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Transcript: eCampus Training. The Collaboration toolbar. How to use the whiteboard This instructor tutorial provides a complete walk through of the whiteboard in Blackboard Collaborate. Raise your hand.

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Learning Objectives — Students will learn the following: Know the different components of The Blackboard Collaborate session Interface. Their permissions for activities are represented with the following indicators: Talk Video Chat Whiteboard Application Sharing Web Tour The Participants status area shows global permissions for Collaborate activities.


Blue indicators show activity. For example, this participant has turned on the blackboard chat room. S elect Send Private Chat. Note: Although private chats cannot be seen by other participants, the moderator can view and save private chats. Click on the X to close the conversation tab.

How to join and run a session as a department This tutorial is meant for departments who need a Blackboard Collaborate room setup outside of Canvas. They will be sent a room link separately and this video provides a complete walk through from beginning to end on how to access the room as well as how to use it.


How to navigate the participant panel and chat This instructor tutorial provides a walk through of blackboard chat room Blackboard Collaborate's participant panel and chat has to offer. This includes how to use polling and how to setup breakout rooms. How to use application sharing and web tour This instructor tutorial will explain how to use the web tour mode, which is ideal for sharing websites with the class. It will also go over how to use the Application Sharing mode.


Since the whiteboard only accepts slides, Blackboard chat room Share allows you to share everything else on your desktop including PowerPoint slides. How to use the whiteboard This instructor tutorial provides a complete walk through of the whiteboard in Blackboard Collaborate. Choose Edit Settings to configure the room. Join either your Course Collaborate room or Session Collaborate room Open the Collaborate menu and select Participants panel Select the Participant Controls three horizontal dots and choose Chat Navigate to the Chat panel to free registration room all of your chats public, moderator, individual or manage Supervised Chats if you are a moderator in the course!

Topics Collaborate. FAQ Actions. Blackboard chat room first time you open the Collaborate panel, it will open the Chat panel by default. You can tell which of the tools you are using because its color will change to purple. At the top of the Chat Window, you will see your choices for chatting in the session.

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If you want to send a message to everyone in the session click on the "Everyone" tab. This will open an area for you to type in your message.

To enter your message, type in the area labeled, "Say something.

Breakout Groups in Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience

You will be able to see the message before you send it. When you are ready, click on the Enter key on your keyboard to send the message.

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