

From the whimsical hairpieces to exotic necklaces, each bride's unique style challenges us to create something fresh each and every time. My older sister was having her engagement party the day before her birthday so we went out that night to celebrate. When we finally took a trip to Puerto Vallarta the spring break after our engagement we fell madly in love and decided on the venue during our stay.

We had two ceremonies, three days of events, 80 guests, and 1 detail oriented bride so there was a lot of planning involved! The Westin was absolutely amazing and accommodating and helped us pull off an incredible fusion affair, with delicious authentic Indian food to boot.

We kicked off on Wednesday with a photo shoot in downtown Puerto Vallarta, ending the day with bridal mendhi and releasing baby turtles into the ocean. On Friday, we enjoyed a welcome dinner at a local restaurant, Victor's Tacuba, and our guests from all over the world got a chance to mingle. Saturday morning began early, with the Hindu ceremony, followed by lunch. At sunset, we exchanged vows during our spritual ceremony which was officiated by Chitra's brother. When the cocktail hour began, the DJ couldn't believe that every single guest was on the dance floor instead of eating and drinking.

It was looked like so much fun, Chitra decided to skip the hair and make up change and the new couple made their firework accompanied entrance early. It was, without a doubt, the perfect way to celebrate our love and begin our journey as a married couple. Having a destination wedding was perfect, as it foreshadowed exactly what marriage would be like: serious south asian bride magazine work, compromises, lots of joy and laughter!

I never paid it much attention thinking "those sorts of things never really work out". It was early summer and I had just started dental school when she emailed me saying he had matched for residency in Boston and was starting in a few weeks.

Four years later, in the cool Miami moonlight, we were swaying to John Legend with wedding bands on our fingers. From the moment we got engaged, our wedding was a labor of love.

Throughout the process, we found so much joy in the small details. From water-coloring each invitation by hand on the floor of the kitchen I grew up in, to hand pouring honey with my parents that my dad had cultivated from our backyard bees into individual favors, to illustrating our silhouettes for the wedding programs, to doing the calligraphy on our custom bar menus, to designing our own website, to sketching designs of the bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits in a tiny tailor's room in India She found a middle ground by lining her lips with a deep red color and adding a nude-pink gloss over it.

Doing this allowed her to still look like herself and not overdone. For the big wedding day she wore a bright red, Pakistani style maxi dress with a skirt that was adorned with swarvoski crystals and 3 shades of gold embroidery. Her jewelry, which was designed by her mother, included a tikka center head piece as well as a jummar side head piece.

Farah took into consideration the south asian bride magazine jewelry creating a hairstyle. She created an intricate up-do, teasing it in the right areas for the heavy veil setting, as well as allowing the jewelry to be visible. Nadia and Farah both strongly suggest keeping your updo in the center-top of your head and not low or near the south asian bride magazine of the neck.

You want the veil to look event and not feel south asian bride magazine. A red dress, gold jewelry and a glowing appearance are all staples in every Desi wedding. At last the reception event is here and after all that hard work and many days of social media and dating apps makeovers, this is the day where Nadia implemented a modern concept to her ensemble! Her mother in law always wanted to see her daughter in cuenca dating history wearing white on the wedding day.

Since Nadia chose a traditional red dress for the wedding, this gave her the perfect opportunity to honor her mother in laws desire. They chose a one-piece beaded gown in white with cutouts in south asian bride magazine arms and a medium length train. It was. She chose to have a trendier style of makeup for this grand event and went for a silver cut-crease with baby pink lips. Because the dress was white it was important to use more color for the makeup.

Farah mastered a beautiful updo, keeping few strands loose in the front; she pulled back the hair creating a cascading ponytail with body and curls that lasted all night long. Nadia wore an elegant diamond set and, for south asian bride magazine headpiece, she selected a swarvoski crystal headband. She completed her attire with a fullbodied crinoline under the dress, which not only helped with the weight but also provided a ball gown effect making her feel like a princess all night long.

Besides the perfect ensemble, brides often struggle with their henna and nails. Each henna design should be created and chosen with the idea of complimenting your hands and it should be meaningful. Being a henna expert who has decorated hundreds of hands and feet for brides, it was a challenge to for Nadia to create her own pattern and was something she dwelled on for months.

Her wedding was the first time she was going to have henna applied on her feet and legs which made it all that more stressful, yet rewarding. She concentrated on creating a design that was going to elongate her hands but more importantly would highlight her hand jewelry. Her hand jewelry was a creation of the first ring her father gave her mother modified with a chain taken from the necklace her grandfather gave her mother turning it into a delicate ring-bracelet.

With a dark henna stain and hand jewelry it is wise to be mindful of the color you use on your nails to avoid an unattractive combination. She wanted something timeless and class and decided to apply a ombre French tip to balance all of the beauty styles and colors of her wedding, effortlessly.

Of course, every woman has been dreaming about her perfect wedding since she was a little girl. As a woman from multiple cultural backgrounds, Nadia had to research a lot in order to find the perfect looks for her.

As a beautician in the South Asian Wedding Industry and the owner of Henna Dil Se, She has had the honor to help many brides create their picture perfect wedding look by incorporating their culture, fashion, preference in style, and anything else that they want! As a bride who was able to attain the perfect wedding, she continues helping other brides achieve diversity and beauty in their picture perfect bridal ensemble.

Custom Invites. Boxed Invites. Laser Cut Invites Acrylic invites. Table Cards. Place South asian bride magazine Sweet Boxes. Ceremony Programs. Menu cards. Whether you're planning an intimate affair or a lavish wedding, Reema's unique eye and passion promises innovative concepts and flawless execution for your event. Providing the planning and coordination support you need and desire is truly our passion.

We offer an exclusive array of personalized services to deliver an invaluable peace of mind. But when you just sit by the corner and wait, he comes along and shares the corner with you. When he first asked me out for dinner I remember telling my best friend I was not sure about Suketu because he looked like any other handsome college frat boy, south asian bride magazine.

I answered no when he asked me out but soon changed my mind and called him. Our first date was one of the best nights I've ever had. He was completely opposite from what I expected and we connected right away. A week of dating and we knew we were going to end single ladies raquel and terrence together.

We both immediately were in love but we held back as long as we could from saying it too soon.

South Asian Bride Magazine

That didn't last very long and it didn't take much longer before our conversations started being about planning our future. Our emotions were moving so fast we tried to catch up by introducing each other to friends and south asian bride magazine. That only brought us closer together and got us ready for our wedding! I found a new best friend who not only brings out the best in me but also inspires me to be the best version of myself. It was difficult at times due to time restraints but the result was phenomenal.

It took us 6 months to plan the wedding and every vendor we hired was exceptional. I always wanted an outdoor wedding and we visited close to 20 venues.

I fell in love with Brooklake Country Club the minute I walked through the doors. The setting for a beautiful mandap with the lake in the background was exactly like I envisioned. The staff at Brooklake made sure the day was about me.

We contacted photographers and looked at approximately thousand pictures. It took us months to find a photographer since this was the most important vendor for us. It took us 3 months to find her but we hired her the same day we saw their pictures. South asian bride magazine Sabyasachi is one of black mirror online dating episode favorite designers and I knew instantly I wanted his lehenga for the ceremony.

I wore Sabyasachi outfits for both my ceremony and reception. Each lehenga weighed close to 10 pounds but the best outfits I have ever worn. Hair and Makeup: Style by Susmita was recommended by my cousins who did her hair and makeup for her wedding 10 years ago. Susmita helped me select my outfits and jewelry for all my events. I met her 3 times before the wedding and she made me try south asian bride magazine all my outfits to make sure they are perfectly fitted I receive endless compliments even to this day for my hair, makeup and outfits.

Kevin and Susmita took us to a park for aconcept shoot prior to us Sangeet and even after our wedding day. They made every attempt possible to deliver the best video.

I recommend Kevin to every bride planning her wedding. You cannot hair a better videographer than Kevin, south asian bride magazine. They womens singles odds our dreams to life. We requested a huge madap so our bridesmaids, grooms men and immediate family can sit on the mandap with us. They made this possible with a huge pentagon mandap with the lake as our back drop.

As a bride, my vendors made sure I felt like I was a princess. When I walked into my reception, I was the happiest person alive. My wedding day will always be the most memorable and best day of my life.

And, it certainly was not love at first sight. Well that depends who you ask. They say the best things are made with patience and persistence. Neither Crystal nor Eric knew it at the time, but they were about to blossom into a beautiful relationship, to be one with each other, a sense of completeness. With a lot of patience and persistence, they have built a strong foundation. Love is a different beast, one that cannot be tamed, but when two people love each other, nothing can stand in their way.

Their paths become clear, the oceans south asian bride magazine and the world opens unto itself. From the moment Eric laid eyes on Crystal he knew that his destiny lay with her. However she took some more convincing. Patience and persistence laid the foundations, but love cemented their south asian bride magazine together. And he loved every bit of it. He loved her for her crazy ways. She was bold and fearless. She spoke her mind and expected at some point, this has got to scare him off.

Every picturesque wedding needs a picture perfect proposal, however Eric wanted it to be a private moment that only the two of them would share. For weeks he had been conditioning Crystal to wake up early and go for sunrise walks on the beach. Finally the date he had chosen was here. October 10th, Crystal, however had other plans, sleeping in that morning His plans were stopped in their tracks!


As such in life things do not always work out as intended, but nevertheless always for the best. The next morning, they woke up early and began their walk down the beach. A short ways down a white altar had been set up.

Upon reaching this Eric asked Crystal to jokingly come join him, before getting down on one knee and south asian bride magazine the most important decision of his life. He proposed to her on October 11th,underneath a white altar on the beach. Although intended to be private, the universe had other plans, and a random passerby captured their moment on her cell phone, a sweet gesture by an excited turtle volunteer!

The wedding speaks a lot about Eric and Crystal. It was both It was simple and chaotic all at the same time. South asian bride magazine the first time she went on a cruise with her family at 15, Crystal made the decision that she's going to get married on a boat.

She had no idea who she was going to marry, or what she wanted, but she knew she wanted to have her wedding on a boat. The basis from which Crystal and Eric made their decisions were very simple, family. They were creating a celebration for their families. It became a celebration of their respective cultures, food, music, every essence.

Mehndi Night could have just as easily been dubbed Music Night as it featured music and performances lovingly performed by friends and family of the two. Crystal and Eric chose to perform their wedding - twice - because, well, why not? And, again, family. They came from two awesome families and wanted to perform the ceremony that was tradition to both.

Having been raised Hindu and Bollywood, Crystal chose not to follow any trends and went traditional garb for the Hindu Ceremony and full Bollywood afterwards with the music, entertainment and food. The next night they cemented their vows again with a Jewish ceremony. Complete with handwritten vows to make the occasion unique and personal to them. They had the best of both worlds.

David and I actually grew up down the street from each other, south asian bride magazine, and went to the same elementary, middle and high school--we even rode the same bus for many years!

However, we didn't actually meet until we went to a mutual friend's birthday party in College Station in The first thing I noticed about David was his sense black mirror online dating episode humor those green eyes didn't hurt eitherand we chatted for much of that evening.

When we ran into each other in Austin a few months later, David thankfully did not let this chance occurrence go to waste. He took me out to dinner that weekend, and we've been dating ever since! Vibha grew up in Clear Lake just a street over from where I lived. Vibha quickly became pretty involved bbc naked dating show tennis in middle school and high school, and continues to play as a hobby to this day.

When she's not saving lives or beating me at tennis, you can find Vibha trying new foods mostly just sweet onesat a local concert or napping. David grew up in Houston, TX with a fondness for video games and running cross country.

David has lots of hobbies, including watching every random movie on Netflix, and a recent bout of whittling. He has even read over 50 books this year, just for fun. I decided to do it in Hermann Park in Houston, as the winter was mild and the weather was beautiful that week.

On the Monday, December 28, I told Vibha that we were going to go and have lunch with our friends. As Vibha and I left her house that morning, you could tell there was an extra glow about her parents, as they south asian bride magazine in on it and already excited.

Vibha was thus far oblivious. As we headed to "lunch" I got a call supposedly telling me that lunch would have to be delayed as our friends were running late. I casually asked Vibha what she'd like to do for an hour. She suggested the Galleria, but I told her it would be too busy. Then she fortuitously suggested Hermann Park. After we parked, Vibha spotted some bikes and suggested a ride. At this point I think she began to get slightly suspicious as I vetoed the bikes and we continued the walk.

As we walked up, I had a set of 10 pictures set out that each highlighted a moment or joke from our relationship. At this point Vibha began giggling uncontrollably and ignored most of my heartfelt and endearing commentary about each of the moments.

As I finished, I got down on one knee and proposed. South asian bride magazine said yes, after fighting through her continuing laughter. So many people tell you that your wedding will go by in a blur, and we had always doubted that at least to some degree, but our experience really felt like a whirlwind, despite preconceived notions.

It started a full week before our actual wedding day with a small prayer ceremony at home. Friends and family gathered to bless us for our upcoming celebration. Thursday of the week kicked off with an at-home Mehndi where our extended families were able to meet for the first time, and the excitement for the weekend grew as people conversed and stories were shared.

Our Sangeet on Friday night was absolutely amazing, with a Tuscan villa theme and many performances from close friends and family. We had south asian bride magazine beautiful ceremony on Saturday how to meet older women reddit with a baraat beforehand. David and the guests danced up a storm while our DJ kept up the hype despite the Houston heat.

The reception was a perfect capstone to an amazing week. We were so lucky to celebrate our marriage with family and friends and are beyond south asian bride magazine to begin our life together—starting with a honeymoon adventure to Spain and France! The happy couple met in December when Leidy came to visit Los Angeles for the first time. Michael had just finished his undergraduate degree at the Find friends from all around the world of Denver.

He was back in Bradbury for the Holidays before he south asian bride magazine to go back to work in San Diego. During that week, Michael showed her around and even watched "King Kong" with her, which was the blockbuster movie at that time.

Whenever Michael travelled to Philadelphia or New York to play Hockey, or visit friends, he would always spend time with Leidy. Every chance they had to meet up they would. Their strong bond has been forged through their many shared interests. It is very important to both of them to experience different cultures and have adventures on their journeys together.

You will not find them lying on the beach! They are now ready for their biggest adventure south asian bride magazine all- starting a family! Six and a half years of being together cumulated to one sunset in Krabi, Thailand. Michael snuck the engagement ring into his backpack as they headed off to Thailand, where it remained for 7 days. On January 5,they started their day at the beautiful resort at Rayavadee.

They then travelled to the enchanting Phi Phi Islands where they experienced dramatic south asian bride magazine, emerald green water and white sand beaches. They spent the day cruising, they swam and snorkeled, and relaxed on the beach on beautiful Bamboo Island with a picnic. After returning back to the hotel Michael had set up a sunset dinner at The Grotto.

The restaurant is nestled under an ancient limestone Cliff in the Phra Nang Beach. With Candles and flowers surrounding them, it was here that Michael dropped to one knee and proposed. Leidy unaware what was going on was in shock and couldn't believe after 6 and half years the relationship was ready for their next Journey.

This young couple love story starts at a Social gathering where a close family friend to both families introduces them to each other. With the blessings of both families, the couple started planning their dream wedding. With all the details set in place, The Brides family made sure everything ran smoothly. Seeing all their loved ones together in one place, celebrating in their native land of Pakistan was one of the most amazing moments for them.

The design and detail of everything truly highlighted the love felt by the couple. Following the Ceremony, everyone traveled back to Orlando, where the bride Dream Come true valima event Wedding reception took place.

Hosted at Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, this was an evening no one will forget in quite some time. This venue gave the perfect backdrop. With the formalities of the wedding ceremony complete, it was time to truly relax and enjoy the Sunny skies of Florida and finalize the details for this unforgettable occasion. The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress was the perfect backdrop for this majestic and royal event.

Sadia anxiously prepared herself for the final night of her dream wedding. Sadia stunning makeup was perfectly applied by Lea Montes. Her look was complete once she slipped into her gown. With The trend of Pakistani valima Dresses for brides is facing many changes. Sadia decision came down to getting a dress that made her feel like a queen, and that exactly what she felt when she put on her blush pink with gold accent dress and Navy blue trimming.

The guests enjoyed every minute of this valima. At the time, I didn't think much about it. About 3 years later Raman and I reconnected over social media. Raman being in LA and me being in South asian bride magazine, it seemed like my fascination would be limited to his Instagram account, though I found him adorable! One day Raman was in NY so we decided to meet up for what was supposed to be a casual dinner!

Our conversation was endless and we were ushered out of the restaurant upon closing. From that one dinner, I knew I found my Prince Charming! If I had to describe Raman it would be one of a kind.

I'm blessed to be able to call him mine forever! In the four years till our wedding, we had a long-distance relationship, which was challenging in its own accord. Raman and I spoke all the time over the phone and any chance that either of us got we would fly to see each other. Going back between NY and California was always an adventure. The both of us had talked about getting married often. Colin Cowie is an authority on living with style, an author, a celebrated television personality, an interior designer, and event planner.

As a well know television personality and author of eight best-selling books, Colin appears regularly on several well known TV shows and has been profiled extensively in numerous publications.

Ellen Ho is an international photographer who runs a top boutique-stylephotography studio based in Vancouver BC Canada. After university, she started a small fashion line and worked as a web site designer and photographer. Realizing that her true love lies in photography, she decided to pursue south asian bride magazine passion, south asian bride magazine.

With the background of art and fashion, Ellen incorporates her innate sense of design in her photography and gives something fresh, chic, and unique to her photos.

A refined and polished boutique elegance has become her signature style. Ellen loves traveling for destination weddings; and during her spare, she enjoys decorating her French Couture Loft.

For more info on Ellen and her photography please visit www.


They are a husband and wife team, proud parents, and they absolutely love what they do. We love the colours and excitement of South Asian weddings and we make sure that they shine through in our images. Our clients would describe us as fun, energetic, involved, and creative.

Wedding Show 2018 by South Asian Bride Magazine

Michael comes from a business family and always dreamed of owning his own business. South asian bride magazine photographing for some friends and second shooting for a summer, they decided to start their own photography company. They both love traveling for south asian bride magazine, and meeting clients from all different walks of life, cultures, and styles. Sonia Sharma Events is one of the most sought after boutique special events companies on the West Coast.

Specializing in high-end, multicultural weddings as well as an array of social and corporate events, we are known for our unrivaled attention to detail and impeccable taste. After graduating, she spent a year teaching English to children and absorbing the various colorful cultures of Asia. Upon her return, she began her career as an event coordinator at a reputable special events company in Los Angeles, where she handled hundreds of events of every size, budget and scale.

When you work with Sonia, you know that special event consulting is her true passion. Over the years, she has developed personal relationships how to tell if you re dating a married man the best vendors in Los Angeles. She is known for her professionalism, warmth, versatility and attentiveness to the smallest details.

Those who know her agree that her insane focus on color, lighting and final image quality deprives her of sleep on a near-daily basis.

She south asian bride magazine spoken at two international photography conferences, and has been profiled in three photography magazines and three books. Her travels have taken her to 28 countries, including 16 cities in India. She also holds two degrees in journalism. Shah and her firm has built a stellar reputation for conceiving, designing, and coordinating a long roster of meticulously choreographed, high-end South Asian weddings.

For the past seven-years she has been living her dream, maintaining these ancient tradition throughout the United States for the most affluent Indian, Pakistani and Middle East expatriates through her New York-based company.

An excellent communicator and negotiator, Ms. Sonal J. Exquisite Events founder, Nikki Khan, has benefits of dating a curvy girl a leading figure in the Southern California event planning business for over ten years.

From sophisticated soirees to culturally infused celebrations, Khan ensures that all of her events are executed with the utmost in professionalism, quality and unique style. Before graduating from UCLA University, Khan attended the prestigious Swiss Finishing School where she learned the intricacies of social etiquette necessary for fine event coordination south asian bride magazine planning.

Khan has assisted numerous bride and groom couples to plan their dream wedding, as well as worked with many highprofile corporate clients including the Pacific Asia Museum and Paramount Studios. After seven years at Erickson Beaman, St Erasmus struck out on his own. He lives in Delhi for six months of the year, where he heads a production team of 15, and the other six months are spent south asian bride magazine London, where he focuses on the creative process, marketing and selling.

Periodicals postage south asian bride magazine at Atlanta, GA and additional offices. No material herein or portions thereof may be reprinted without the consent of the publisher.

The publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs or illustrations. Advertising copy and artwork are the sole responsibility of individual advertisers. Photo: Shahid Malik south asian bride magazine. We were told numerous times to enjoy every single moment because it will be over before you know it.

Luckily between the Ladies Sangit party, The Mendhi night, and the two weddings we had plenty of time to soak it all in. And of course they were right, it did fly by and we enjoyed every second of it. It was a harmonious meeting of two different cultures. During the ceremony we were told not too talk to each other or steal a smile.

It took all of our concentration to abide by this, however, I did notice Dilshad stealing a peek and by me noticing it means that I was obviously peeking at my out of this world gorgeous wife to be.

After the ceremony, Dilsher had a wonderful suprise waiting for us in the limo to south asian bride magazine our marriage I had to eat everything that I didnt like. We woke up together on the day of the white wedding which is the best way to start the day. My wife got the nice suite to get reaady and I had to go to a small room with 3 other guys my groomsmen in it.

We were going to do pictures before the ceremony so the videographer suggested setting up a scene where we would first see each other after getting ready for the ceremony.

Japa dog happened to be down the street and it is the only hot dog that Dilshad will eat. So I went to down to buy her one and waited south asian bride magazine she came out. My back was turned towards Dilshad as she came out of the hotel and South asian bride magazine waited until the last moment before I turned around and faced her.

Little did she know I had a hot dog in hand. I turned around and on one knee asked if she would eat my hot dog!! As a loving husband I accomplished two things: one was to ensure that my lovely wife had something south asian bride magazine her stomach before the 2nd ceremony, and the second was to ensure that we started it off right with a little laugh. It actually started to rain a little as we were taking pictures and our wedding planner advised us to hold the ceremony indoors instead of in the garden.

We flat out refused as the garden was the only way we wanted it and as a side note our 13 year old dog was the flower girl, south asian bride magazine. As we were pulling up to the ceremony location, i kid you not, the skies cleared and it was absolutely beautiful.

I was thinking over and over in my head about how I would kiss Dilshad at the conclusion of the ceremony.

No one had any clue of what I was going to do. When the time finally came I dipped her and kissed her. At the reception, being both from backgrounds that enjoy food Indian, and Europeanit was really important to us that the food was amazing. We had a traditional french wedding cake called a Gateaux St. The speeches were beautiful and heart felt and the Band was sooooooooooo gooooooood Famous Players Band. Our videographer blew everyone away with his same day edit.

I dont know how he did it but he was able to add footage to the video that felt like it had just happened 30 seconds prior to starting the movie. One would think that being the last of many events, we may be a little tired and perhaps it would be more of a tame evening. But when you have a group of people who embrace each with open arms, irrespective of culture or religion, a fantastic crew of professionals and a great band to get everything started, people older women want it to keep going.

Our afternoon wedding remained a much more understated and relaxed event, with the love between our families and friends being the focus. Music from the sitar player; floral arrangements in different shades of pinks; and a bridal party in fuchsia and orange complimented the natural setting of the clear blue skies and the Savannah river.

After the wedding, we south asian bride magazine high tea for our guests on the lawn, giving us an opportunity to spend time with them as a newly married couple. Following the wedding, the reception took on a more south asian bride magazine, non-traditional feel with a backdrop of candles on the stage.

A neutral color palette of antique gold, along with many intricate touches, helped create a regal ambience. The tablescape included gold linens and chargers, favors in blue velvet boxes tied with gold ribbons, abundant candles and oversized white florals. Each of our guests walked to their seats to be greeted by a rose bloom and a personalized thank you note, giving us an opportunity to individually express our gratitude for their presence.

Custom designed oversized silk flower on each chair back added drama to the overall decor. Surrounded by candles, flowers and love — how could a girl ask for a more perfect evening?!

The inspiration for the creative photo shoot was pulled from the film Tuck Everlasting, a story that captures eternal love; a theme found often in the South Asian culture and films. Fashionable bridal shoe clips are the hottest new way to re-vamp and dress up your shoes. Most shoe clips can be attached at the front, side or thick asian women of your shoes.

Simply, just clip it. You don't have to spend money to buy a new pair of shoes, just dress up your favorite pumps and you are good to go. Great for brides, bridesmaids and even wedding guests to dress up their shoes and create a one-ofa-kind look. Kishen Jagwani in Mumbai, a name epitomizing quality, trust and value. Located in Bandra, the three storied store has a plush and opulent ambiance that lets the cutomer indulge into a true jewelry shopping experience. The unique and striking jewelry ranges from gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires as well as semi-precious stones.

From corporate gifts, party favors, cake decorations, sparkling centerpieces and even customized colored bedazzling bonbons-everyone is finding an excuse to incorporate a little extra Bedazzle into their events!

Bedazzle My Bonbons has proven to be one of the hottest products to hit the market in decades. With orders coming in from around the world, it is no surprise there has been quite a buzz behind our famous bedazzling treats!

The bonbon coating is a combination of sanding sugars and food coloring, that has absolutely no texture or taste to it and is completely safe for all ages. The main ingredient in the product is starch based similar to gum arabichowever, it is truly the PROCESS, and not the product used that creates the "Bedazzled" effect The chocolate is the company's own custom blend of both a Swiss and Belgium chocolate, and is manufactured exclusively for Bedazzle My Bonbons, south asian bride magazine.

The bedazzle coloring needs just the right chemistry of cocoa butter Each and every order south asian bride magazine specifically bedazzled for each individual event. Photography: Vasia Photography www. It is an expression of our cultural, personal and artistic identity. A great outfit is a leap of the imagination, an adventure and it has the power to transform us and the world we live in. The House of Kamiar Rokni is perhaps most coveted for its focus on wearable, chic and fun clothes that have an international flavour, where each design bears testimony to excellence in cut, workmanship and quality.

Indeed the fashion house strives to provide an immaculate essence of style in all their creations, designing signature one of a kind pieces that evoke a sense of individuality and elegance in the people that wear them. The House of Kamiar Rokni has received an over whelming response from a trusted clientele with the team now designing for clients in places as diverse as Italy, Holland, USA, England, France, Canada, Dubai and Greece to name a selection.

Inthe fashion house was awarded the first ever Libas Heritage Award at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week mature women punished their inspired approach of turning traditional craft into contemporary fashion. In January, the design house showcased at Islamabad Fashion Week debuting their menswear separates and showcasing their bridal and trousseau couture on the ramp for the first time and also showcased at Fashion Week in Maurtius.

Photography: Braja Mandala Wedding Photography www. Since most of their brides and grooms who are getting married are from the East free adult dating ads live in the West, they wanted to combine the color and culture of the East with the modern edge of the West in a photo shoot that would last for two days.

The first day started with hair and makeup by Jellis Faces. The concept with the hair and south asian bride magazine was to keep it natural and fresh, with a smokey eye and nude lip. Our couple wore the latest in Indian bridal fashion from Frontier Heritage in Los Angeles, the bride had beautiful henna designs of flowers, peacocks and paisley patterns from Henna SD, and they were adorned with garlands of red roses and yellow and white flowers from Isari Flower Studio.

It was a rainy day but the clouds broke for just enough time that they were able to capture truly unique photos with Tai the elephant, south asian bride magazine. With the dramatic Eastern look of the ceremony site, which looked made perfectly for an Indian wedding, and the furnishings of the West the venue was the perfect blend of the East and West. The bride wore a custom dress from M Bride and the groom wore a custom tailored tux and classic bow tie from A Better Deal Tuxedo.

Braja Mandala and Gene Higa took the couple throughout the Grand Del Mar and photographed them in the lavish hand laid marble hallways, the chapel and even on their grand staircase. While Braja and Gene were busy photographing, Nahid and her team went straight to work on setting up her vision for the bride and grooms table.

Bejeweled orange, gold and red dinner menus and place cards were created by Simply Posh Designs. A royal Indian bride and groom's chair, along with custom made red chavari chair covers that were made the day before were brought in by Concepts Event Design.

A red and white henna inspired cake that was hand piped and worked on until the early hours of the morning was made by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.

The table was brought together beautifully with the finishing touches of Isari Flower Studio's exotic floral center pieces. They brought in the vibrant colors of the East with yellow orchids, red roses, orange tulips and put a touch of Western whimsy with in with citrus fruits.

Soulful Moon is a socially conscious stationery business focused on the South Asian market that donates a portion of every transaction to charity. We just love how one our customers described our style: ethno-chic invitations and greeting cards with just the right balance of east and west!

How it all began: The founder, Salwa Ansari Datoo, left a seven year career in banking south asian bride magazine transition to nonprofit work. After leaving Wall Street in lateshe volunteered at an international development foundation for a year and spent some time abroad in Africa doing fieldwork. She fell in love with the idea of a career that gave back and aggressively began looking for a full time non-profit job upon her return to the US.

However, the recession had just hit and nonprofits were struggling and freezing all hires. So she then realized it would be wiser to launch a business that was financially self-sufficient rather than donor based, that used their profits to give back.

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