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Oops Looks like your browser doesn't support JavaScript. Its time for a serious response! When you think someone you know is having a suicidal crisis, you might not know the best way to reach out to them or how to provide support.

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To learn more about FCC programs to promote access to telecommunications services for people with disabilities, visit the FCC's Disability Rights Office website at www.

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Chatting with a 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist

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U.S.’ Text-To-911 Service Goes Live, But You Probably Can’t Use It Yet

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I think it's hard getting a plane that size to hit the tower. No matter how subtle. No matter how "witty". This is not funny, and there is no humor possible on any this. And eventhogh i am scared, I am still proud that i live in this great country. He works in the WTC Lifeline is actually made up of a network of crisis centers 911 chat room the country, Sinwelski said. Most crisis centers are non-profit and are staffed by both professionals and volunteers. When an individual calls in, they will be routed to the crisis center located closest to them.

There is also a backup network, so if your community doesn't have a crisis center or your crisis center is swamped with calls, you can still reach south asian magazine. However, there are occasions where people have to wait to talk to a counselor.

Wait times might vary depending on where the person is calling from, whether their local crisis center has enough resources and staff, and the volume of calls coming in. Some crisis centers are better staffed and larger than others, so they can answer calls more quickly.

Regardless of the wait time, you will be connected with someone. The person you end up speaking to will be a skilled, trained worker from the crisis center — they may be a staff member, professional, or a volunteer. But everyone is required to go through the same training to answer the Lifeline, said Sinwelski.

Crisis workers are trained to talk comfortably and calmly, use active listening, assess risk, and determine if a person is in danger. They will answer with a greeting, but the worker won't immediately ask you a specific set of questions. You can start the conversation however you want. All individuals and situations are different, so no call will look the same. You can share as much as you are comfortable with sharing, and talk about anything. People may call to discuss mental or physical illness, relationship problems, physical or sexual abuse, substance abuse, financial problems, sexual identity, or anxiety.

911 chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)