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Thank you. Montana Flynn. Permalink to comment October 16, When we update , the file is read and any new lines are retuned. We'll need to load jQuery, load the "engine", then do some quick functions to gather the chat participants name for joining the chat.

Ajax chat room script [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

It can have one ore more chat rooms. The user can add smiles in chat, and can format the text with Bold, Italic, an Underline. Features: Themes support, configurable rooms, private messages, ignoring, user-status, mini-mail system, inline images, graphical statistic, user-info, diffrenet admin-rights, protected registration, club-mode, language-packs, etc.

You should place the button of Web Find unattractive at your site. Your visitors click the button and chat with your operators who help them. If you have an older browser, or you have JavaScript disabled, or even if you have a browser that doesn't support frames, you can still chat using ARSC.

The socketserver of ARSC works very ressource-friendly and can ajax chat room script way more users. Now works properly also with non-western languages. This script is designed and intended to be built upon, perhaps you could build a PHP IRC Client, so please follow some of the notes below for guidance.

It will be expanded and modified for many uses including channel logging and channel moderation. The script will log as long as the browser window with the script is open. The script has many admin commands, both for simple actions like making the bot say things in the chat or joining another room. The script also has maintenance command ajax chat room script restart, which is very useful if you plan to modify the script.


Have fun! This version is slightly easier to install and also support Network Address Translation NAT for those who have webcams behind a firewall. It provides mail, moderating, open or closed site, private channels, ignore list, text filters, inline user images and a redesigned smiley interface.

Changes in the new 0. Most bugfixes were in the channel sync code. Minor features like checking for isOppedisVoiced and isBanned were added. Tracking of the channel key is now supported, and the reconnect function takes advantage of it. Compatibilty with PHP 5.

Designed for low server resource usage, while being easy to maintain. Has a bad word filter. Has ajax chat room script 'reserved names' option, so names like 'admin' or 'moderator' can't be used. Note: Users need ajax chat room script JavaScript and cookies enabled browser. Buddylists display each user's current status via a colored status indicator. It uses AJAX to create a near real-time IM environment that can be used in conjunction with community, intranet, and social websites.

Blogoscoped is avatar based ajax chat application built in PHP. It was tested with Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 1, and to some degree Konqueror.


Chatr is a chatroom on your site. You can't see all the current members of the chat. In other words, this ain't IRC. It's just a fun demo and totally workable in a number of situations.

If you want to take this and run with it and make it more full featured, be our guest! Precious little markup here folks. The page-wrap is to center ajax chat room script. The double-divs thing going on with the chat-wrap and chat-area is just to pull off the totally unnecessary but cool double border effect in the chat area.

The two most important areas are the textarea with the id of "sendie" and the chat-area div.


JavaScript will be targeting these. We're going to get a little Object Oriented with our JavaScript.

Building a jQuery/PHP Powered Chat Room

We'll create a "Chat" function that is parent to a bunch of other functions for dealing with Chat-related stuff. If there are, it will return them as JSON and then this function will append those new lines to the chat.

Free PHP-AJAX Chat applications

The function will pass that data to the server to do what it will with it. This information is returned as JSON as well. And those functions look like:. Part of the data that gets passed with the AJAX ajax chat room script is an arbitrary value named "function". This is just to let the PHP file know what kind of thing we need done. As such, the first thing we'll do is snag that value and set up a switch statement that covers each possible function. We also set up a blank array to store values in that will ultimately be encoded into JSON at the end and passed back.

When we are trying to getStatethe text file is read and the number of lines in returned. When we updatethe file is read and any new lines are retuned. When we send, the message is processed and then written into the text file as a new line. We're going to need to do some JavaScript stuff to get this party started. We'll need to load jQuery, load the "engine", then do some quick functions to gather the chat participants name for joining the chat.

While we are at it, let's put the stuff in for limiting the length of the entered text and sending the text with a return-key press. We need to use the "update" function ajax chat room script our chat to poll the text file for new messages and append them if necessary, ajax chat room script. So we'll need to call that update function on a regular basis, and we'll use JavaScript's setInterval function for that:. Note: Remember this is PHP powered, so you can't just download the files and open them christians online dating your local machine and have it work, unless you are running a local PHP server.

Also remember to change the file permissions of the chat. However, I utilize long polling make a connection to the server, and wait for a response ajax chat room script of pinging the server every second for an update. Love the idea. Sweet example. This might overload your database though, so remember to use this script on a separate database than the one used for others.

Whoops — nevermind! Yeah I figured. This is one of those situations where a small handful of idiots can ruin a perfectly good demo. This is really well done! I am glad that it will also be updated to add new things. And I have to agree, some people are spamming a lot in there…. Anyway, thanks for teaching this. If you plan on having this scale beyond the basic AJAX experience, you should look into a technology called Comet.

Chat System in PHP,,,,,,MySQL,,,,,,,,, Download Source Code

Perhaps encoding needs to be done ajax chat room script outputting. Love the site, this is my first time posting and you probably recognize some of the code on my site.

I find this to be very intruiging and useful but what happens to great finds like these once you can embed Google waves in your blog? Long time reader, first time commenter had to say it! I was wondering if you had any advice on expandability. I would like to convert this concept from the simple, single room chat into something more complex that could write to distinct text files for both future reference and privacy.

Ajax chat room script [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)