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Man finds 5 foot tapeworm

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Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer on. The patient also mentioned upon leaving the hospital that this love had now wilted and died, leaving him to a future without fresh salmon goodness. The hospital's pharmacist, on receiving the request for deworming medication, left the pharmacy to see the worm, according to Banh.

Man finds 5 foot tapeworm [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

California man finds 5-foot tapeworm in body, likely from sushi

To prevent infection with D. But people who just can't quit sushi may be glad to know you can kill the parasite by freezing fish at specific temperatures for a certain amount of time, according to the Food and Drug Administration. To treat the patient in the recent case, Banh prescribed a single treatment of an anti-parasitic drug that kills tapeworms.


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Man pulls 5-and-a-half foot tapeworm from his body; doctor suggests sushi to blame

A man in Fresno, California removed a 5-foot long tapeworm from his body. A grim reminder for anyone who loves eating raw fish: there's a chance it can provide you with an unwelcome guest in your bowels.


During a routine trip to the bathroom last August, a Fresno, California man reportedly discovered a five-and-a-half-foot tapeworm living inside him. Kenny Banh, an emergency physician at the University of California San Francisco's Fresno campus, the creature was the result of some tainted sushi the man ate. Hearing him recount the tale won't help you sleep with sweet dreams or encourage you to eat any kind of budget sushi in the future.

We apologize in advance for the image that follows, because it is of the man's tapeworm.

Tapeworms: Sushi-lover finds 5-ft-long tapeworm chillin inside - TomoNews

In that study, tapeworm was found to have infected chum salmon, masu salmon, pink salmon, and sockeye salmon. According to CNN many found that discovery deeply concerning because so much salmon is exported unfrozen.

A Man Pulled A 5-Foot Tapeworm Out Of His Body After Eating Salmon Sushi, His Doctor Says

According to the CDC these Japanese broad tapeworms, and related species like the Diphyllobathrium latumare the largest tapeworms that can infect people, can even grow up to 30 feet long. Some might find that latter symptom to be advantageous. Unfortunately for our salmon-obsessed friend, he found himself exempt from such small consolation.


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Man finds 5 foot tapeworm [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)