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Meet Gamers Meet gamers near you or worlwide. No mobile app available You can still go to its website via a mobile browser Free to access; no downloads needed A convenient alternative for on the go users Not optimized for mobile browsing; some pages take a long time to scroll through. Read reviews, would be perfect for you. Otherwise, you can take the old-fashioned email way. There are five mandatory steps you must take to have access to the site.

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That is, in fact, best dating apps for gamers true at all. With the increasing advancement of today's technology, the virtual world gets bigger day by day. People can now connect with other people from the opposite end of the world through online games. Some people might be put off by dating gamers and think that they spend way too much time in front of the monitor rather than actually joining the world of the living.

Some players might not also like the idea of dating people who scoff at gaming and dismiss it as a "silly habit," who cannot fathom the intricacy and beauty of a well-made online game.

The Best Dating Sites For Gamers

Hence, the idea of combining your search for love and your gaming quests in a niche dating site has been born. Here comes forth, Gamer Dating. Saddle up for we have investigated this site to know how it works, just how authentic its members are, the worthiness of its membership fees, and more. Can this site just be the site of your gamer dreams? Will this help you meet other singles? Read on our in-depth review to find out!

Whose Live Anyway?

Gamer Dating has one of the lowest cases of fake profiles out of all the niche dating sites. Although we have noticed that the members aren't all that responsive, it still gets some credit for having more authentic profiles. Monthly, the site racks up an average of 20, organic visits. The dating website also has an almost equal distribution of men and women for members. Although women outnumber the men by just a slight margin, there are still enough options for everyone.


Majority of the members are within the younger age bracket of years old. The site underlines the idea of finding romance within the gaming community. However, we have noticed that most of its members are there for meet native american sense of belongingness and camaraderie rather than romantically.

If there is one thing that can minimize the number of fake profiles, it is by having a not so easy registration process. It is something that helps maintain and secure the integrity of the members' profiles. While the signup process can take time, you might find that having this kind of registration can be beneficial rather than detracting.

Having to complete your profile best dating apps for gamers before having access to your account means that the others' profiles are completed and authentic, too. If you still prefer to have much quicker signup, you can opt to use the Facebook registration which automatically syncs your basic information to Gamer Dating.


Otherwise, you can take the best dating apps for gamers email way. For email registration, you'd have to fill in your email address, nominated password, and birthday.

After that, you'd have to verify your email address by clicking on the activation link which will be sent to you. After confirming your email account, you'd then proceed to build your profile. There are five mandatory steps you must take to have access to the site.

After doing all that, you can now access the site and start delving deeper into the gaming community. As a standard member, you'll still get six matches per day which you can like or dislike.

However, messaging them proves to be impossible unless you've upgraded your membership to a Gold or a Silver Quest. If you find the site's six-matches-per-day-policy to be quite slow and tiring, you can still "Find a Date. You can narrow down your scope according to your age, lifestyle, religion, and gaming preferences. However, Gamer Dating ups the ante when it comes to their community. Indeed, if you are interested in an in-depth look at the psyche of a gamer and his love habits, better read the blogs available in the Advice section.

Gamer Dating has basic dating site features. However, that makes it no less fun since there are a lot of materials on the site which can help you not only in gaming but also in the romance department. Since profile completion is mandatory when creating an account on Gamer Dating, it only means that the profiles on best dating apps for gamers site are detailed and authentic.

Basic information, lifestyle, even religion are displayed. Looking for interesting people has been made easier. You can visit any profile to gauge for yourself the level of compatibility wireclub local chat rooms commonalities you share with the owner.

I Signed Up To A GAMERS ONLY Tinder...

You can also look through his or her gaming library to know what kind of genre and games does he or she plays. Although, no matter how detailed the profiles are, their main focus is more on the personality and gaming habits, rather than on physical appearance. You must answer their questions about your height, body art if you have anyand eye color but that's the most the site alludes to your appearance.

Emma Woodley at Global Dating Insights - arguably the de facto online dating news source in the world - offers an excellent review of LFGdating that you simply can't miss. Thank you, Emma!

The "Gamer Daters" Website

Any guesses who showed up as one of the best dating sites for gamers? It's too bad they didn't see we have iOS and Android apps coming soon, but all jokes aside we owe a huge thank you to AskMen!

Some sites even get as detailed as not only letting you showcase what games you like, but also on what platform you prefer to play them, so you can meet other who you could potentially bond with over a gaming session or two. Read on to discover the best gamer dating sites out there to find that special someone who not only approves of, but, even better, appreciates your inner geekiness. Tune in to your best dating apps for gamers or not-so-secret geek side on a site designed for geek pleasures.

Soulgeek calls itself a dating site for those interested in topics such as sci-fi, horror, fantasy, animation, anime, and comics, and matches you with other fan guys or fan gals based on your sexual interest.

The site features extensive profile fields with fun and informative best dating apps for gamers choice answers and an auto-search that runs once a week and delivers picks to your email based on the profile field answers you indicate you want in your matches. The site offers various black people meet logo to express yourself, including with blogs and videos and has a fun video-game like layout. Profiles are extensive, which lets you really get to know potential matches, and have numerous areas to express your geek passions such as with albums or blogs.

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Best dating apps for gamers [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)