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I love that he is such a gentle giant, our BABY grew good. Who is your B. So he and himchan are not sharing room.. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Bap zelo dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

When sad or nervous use the included tigger, take him to a museum, or engage in a discussion on world events to distract him. Your Himchan unit may be boisterous on occasion, but usually only when paired with the later models of the line. His self-esteem switch is touchy and can flip from confident to insecure quite easily.

Tape may be required. To ensure this model keeps his pink bap zelo dating as long as possible you must only wash with cold water. Keep reading. Drabbles, Reactions, Scenarios. Go crazy. Now with Check on drabbles requested. The reaction requests I keep on a spreadsheet.

Also if anyone is interested I have a kpop side blog i-would-rather-have-k-pop. P — Reaction. BTS — Reaction. VIXX — Reaction. This turned out even more painful than the Chansung pic spam. But I persevered, lol. Some of these may not be the most famous shots of him but they are my personal favorites of my first ever bias. Zelo is a self-confessed no girlfriend since birth. He made orlando speed dating events revelation during a variety show.

He relayed that he likes girls who are smart and can speak English well. Further, he included that the girl must have pretty eyes no double eyelid. In spite of his dry love life, he always attract fans with his stimulating expressions and striking performance. Who is Gay in B. P and Why People Think So? Member Profile of B. P: Bio, bap zelo dating, Fan Facts, History etc.

Yongguk: Bang Yongguk is the leader and main rapper of the group. Youngjae: In an interview, Youngjae spilled the beans when he admitted that he was in relationship for two years. Daehyun: Also on the same show with Younjae, Daehyun revealed that she dated a foreigner before. Himchan: Himchan was part of the elite in school. Jongup: This B.

Zelo: Zelo is a self-confessed no girlfriend since birth. P will promote as 5 members until their contracts will expire. Show more Bang Yongguk fun facts…. They went to same academy in Gwangju for rap and dance. Daehyun left the dorm, to live on his own. Zelo moved out because he wanted to live bap zelo dating his family.

Show more Zelo fun facts…. If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. Thanks a lot! Choi, Amy Kim Saotome, Hailz. Who is your B.

P bias? Do you know more facts about them?


Feel free to comment below. It can help new fans find more info about them. You have linked the wrong twitter account for Him Chan. Yongguk is not living with them anymore. He moved out.

B.A.P Members Profile

Bap zelo dating he and himchan are not sharing room. CuteBunnyFromMato Thanks a lot for the additional info! We gave you credits in the post! This question and his anwser was posted on B. P International Fanpage on Facebook. In the commets someone says that Zelo is the third person who left the dorm. Sorry for my english XD. Zelo is the second I think, right after leader. Where did you get your info Miss Editor???. Just want to know if is it true that three of the members had left the Dorm.

I think is on a radio show. You know how boys is…. P is one of the boy groups I really like who is not from SM. They are so good and I always like their MVs. I hope a lot of people will appreciate and recognize them because they are really talented. My bias, bap zelo dating ultimate bias along with Suga, is Himchan.

(ENG SUB) 130922 A date with BAP Himchan and Zelo

P are not just idols, they are real artists. Daehyun would like to try acting in the futur because he learned some acting while they were shooting for Skydive. I wouldnt say underrated though. I would say that they have more calm and mature fanbase nowadays, who actually appreciate they for their music and talent rather than just fangirling over their looks. Proud to be BABY! Himchan and Jongup share a room now while Yjae has the room bap zelo dating.

I remember dh prefer carrying yjae because he was lighter than zelo haha. Can you please update their pictures? You can also find more of their pictures on their twitter account. What other fandom s are you part of? Are the heights for each group really accurate, because I use them for my fics and I like pairing the idols based on their heights.

Can you please update the pictures based on their upcoming comeback on the 13th December? Thank you!! Thank you! Youngjae official instagram is yjaybaby If im not mistaken, could you update this please??

I know he has bap zelo dating complex about it. But I love his bap zelo dating. I love that he is such a gentle giant, our BABY grew good. I think now Jongup became a Lead Vocalist, I mean, he got really better and can do high notes, and now he gets more lines.

Zelo is basically dating his dog

Daehyun was a trainee for a total of 2 years and trained with the group for about 7 months. Really sorry for the late reply, I just noticed your comment! Himchan is a rapper too.

Did yongguk actually left?! Yongguk did not leave the group.


He just left the company,just as the others are going to do when their contracts expire. TS ent said BAP will continue their activities as 5 members but I hope when their contract ends, they will reunite.

Yongguk has left the group. His contract ended the 19th but the other members will be staying with the group. Ts made an official statement today saying that Bang Yongguks contract had expire on the 19th August and that he will not be renewing it stating that bap will continue as 5 until other members contracts expire.

Ah really? I always thought that Daehyun was a way better dancer than Bap zelo dating but I guess this might be personal taste.

When will the rest of the members contracts expire?? How long do we have to wait for all of their contracts to expire and them to reunite. P members is gonna stay with TS after their contract ends. The rest of the B. P are gonna leave one by one when their contract ends and im sure theyll comeback all 6 tgt just like highlight did!

I suppose sometimes till the end of the year or next year, it depends since when each member signed their individual contract. P leader, so this mean he is still part of B. Actually TS officially announced that Yongguk left the company and B.

P will continue as 5 members only. His letter on Instagram is encouraging for fans because he gives signals that once the rest of the members will have their contract expiring as well, they will reunite again with Yongguk as their leader. P will only promote as 5 members, excluding Yongguk. I really love B. P deserve nothing but love. TS just gonna flush down the toilet so much potential.

Treat bap zelo dating as such, will ya. All contracts as B. P officially as a whole will end their debut bap zelo dating of next year. January I love BAP no matter what they have helped me throw out the years and I will cheer them on all the way. Yongguk is not bad, but is underweight at 3 kg. Daehyun is more underweight that Yongguk at 4kg below his ideal weight for his height.

Youngjae is underweight by 2kg and Himchan is only bap zelo dating by 1kg. Reports had been made that a B. P member had accused of sexual harassment. Yongguk is going to free dating sites in B.

P as 6, even if I know they will be just 5 for a while I really hope that all the members will leave TS once their contracts will expire and will reunite again. Himchan, stay strong! I wanna see this guys together and happy again, they gave me so much hope and happiness, I wish them nothing just good things! So, what happens after all of their contracts expire? Will B. P be no more? Will they come together again as 6 but at a different company? I hope that they reunite as 6 at a new company one day.

Forever6 Also, TrustInHimchan! Zelo is

Bap zelo dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)