Oasis dating overwatch

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Oasis's blend of design is pretty unique compared to the other control maps in Overwatch , which have fewer paths to take to the point. Subscribe Enter your email for a weekly digest of highlights and prizes. Overwatch pro Logix pulls off insane bait and switch by changing heroes.

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For the most part, the stages are designed for close combat, with tight hallways and narrow chokepoints, but they're paired with some tall, open spaces perfect for ranged attacks as well. Oasis's blend of design is pretty unique compared to the other control maps in Overwatchwhich have fewer paths to take to the point.


This gives attacking teams more options for their assaults and forces defending teams to keep an eye on more angles than any other map. Oasis was teased at BlizzCon in early November and released on the public test region in late November.

Dafran was a player for Selfless at the time, alongside Emongg.

The new 'Overwatch' map, Oasis, is live

On the surface, it appeared that Dafran was giving up on his team, some of whom were fighting at the control point. Emongg, however, gives another side of the situation, explaining that the team had in fact conceded the map by that point and were already discussing the next game.


Dafran himself later admitted that much of his behavior was a deliberate attempt to escape playing competitively and that he had no desire to return to pro play. More recently, however, he stated that he might in fact be joining the Overwatch League.

Play the new 'Overwatch' map Oasis right now

There is no information about when the map will be integrated into the main game, although most Overwatch test features are available to everyone after one week. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more.

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Oasis dating overwatch [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)