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Both men were factory managers at one time or another, both did pipe repair, shaping, sanding and all the other jobs that go into making a factory pipe. Those not marked London Made are pre's pipes, if I recall correctly. The GBD Speciales were as the name implied, special models, finishes and fittings. The restoration was done by a real master, Joe Mansueto. Can someone maybe help dating this pipe?

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In the first ten years of this century, amber and amberoid craigslist cincinnati women seeking men still used, but vulcanite and horn mouthpieces were the most popular mouthpieces. Charles Oppenheimer had started his successful General Merchant business as an import-export dating gbd pipes in He was joined by his brothers David and Adolphe and brother-in-law Louis Adler.

Briar pipes dating gbd pipes among the earliest lines handled and the connection with GBD Paris started inbeing most important customers. With other interests in Saint-Claude, Oppenheimer acquired A. The Adler family is still very much involved with GBD. The head office was in London with the main, now enlarged factory in the Rue des Balkans.

Paris, while a large factory was being built in Saint-Claude. Later the products of both countries were to be seen on occasion side by side, particularly to satisfy special requirements. The siting of factories has a bearing on our story, so we must jump ahead a little to record that inthe manufacture of French GBDs was transferred from Paris to Saint-Claude, together with all services, to the benefit as it turned out of GBDs on the French market in particular.

We have seen that early Briar GBDs were made in only one, later two qualities and the need to mark the difference did not arise. The GBD Speciales were as the name implied, special models, finishes and fittings. The stem has got the silver oval GBD inlay on the left. The shank is square cut and the stem a saddle. Shape is large pot. I'm very sorry, I can't post pictures. Can someone maybe help dating this pipe?

The New Standard was a mid-grade model. Accept Learn more and manage dating gbd pipes choices Close and accept. Display results as : Posts Topics. Advanced Search. Harlock Location : Los Angeles Registration date : B ondier's family obviously came from Paris and had emigrated in to Geneva. He himself had worked as a wood turner in the clay and china pipe industry in and around Saint-Claude making stem extensions etc. D onninger was an Austrian or Swiss and had worked in Vienna, the world's center of the Meerschaum pipe.


They agreed on the acronym GBD selecting the initials of their surnames. Bondier survived his partners for nearly 30 years. Their places were taken by others. Hence the property of GBD and therewith the company's official name changed several times.

Meanwhile the GBD name was well established and thus retained. August Marechal and Ferdinand Ruchon led the firm into the 20th century. They were in charge of the company for more than 50 years. Few details are known about the early fabrication of Meerschaum pipes.

But as elsewhere too, the bulk com real or fake made as figural carvings. However at a remarkable early time GBD also offered standard models such as Bents, derivations of clay pipes reminding of current Dublins or Belges and early Bulldog variations. Very early the proprietors of GBD recognized the inestimable advantages of briar wood for tobacco pipes.

Shortly after the first fabrications in Saint-Claude had dating gbd pipes they fixed contacts with suppliers there and began to obtain the new raw material to produce briar pipes in Paris. Soon the briars outdid the Meerschaums as the mainstay product. Business and reputation developed quickly and well. During it's first 40 years, GBD was honored with 15 medals of achievement on important international fairs worldwide.

This helped a lot to introduce the brand successfully not only in Europe, but also in the USA, Canada, Australia and a little bit later dating gbd pipes South Africa. At that time the prices for pipes were primarily diversified by the materials used for the stems and their extansions and the number and the styling of silver or gold bandages. Amber, horn, ivory and quill were used widely before around the end of the 's Vulcanite was used more frequently.

The better clientele appreciated costly manufactured tailor-made cases. Claude operation well past the date of consolidation.

Both GBD and Comoy were relegated to a lessor quality category after that event. The right designated is probably "Post St. This merger was to create cooperation between the dating gbd pipes by the late sthe situation in the pipe trade in general required closer concentration. Dating gbd pipes main manufacturing companies in the merger were Civic,Comoy of London as the name had required prestige.

But Chacom was eventually sold,and so was Roop. The main Cadogan Saint Claude factory was eventually closed down in the s. Sorry, I do not know what happened as I am no eagle on a computer. We wheeled, we dealed, we made trades. I came home from the meeting with a prince, a canadian and an apple that wold forever change my thinking about this brand.

I went on a tear. I began acquiring every GBD I could get my hands on, to study them, to smoke them, to understand what it was about them that I suddenly found so engaging. These pipes are cut so beautifully, so elegantly.

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From the perfect balance of the shapes to the beautifully chamfered bowl rim, there's just something classically elegant about these old pipes. To my eye, they define many of the classic shapes better than even some of the more highly-regarded marques. Since then, many GBDs have come, many have gone.

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I've tried to select exquisite examples for my colletion - pipes that are exemplary in every regard. Not all old GBDs smoke wonderfully, but when they do, they sing. The French made ones, for some reason, seem particularly suited to Virginias. GBDs are not exactly hip.

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They're not trendy. They're not the high-grade pipes du jour. But, they are solid, classic pipes with a long history, and they can be subtly and sublimely beautiful.


They can also often be had without sacrificing too much coin. The pipe, though, is wonderful, an exquisite example of old style shaping, and a fabulous smoker.

Dating gbd pipes [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)