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Please add me if you have animal crossing and oranges or pears as think they are the only fruit I don't have and would like them please. Save Changes Cancel Full Edit. The player will need to talk to Copper at the town gate, while connected to the internet, to receive the friend code initially.

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Start a Wiki. A player 's Friend Code screen.

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Contents [ show ]. User Info: Shogunuu. Fishing is not obligated, nothing is in this game.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Chat, Friend Code Exchange and Forum

Nah, they won't even notice, though if there are like no trees at all, they'll start mentioning it every now and then. You can send your friends real time messages and mail, though, of course, the mail won't get there in two seconds. And i'm not sure if the game itself tells you when they're online, but the 3DS always lets you know when a friend is online with a flashing orange light. Thank you.


Is it also the case that every day there are different characters that visit your town and different items i the shop so that it isn't just the same experience over and over again?

My prior experience is with games like LOZ in which once a shop is fully upgraded it will always be the same.

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Its different here, right? There is a lot to "discover" in the town every day? User Info: Kixies.

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Kitten guest FallenAngel Nerea guest Mrobert Edit this post: ok! Beaver25uk Jaden I will I really want oranges and pears think I have every other fruit.

Please add me if you have animal crossing and oranges or pears as think they are the only fruit I don't have and would like them please. Kaytee23 Do you want singles odds swap codes?

I'm new to the game and would love to visit you. Edit this post: Do you want to swap codes? This is a animal crossing chat room that I've been working on all week, and I feel that it's stable enough that I can start letting more people know about it. What is it?


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Animal crossing chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)