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This is truly powerful and really enables your mobile device as an asset for every business. You can also set up topic feeds and custom notifications to further fine-tune how Lync is monitoring these rooms. Windows 10 users can use the Contact Support app. Do you want to reply to a question?

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These can be found via the emoticon selector. Even after your co-editors have left the document, you can still view your chat contents. Skip to main content.


If the Follow this Room menu item is unavailable, this room is either closed or it is one you already follow. For details about how to become a member of a closed room, see Join a Lync chat room.


Open chat rooms, by contrast, are just that: anyone can follow, read, and contribute to them. Top of Page. All the people columns display the Lync status. This enables me to immediately ask Frank a question about a topic he created in the discussion list.

Communicate with colleagues through chat on Office 365 from any device

This is truly one of the biggest advantages of Office All the services are integrated with each other. I can easily start a chat, call, share a video or share my monitor or applications. Lync can even be used for online meetings, I will talk a bit more about that later. Lync as desktop client works!

Microsoft Chat 2.5

What about tablets and smart phones? This time we will start with the Windows devices.

Office 2016 real-time co-authoring. How-it-works demo

The home screen starts with a mention of your upcoming meeting. Another example of the integration between all Office services.

From here you are able to find a contact, start a chat, listen to your voicemails or view all your upcoming meetings. To actually see the status mature booted women your colleagues, you have to click on a group:. In combination with the type cover keyboard you can really get your work done with the Surface RT Lync App. I really like the overflow between the different sections.

You can already see a bit of the text at the right side of the screen before you swipe to the right:. This is standard Windows Phone feature. Very cool! How to initiate a chat When you share a document from OneDrive or SharePoint Online with microsoft word chat room co-workers or classmates, they can view, make edits and even co-author with you in real-time. Use emoticons to liven up your conversations.

When to chat and when to add document comments Use Chat when you want to communicate with others immediately, for example, to ask a quick question or divide sections among the co-editors.

Microsoft word chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)