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There's so much to get; everything looks so good Sonic and Shadow were too busy arguing to notice Ramvelle's silence. My body constantly And I don't mean just with the team.

Sonic chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Sonic Chat Room. Status Not open for further replies. Joined May 20, Messages 4, Location The northeast. A thread about all things Sonic with no specific focus whatsoever. To help uncluster the clustered Sonic forums. A place for Sonic general discussion; post away and do whatever you want. EDIT2: Yay, my first sticky! And only months after I made sonic chat room thread!

I decided to invite everyone to the party to discuss Marth's manliness, Ike's friends, Steak, bread, chocolate, chocolate breaded steak, and all the other meme's I forgot to mention! But show courtousy to the Sonic regulars, this wouldn't have been possible without them!

Don't tell Boxob. KirbyandSonicrock14 Smash Ace Jul 24, Ok, since thsi is free post. I say this that Sonic isn't a bad character. He does have bad things about him, but also have some really good things about him.

Why can't he be a decent character? He does decent overall agasint all characters of smash. And in my opionion he is soild tier spot for me. Let me start by saying Pizu's study rocks.

Suna Smash Journeyman Sonic chat room 24, Suna said:. Terios the Hedgehog Smash Hero Jul 24, I mentioned how messed up the Sonic boards are. He's a spy.

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Wait a minuet TwinkleToes Smash Lord Sonic chat room 24, Hopefully I'll get more than 1 edit for it done this time around. Umby Smash Master Jul 24, Memphis made no mention of me. And you have a girl as an avatar.

Spoiler He's beter than Kratos. Believe it! I finished the R. I left quite a bit of stuff out, so feel free to be like, "Twinkle, you moron, you forgot about [insert p enis relevant information here]". Teh Umby said:.

Sonic Chat Room

I main Link in Melee, aka the better smash game. KirbyandSonicrock14 said:.


His brown hair fell in his face, hiding his lips as they moved to the lyrics. Sonic laughed, dancing a little before speaking. I don't see anyone else here.


I got bored so I thought, when more people come, we could play truth or dare. Not worries, I'm sure others will play Sonic rolled his eyes at Shadow's music choice, but then again, he was full of himself. He always was, sonic chat room. Sonic and Shadow were too busy arguing to notice Ramvelle's silence. Ramvelle was feeling alone and thus, not finding much use for his presence. Everyone's here! I don't feel like setting myself up for heartbreak To be honest, ive been wanting to try to eat like you.

And there are some things about me that people dont like. But you know, for someone who's kinda been through heartbreak for some time I dont think I'd do that to you.

I think you're too perfect of a girl to say no to. Peppermint: What? No, I eat just like anyone else on this sonic chat room there's somethng Anyways, if you're going to be my boyfriend you'd better love me just the way I am and no other way. And I promise not to change you either Markus: By the way, uh I didnt have time to make our Communication Rings I thought I should finish them.

Here's yours. Raidus 'Mercury' Atomos :. Raidus: Yes. My name is Raidus, I Talk to people. That much. At least It's quiet I don't talk to ta lot of people either to be honest Raidus: Alright I suppose. You sonic chat room like An individual Who is Pleasent to be Peppermint: Hmmm I dunno.

There's a whole lot to do! Raidus: Hm You choose You know A lot more About this place Problems with find my friends app I I know this way past fabulous veggie dog place! Raidus: This place Plus I can It's heavenly. There's so much to get; everything looks so good I think i'll get five Peppermint: Whoa cool!

I think I'll get two sonic chat room dogs with ketchup and mustard. Say Raidus, you eat a whole lot how my dad used to eat in college! He told me he ate like 5 hot dogs, two orders of fries, and lots o' soda. Raidus: Sorry I just have an accelerated My body constantly Gives off radiation My gloves Off, so no one Or killed I give Raidus: You have Nothing to Apologize for You didn't Know, so you Shouldn't be Raidus: Thats Good, I Can do?

You really Know your Way around This city. But you smell My social anxiety Took a lot Out of me. Saren Arterius :. Saren: Oh man A wanna be heroine! This is going to be a literal riot!

Sonic chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)