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Me: OK, sure. Mom, you can argue with me about haircuts all you want, but when it comes to my dating life, you're going to have to face the facts: Your opinion will not be a deciding factor. Your email address will not be published.

Jewish mothers dating site [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Sign up for free. Written by Julie Lauren on December 7, Time To Grow Up This situation can go both ways, too. Mom: Who is this guy? Me: Nikolas. Mom: He's not going to want you. Look at him. Me: What does that mean? Mom: He probably wants those model ones. Be realistic. He's looking good. Me: You think I like this guy? I would never date this guy. Mom: Oh, come on! Look at his muscles. I would date him. Me: So you don't think he'd like me?

Mom: No. Jewish mothers dating site the type that likes slim, tall, blonde girls. To summarize, the one person she would not set me up with is Nikolas, and it was because she didn't think he would like me. I found it interesting that my mother cited what are widely considered non-Jewish features as the kind she thought Nikolas would want in a woman: tall, thin, and blonde. Most of the Jewish women I have encountered in my life have been some combination of dark-haired, short, and wide-hipped.

My mom had basically told me that Nikolas desires what a lot of younger Jewish men desire: a non-Jewish woman. I wondered jewish mothers dating site other JMom users had a similar experience. As badly as some mom's want their sons to find a Jewish girl, a lot of the single Jewish men are not ready to let go of that shiksa fantasy.


On that note, Jewish girls aren't really a "type. Personally, I consider this a relief, but at the same time I've always wondered why. It probably has a lot to do with the stereotypes built around us: We're bossy, we complain too much, we're needy, we're overbearing.

Growing up, I thought of my mother this way. I was embarrassed of her always being so mouthy. Today, I admire her for being headstrong even though we still fight constantly.

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Not only that, but I see how I'm turning into her despite myself. Like her, I no longer act dismissive when I'm cut in line.


I tell that person who cut me, that they just cut me. If I'm overcharged for shampoo, I go back to the store and tell them they charged me too much for that shampoo. The way I see it, all these negative descriptors are thrown at us to cover up the fact that we tend to stick up for ourselves and say what's on our mind. That's why I now choose jewish mothers dating site embrace these words.

I view them as failed attempts to try and shut me up, the way I wanted my mother to shut up. Like her, I won't shut up. You shut up. Mom: Colin is your type.

Me: You think I would date him? Mom: He's an attorney. Me: See, that's not attractive to me. They were married last month. I think the website is a great thing. Parents should be involved. Kids may be busy and not have the time. This is not a bad idea.

Jewish mothers dating site [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)