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The surgeon said the tumour had probably been there for years but hadn't revealed itself until now! A support group for anyone affected by colon, rectal or small bowel cancer to come together, share experiences and ask questions. About this site About our website How we use cookies Terms and conditions Privacy policy Accessibility Make a donation.

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Group chat tips and tricks Jump right in! Whether this is your colon cancer chat rooms chat or your fifth, we want to hear from you. Don't be shy The chat can move very quickly, so if your question was missed, please bring it up again.

Latest Updates. Upcoming Events. In October things started to go downhill a little. I was starting to feel tired, alone, frustrated and very low and just before Christmas I hit a real low point.

For the remainder of the festive period I did not have another drop. After a drink on Friday 21 January I again suffered for 48 hours afterwards and so that was the last time I had alcohol for a while. Anxiety and a lack of confidence had reduced my outings.

I am not saying that I was house-bound, but the thought of constantly having to go which had happened on occasion had blocked my social diary. What was bizarre at times, was that I could have a week of being fine, but as soon as I prepared for a planned evening out, my bowels decided to play games. For 21 months since being diagnosed I had been surrounded by medical professionals, but then found myself alone, colon cancer chat rooms.

I was struggling in the main with emotions and after everything that had happened, this was not unusual. I find sexy never had a serious illness before and never wish to colon cancer chat rooms, but for a bowel cancer patient the journey is much longer than I could have imagined. Six sessions of cognitive behavioral therapy helped enormously to put the previous 18 months into perspective and also understand the retraining that was ongoing between my brain and bum.

But I realized that to be able to park some of those experiences away from my day to day thoughts would help me to move on.

It was quite ironic that for months I had been using the word stool or poo and with my consultant psychologist we were back to basics with the word crap. This light-hearted approach helped me get through things and using methods such as discussion and case studies put things into perspective. I still have a way to go but this has set me on the right path. Diet plays a huge part in my life and foods that I had previously enjoyed are no longer on the menu.


Curries and anything spicy are no-nos and alcohol is also pretty much off limits. When I do have a drink the next few days can mean frequent bathroom trips. My approach to life has changed since having cancer.


All of these activities allow me to give something back to those who have helped me, and to use my experience to make a difference for others impacted by cancer.

As for the future — who knows where it will take me or even for how long. But one positive thing that has come from this experience is that I met some wonderful people and have made some new friends. Colon cancer chat rooms my illness for one reason or another some friends have withered by the way side, and those who have been there for me have been truly remarkable.

Chemo hopefully has shrunk it. Im a Pisces too. Dont worry there is another way they can check rest of bowel with CT scan bit different the normal CT but nothing to worry about. Like you I've had recently had a tumour colon cancer chat rooms from my sigmoid colon and am waiting to start chemo next week. Trying to remain positive! Thank goodness it was detected rather than you being told you are too young.

Have you seen the campaign nevertooyoung? I hope you made a good recovery from the surgery and I wish you all the best with the chemo.

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Colon cancer chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)