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Reggie and veronica dating in real life

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Kaitlin Reilly. No matter how long Veronica and Reggie last, Melton and Mendes' relationship seem to be growing stronger by the day. The first clues leading fans to believe that "Charmila" was a thing came through sneaky social media moments. The two were also seen together throughout September.

Reggie and veronica dating in real life [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

You'll find someone, too! Maybe me? What a day to be alive.


The first clues leading fans to believe that "Charmila" was a thing came through sneaky social media moments. On their labor day getaway, the two were spotted sharing a towel as they lay on a yacht. A post shared by camila mendes camimendes on Sep 3, at pm PDT.

Veronica & Reggie Are Hooking Up On 'Riverdale,' So Betty & Jughead Have Some Competition

Ooooh theyre together camimendes melton riverdale charmila charlesmelton camilamendes regonica reggiemantle veronicalodge. In a new interview with Ocean Drivethe New Romantic actress revealed that despite much fan speculation, she had no interest in pushing for Veggie on The CW show. Related Stories. Camila Mendes Explains Her Nickname.


As for whether the Mendes and Melton relationship could extend the shelf life of Veggie past its prime, the real-life Veronica doesn't care either way. I always make it work. As they grew closer, Veronica and Archie started to grow apart.

Veronica tried to visit Archie as often as she could when he was in prison, but they simply could not be together as much anymore.

And once Archie broke out of jail, he split town and effectively broke up with Veronica over the phone.

Camila Mendes Confirms She's Dating 'Riverdale' Costar Charles Melton

Now that Archie is totally out of Riverdale, living in a cabin the in woods in Canada, it was only a matter of time before Veronica and Reggie turned up the heat. After the two are able to thwart Hiram's plan to extort money out of the speakeasy, Veronica and Reggie lock eyes and share a passionate kiss.

Riverdale Cast: The Real-Life Couples Revealed - ⭐OSSA

The entertainment outlet reported that a fan who was at the same theater saw the stars snuggle up next to each other. As the lights were dimming, my friend saw them kiss! News source said. The two were also with other Riverdale stars Casey Cott and Lili Reinhart at the theater when they were spotted, according to E! The possible co-star coupling of Veronica and Reggie isn't the only Riverdale romance swirling around town right now though; Sprouse and Reinhart, who plays Betty Cooper, came out with their relationship earlier this year, Us Weekly reported.

Reggie and veronica dating in real life [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)