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But dairy contains casein, which is carcinogenic. However, she is very much interested in doing what she can to reduce the suffering of other sentient beings and environmental destruction. I recall a time when my uncle was handing out leaflets outside of McDonald's to educate people on why they shouldn't be eating the food. THAT is the problem.

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I think etiquette is a course that you would definitely benefit from! Have some compassion to humankind and their free will to choose what they eat, drink, etc. Like, really?! Animals provided food to your family for generations, who gave birth to you and raised you.

That would would be a sad and lonely way to live, Pete. Good luck. Aug 14, at pm. It is as much about me as anyone else, dating a vegan reddit. This post is a reflection of the person in the mirror who ate meat for 34 years and claimed they loved animals and the natural world.

Animal agriculture is destroying our planet and is inherently cruel. I have compassion for all sentient beings, human and non human, who choose not to inflict unnecessary pain and suffering onto others. What is your point? The point is that you avoid causing suffering and pain as much as possible. This should be our default position as dating men in their 20s beings with moral agency.

I was discussing the health implications of a meat-heavy diet and referencing the dating a vegan reddit of a longevity scientist to make a point to a reader about the need for reductionism even in those who completely reject veganism.

My forte is actually nutrition; I am not an animal rights activist. Though through critical thinking it was fairly easy for me to identify that enslaving, abusing and slaughtering animals unnecessarily is wrong. The fact that you are trying to manipulate the truth in a desperate attempt to justify the ludicrous principles of veganism. The idea of having a vegan society is both unrealistic and depressing, various climates throughout the world do not allow for this plant based diet due to weather behaviour such as sand storms, blizzards, frosts, fires.

The occurrence of these natural disasters would prove fatal to a crop dating a vegan reddit the effect these disaster would have upon animals would be dramatically less severe.

I also previously read on this forum either you or perhaps one of your sick vegan playmates stating that humans are no longer omnivores. Not sure how animal agriculture results in water pollution however the use of pesticides on crops in order to prevent them from being ruined is detrimental to creek eco systems. It is also estimated that 15 wild animals per hectare are slaughtered as a result of crop harvesting. Yep thats right your kale smoothie has murdered the lives of innocent animals.

As avid hunter, i would like to debate your suggestion that humans make incapable predators, no other animal has the success rate of a human spraying bullets out of a helicopter. God has provided animals for the provision of mankind.

Well, all i can say is that i hope you are cured from the disease of veganism in the near future, now you must excuse me as i have a eye fillet on the barbie to attend to. Sep 19, at am. Humans are the only mammal that interferes with the breeding cycle of another mamamal to rape it, take away its children and consume its milk. Dairy is hugely detrimental to human health full of bovine growth hormones and implicated in everything from dating a vegan reddit 1 diabetes to cancer to asthma to auto-immune diseases such as MS.

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When it comes to nutrition, my stance on veganism has no relevance. I have a daughter and her health always comes before animal welfare. I feed her the healthiest diet possible, which as proven by science is a whole foods, plant-based diet; the diet the body was best designed to consume.

Have you done any research on the impact of animal agriculture on the dating a vegan reddit By the way, the planet would dating a vegan reddit just fine without humans. Did you do history at school? My word, you wrote from an edu address. Humans are, at best, behavioural omnivores. This is the label we give ourselves. Scientifically we are unspecified frugivores.

One way you can tell if animals are natural carnivores, folivores or frugivores is to map the area of absorptive mucosa — the area responsible for absorbing and transforming nutrients — in their gut versus their functional body size. When you chart humans this way we fall into the distinctive category of fruit eater.

This is science. Nothing to do with veganism. The fact is, if you look at a chart comparing the biology of carnivores, omnivores and herbivores, humans have all the attributes of herbivores. But they make that argument for humans.

You think beef is nutritious? Do you know where beef comes in on the ANDI scale? It comes in just above white pasta and white bread. Please, do yourself a favour and get a coronary calcium scan and cholesterol check. Cardiovascular disease CVD — heart, stroke and blood vessel diseases — is the leading cause of death in Australia. One thing we do agree on is pesticide use.

I am absolutely anti pesticides and anti industrial pollutants. I am also anti the antibiotics used in animal agriculture, which make their way into the environment and poison the food chain. Any sane person would be.

You go on to make the case that crop harvesting kills animals. As a vegan, my position is to reduce suffering and destruction wherever possible. Ah…and so we get down to the real issue.

You like to kill defenseless animals for the sake of it. You are desperately clinging to excuses to justify your evil actions. The truth is that you can live a perfectly healthy life without shooting animals for your pleasure, dating a vegan reddit. Oh, and you believe in God. They shall not hurt or destroy on all my holy mountain.

Enjoy your fillet, and your coronary heart disease. I hope God forgives you for continuing to murder defenseless animals with absolutely no justifiable reason. Peter Thank you for your reply. I have no problem with you relying on a plant based diet as your primary means of sustanence dating sites for 60 olds long as you refrain from forcing your principles upon others.

What I was refering to was the fact that a mothers milk is also classified as dairy, so if your supposed claims are correct the breast feeding of children is consequently causing various long term health implications.

Well, due to humans having the brain capacity to make there own dietary dating a vegan reddit the classification of humans as omnivores or herbivores would entirely depend on the individual. Not sure if that was what you meaning.

On the subject of pesticides, without their use amongst crops the yield is significantly lower, maybe to low in fact for the world to rely on in a plant based diet. All animals harvested are feral and extremely damaging to our natural habitat whilst also competing with other native dating a vegan reddit. The primitive feeling of being amongst nature, not only observing but actually being amongst the food chain provides satisfaction to the primal streak which has been installed within our Free dating co. You should be thanking me for my services, your welcome.

Yes I am a Christian, do you mind me asking your belief? Thank you, the steak was great. Just by the way you should research into the top 5 humans to hav lives the longest within the last years not biblically The bible is littered with references of animals being provided for man. You should look into it, it seems you have a lot of time on your hands. Thankfully I am not part to St.

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Yeah definitely not a teacher, am in yr Ps have a look at acts 10 v 11 Have a good one Pete enjoy the rabbit food. Sep 20, at am. One in particular I keep in touch with via Facebook.

I put your comments to him and the verses you noted in your reply. See Hebrews This was a parable, and no calf was actually killed.

Furthermore, if Jesus had approved of animal agriculture in his day, it would not follow that he would endorse modern factory farming. I could go into detail as to why the Bible tells us that killing animals is not permitted, and there are numerous examples where hunters are despised or passed over. Nowhere can your reader show that their statement stands up to theological scrutiny. To believe as they do sadly puts them very far from God. You say veganism is more environmentally sound when it can do just as much damage to the environment as farming for meat.

Nitrate run-off and soil erosion. Even if you use all natural forms of the chemicals used in farming it still will have those problems. Veganism will not be able to provide enough food for everyone because if you do organic growing your yields are quite a bit lower than normal farms. God forbid a drought would come by. If that was to happen you may as well say by bye to crops that year.

May 05, at pm. Growing vegetables and fruit is nowhere near as damaging to the environment as animal agriculture, particularly on the mass scale that we see now. This is scientific fact. In terms of nitrate specifically, you would be correct in saying that fertilizers used to grow crops cause nitrate run-off into rivers and other water sources but this is nothing compared to what is caused on a daily basis by animal agriculture.

Livestock operations on land have created more than nitrogen flooded dead-zones around the world in our oceans. We must also acknowledge that cars have a role to play in nitrate nitrogen pollution.

Let me say that I am not an advocate for mono crop farming. Biodiversity, organic farming and encouraging people to grow their own food on smallholdings as millions and millions of people around the world used to do just 30 or so years ago is the environmentally friendly way to feed ourselves.

Farming in line with ecological cycles and stopping the use of chemicals and genetic engineering of crops and animals will save the environment. Ammonia is the most potent form of nitrogen that triggers algae blooms and causes fish kills in coastal waters. The North Carolina Division of Water Quality estimates that hog factories constitute the largest source of airborne dating a vegan reddit in North Carolina, more than cattle, chickens, and turkeys combined.

The sheer volume of waste caused by animal agriculture every day is unsustainable and causing serious environmental damage:. The fact is you need far less land and far less resources such as water to feed people vegetables, grains, fruit, nuts and seeds et cetera then you do to feed them and me in dairy-based diet: 1. Moreover, with new dating a vegan reddit and growing techniques, combined with traditional farming techniques that utilise natures natural ecological cycles people are waking up to the fact that organic farming can feed the world, and indeed if you empower people with the knowledge to grow their own food — something dating a vegan reddit I am doing, there would be no need for anybody to be hungry.

You are also missing an important point here. More than half the U. Worldwide, cows drink 45 billion gallons of water and eat billion pounds of food each day. Why not feed some of that food to humans? What are you suggesting to do in a drought, to give your water to the animals and fatten them up to eat?

If we were facing starvation for a drought, then the dating a vegan reddit thing you do is stop giving the animals your remaining water and eat those animals first while you still can.

If you keep the animals alive then they will graze on your crops and use up your water as well, leaving you with nothing. Animal agriculture, as I have pointed out above on numerous occasions, uses huge and unnecessary resource in terms of land, water and feed.

Whether you have vegetables or animals to feed, a drought situation is a grim one, but ultimately one that can be prepared for by being resourceful, i. When you made this point you seem to be forgetting that crops like corn and potatoes are fantastic starvation foods and can keep you going for a long time. With our intelligence and ability to organise and plan, coupled with the technology to create moisture which can grow food, I am sure we can put in place a plan that will protect us in a drought situation.

Of course I would eat the chicken to survive. And in a drought situation, who knows, perhaps I would be forced to cook someone who had already succumb to the conditions. May 10, at am. We have incisors for a fucking reason. Womens singles odds said.

Humans were genetically formulated to eat meat. Read a book. Jun 15, at am. However, out of the three major classifications we would be biologically closer to herbivores than ominivores or carnivores. Sure, we can eat cooked meat. Our hunter gatherer ancestors ate over grams of fibre a day. They were eating primarily plant foods. Meat contains no fibre.

Humans need a lot of fibre to prevent disease and digest food properly. This is what the body is designed dating a vegan reddit eat. I assure you you will not get very far. You would not even be able to bite into a small animal and chew through dating a vegan reddit skin, muscle and cartilage.

All plant eaters with huge canines. You need to look deeper than teeth. By design we are like herbivores: we have fleshy lips, a small mouth opening, a thick and muscular tongue, and a far less stable, mobile jaw joint that facilitates chewing, crushing, and grinding.

We also lack sharp claws. Our qualities are well-adapted to the eating of plants, which provide nutrients when their cell walls are broken, a process that requires crushing food with side-to-side motion rather than simply swallowing it in large chunks the way that a carnivore or omnivore swallows flesh.

The small intestines of herbivores are quite long and permit the time-consuming and complex breakdown of the carbohydrates present in plants. In virtually every respect, the small group holidays for singles anatomy resembles that of herbivorous animals such as the gorilla and the elephant more than that of carnivorous and omnivorous species.

Our jaws are not very stable and would therefore be easy to dislocate in a battle with preybut they are quite mobile and allow the side-to-side motion that facilitates the crushing and grinding of plants.

Our stomachs are only moderately acidic, a fact that becomes salient around Thanksgiving, when even slightly undercooked dinners of turkey flesh result in many cases of food poisoning from the illness-causing bacteria that easily survive in our stomachs. Like herbivores and unlike carnivores and omnivores as well, we have long small intestines, enabling the digestion of complex carbohydrates, a process that begins in our mouths, where we, like the committed herbivores, have carbohydrate-digesting enzymes as well.

Does any of this mean that people are incapable of eating and digesting animal products? Of course not. With weapons to kill animals, we do not need dagger teeth, and with fire to cook flesh, we can usually avoid the pitfalls of a stomach that is ill-equipped to kill the pathogens that populate raw flesh.

Despite our flexibility in accommodating animal-based foods, however, it nonetheless remains clear that we are anatomically well suited to plant-based eating. Animal-based foods are unnecessary for us, and they carry significant costs and risks.

While it is beneficial to have complex plant carbohydrates slowly make their way through our very lengthy small intestines, the same cannot be said for having meat rotting in our intestines for extended periods of time. Mammalian carnivores and omnivores share a number of physical attributes that make them well suited for killing and tearing apart their prey.

They have a wide mouth opening, relative to head size; a simple jaw joint that operates as a stable hinge for effective slicing but which is ill-suited to side-to-side motion; and dagger-like teeth spaced apart to avoid trapping stringy debris. They also have sharp claws. The mammalian carnivores and omnivores additionally have huge stomachs that enable gorging, an important capacity in animals who tend to average only about one kill per week, dating a vegan reddit.

These animals also have a very low gastric pH which means their stomachs are very acidicenabling the breakdown of highly concentrated protein as well as the killing of dangerous bacteria that typically colonize decaying flesh.

Each of these traits enables dating a vegan reddit lion or bear to use her body to kill prey. Herbivorous animals, by contrast, have fleshy lips, a small mouth opening, a thick and muscular tongue, and a far less stable, mobile jaw joint that facilitates chewing, crushing, and grinding.

Herbivores also generally lack sharp claws. These qualities are well-adapted to the eating of plants, which provide nutrients when their cell walls are broken, a process dating a vegan reddit requires crushing food with side-to-side motion rather than simply swallowing it in large chunks the way that a carnivore or omnivore swallows flesh.

Source: Sherry F. Colb — Cornell University. At least until technology advances enough to provide more humane and less cruel alternatives to the methods we currently know of and use to produce the things we require to live and survive in this modern era. Pros and cons, ladies and gentlemen.

Making a choice is one of those privileges. I have made this point many times before in the comments section, but to clarify: veganism is not a perfect way of living, or a sacred way of living. It is not a religion and does not claim to be puritanical. Veganism seeks to reduce the suffering and exploitation caused to animals and the environment. By nature of life there is inevitable suffering; indeed the large majority of us will suffer with illness into old age, and animals are no exception.

But surely we should be living by the rule that unless we need to act in self-defence, we should not initiate violence upon another sentient being unnecessarily. If there is a person who is being underpaid or exploited for picking fruits and vegetables, then this is something that can be addressed. This is why people vote. Fortunately, in most Western countries there are unions and laws to protect people who are exploited in such situations.

And if you look into it, there are hundreds of organisations around the world fighting on behalf of slave labour, child prostitution, exploitation through low wages, and many other areas of social injustice.

And veganism is an extension of that. It is part of the same movement. People can be helped in such situations, and there are organisations working to rescue people from hostile environments. But this is not a justification for enslaving animals in unnatural conditions, feeding them in a natural diet, feeding and growth hormones, causing them disease and then treating that disease with antibiotics, and then slaughtering them unnecessarily.

This is not a justification for destroying acres of rainforest a minute so that you can graze cattle for big burger brands. This is not a justification for feeding children known class I and class II carcinogens. With all due respect, this is a ridiculous standpoint.

There is no moral argument against veganism. If you can live a healthy life while reducing the level of suffering and violence to animals, and help the health of the very planet that supports our existence, then why would you continue to contribute to the animal agriculture.

You say not to condemn anyone for the choices that they make and everyone should acknowledge that nothing is infinitely better than the other. What does that actually mean? Does that mean a paedophile can argue that what they are doing is natural and therefore morally permissible? So do extend this same non-condemnation of choice to those who hunt foxes for fun? Do extend this same non-condemnation of choice to those who farm fur?

Do you extend this same non-condemnation of choice to those who club baby seals to death every year in Canada? I think most people would condemn my actions. You talk about pros and cons and how they are always there. This is so flippant.

We are talking about sentient beings that feel parallel levels of stress, fear and pain as we do. They are like children, they are defenceless. Yes, the pros and cons are always there; but surely you always choose the lesser evil.

Surely you dating a vegan reddit choose the pathway that causes the least and violence, suffering and destruction. Those who inflict violence upon others should be held accountable and made to explain their actions. Over the years the meat and dairy industry has done a very good job of hiding animal agriculture behind closed doors, slaughterhouses without windows and smiling cows, pigs and chickens on advertisements.

We are educated in cognitive dissonance, to have beliefs that are inherently contradictory. I will give you an example: I posted a video of a drowning puppy on Facebook the other day. A dating a vegan reddit risks his life in the floodwater to save the puppy. People were commenting that they were crying and how wonderful it was. When I post a video of a cow being abused, a pig having its teeth pulled out with pliers or its tail cut off, or dairy cows on their last legs in horrific conditions, or an animal desperately fighting took for its life as it succumbs to halal slaughter, people hide away.

They tell me how evil is. How disgusting and brutal it is. But then a bacon, or hotdog. Oh, but when I put up a post about the dull slaughter festival in Yunan province in China, everyone is up in arms about how cruel is. Do you not see the hypocrisy here? If you are facing starvation and you have nothing eat. I would not condemn you for going out into the woods and shooting a rabbit, or a wild boar. But to proactively contribute to a system that is so violent, and causes so much suffering and pain, and is contributing to massive health problems in society — type II diabetes, heart disease, certain types of cancer, autoimmune diseases — and causing planetary destruction is wrong.

It is unnecessary. When presented with a choice to either A cause suffering dating a vegan reddit inflict violence unnecessarily upon another being that is able to feel stress, anxiety, fear, and pain, dating a vegan reddit, or B to not do that and take the viable alternative that causes none of this, why would you argue that no one should be condemned for choosing A?

You speak of technology and progress, well this is exactly what plant-based nutrition and a vegan lifestyle is. With the intelligence we have and the technology at our disposal, we have identified that is no longer necessary to farm animals in the way we do and cause the subsequent damage to the environment and our health.

We are even able to produce lab grown meat that does not require any farming methods. It is about asking people to look at the overwhelming evidence, to look at the people, organisations and brands who are already making positive change outside of the old paradigms that the majority are still stuck in.

It is about waking up and looking at those animals in the face, looking at those slaughterhouse dating a vegan reddit, looking at the abuse and the exploitation, looking at the destruction of the rainforests, ocean dead zones, at greenhouse gas emissions, at the health of our children; and being dating a vegan reddit with yourself instead of hiding behind cowardly excuses.

It is about stepping up, admitting the truth, educating yourself further and being motivated enough to actually care and want to do something positive in order to leave behind a better planet for dating a vegan reddit next generation. Or you could just say. May 01, at pm. You talk about all this horrible culling of cattle and sheep. Where I live New Zealand everything is much more ethical than the issues your pointing out. Our country is much fairer on stock than America.

The issue of ethical problems in New Zealand is basically non existent. Our environment is being sustained by our great advances in agricultural and horticultural processes. Now that our country has progressed we have made our processes the literal best that we can do for all the cattle. For a small country we have probably progressed the most out of most countries in the world. Cheers Luke. Jul 29, at am. Feb 28, at pm. Apr 18, at pm. Hey Peter! Congratulations on this great article and your impressively patient, courteous, how to find friends on facebook by email yahoo and well-researched answers in the comments.

Apr 07, at pm. Apr 30, at pm. I have found completely the opposite. The lies I was fed for 30 years of my life regarding nutrition is just unbelievable, and not one person can still present a credible argument, either practical or moral, to support the continuation of mass animal agriculture. The reality is, whatever way you look at it, the current scale of animal agriculture is seriously detrimental to the environment and to the health of the animals. On top of that, all nutritional science shows us that the healthiest diet is one that is predominantly plant-based.

Humans have no need to eat animal protein through the form of meat or milk. You can live a very healthy life without it, and in turn stop causing unnecessary suffering to the animals and the environment, and drastically reduce your chance of heart disease, type II diabetes and certain cancers. The World Health Organisation officially classified processed meat, including hotdogs, bacon and salami, as a Class 1 Carcinogen.

This means those things cause cancer. Pork, beef and lamb have been classified as Class 2 Carcinogens, which mean they probably cause cancer. They did this on the basis of decades of research into the links between meat and human health.

The World Health Organisation does not have a vegan agenda, and I very much doubt any of the people who decided on these classifications eat a fully plant-based diet. In fact they probably all grew up being fed the same cultural indoctrination that we did. Even hospitals in the US are now being advised to stop serving meat and dairy and instead offer plant-based alternatives love born to find they are more conducive to reducing illness.

When you look at all the studies into nutrition and disease in the last 50 years and more, the overriding theme is that the closer a human moves towards a plant-based, whole foods diet the healthier they dating a vegan reddit. Every single health institution in the Western world knows this, including the American Cardiology Association and the American Diabetes Association, both of which have published literature on this matter.

So it is without doubt that a plant-based, whole foods diet is the best option for your health. So why would anyone continue to needlessly unnaturally breed and slaughter animals for the sake of it?

Why would anyone knowingly contribute to the destruction of the very planet we live on and the air out children breathe for the sake of the taste of meat? Vegans are right, we know this. I understand that you guys are reacting to the animosity meat eaters express. I get all that. But vegans are super, duper angry with meat eaters.

Someone in a group the other day announced that all activists who are not vegan are not activists. Meanwhile a young woman just got killed in Brazil last week.


I had to bite my tongue. It definitely turns people off from the conversation path. Maybe I can find an article somewhere to help me with that.

Mar 28, at am. There can be no humane way of killing a sentient being that does not want to die. Animals, like us, fight until the dating a vegan reddit breath to stay alive. So if people perceive that you are simply cutting down as a way of offsetting the impact to animal slaughter, they will generally not feel this is acceptable. But I do not agree that people should be attacking you over that picture.

I think it would be far better to engage you in conversation and talk about your opinions, current diet, and any concerns you have over how a plant-based diet might affect any existing medical conditions you have, things like that. Taking a cheap shot at you is not going to positively bring them towards you, is going to make them more distant.

Mar 28, at pm. They want to impose their views on others. They want to convert you. They judge you. I am making an informed choice based upon my position as an animal and how other animals function, my capabilities, my requirements, and my morals.

Do you know why animals are treated as cruelly as those PETA videos which are cherry picked, always keep in mind the biases of your source of information? Because there are incentives to treat animals that way and no disincentives to treat them better.

You will never be able to convince a notable fraction of people to work against their natures, and sorry, but our nature is omnivorous. Just think about cheese, bacon, hamburgers, steak, penny stock chat rooms free, ham, fried chicken, or any number of other meat dishes.

Notice how they make you feel? What should be focused on instead is sustainability and humane treatment. Reductions in consumption and shifts to better alternatives. I eat a relatively vegetarian diet. I also eat complementary dating a vegan reddit proteins when I can. I buy my meat from local farmers, despite the expense. But for me, Veganism is an extremist position, and the one thing life has continually drilled into me is that extremes are bad. Apr 16, at am. Hi Jacob, the argument presented by veganism is that there is no moral argument against it.

And indeed philosophers like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins have discussed this at length and come to the same conclusion. So if a person feels judged, it would be reasonable to put it to that person that they feel that way because they are doing something wrong.

Participating in an industry that is inherently cruel and causes immeasurable suffering to animals who feel parallel levels of stress, fear, anxiety, and pain as humans do, when it is unnecessary to do so, is clearly doing something wrong.

If I take myself as an example: I used to eat meat and dairy. But when all the evidence was laid out on the table, and I looked into whether it was possible to live a healthy life and not contribute to this suffering and destruction to the environment, there was absolutely no choice to be made. There was only one correct moral choice, and that was to follow a plant-based diet and advocate for change. I understand that your position would be that you have to eat meat because you are insulin resistant.

However, with all due respect, you are misguided in your understanding of what causes insulin resistance. But if we look at the science, we know that animal protein and saturated fat is a major cause of insulin resistance.

A meat-based diet causes insulin resistance, but a plant-based diet can reverse type 2 diabetes. Fat in the muscles cells prevents the insulin from being able to unlock the cells and let the blood sugar in. Those who eat less saturated fat, and trans fats from processed foods, have a decreased chance of developing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. The evidence for the positive effects on insulin resistance provided by a plant-based diet have been documented for decades.

In fact, the evidence is so strong that it would seem dating a vegan reddit absolute madness that a person with insulin resistance would not undertake a plant-based diet:. There is a general consensus that the elements of a whole-foods plant-based diet—legumes, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts, with limited or no intake of refined foods and animal products—are highly beneficial for preventing and treating type 2 diabetes.

Equally important, plant-based diets address the bigger picture for patients with diabetes by simultaneously treating cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in the United States, and its risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, hyper-lipidemia, and inflammation.

The advantages of a plant-based diet also extend to reduction in risk of cancer, the second leading cause of death in the United States; the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research recommend eating mostly foods of plant origin, avoiding all processed meats and sugary drinks, and limiting intake of red meats, energy dense foods, salt, and alcohol for cancer prevention. Plant-based foods — which are a large part of a vegan diet — particularly fruit, vegetables, nuts, pulses and seeds, have been shown to help in the treatment of many chronic diseases and are often associated with lower levels of Type 2 diabetes, less hypertension, lower cholesterol levels and reduced cancer rates.

Some studies also show that vegans are less likely to be overweight and tend to have a lower percentage of body fat, which in turn will reduce the risk of many other diseases.

In conclusion, it appears that meat intake, particularly red and processed meats, is associated with higher levels of insulin resistance in middle-aged women without type 2 diabetes. Among the many potential confounders examined in this study, BMI and body fat percentage influenced the association significantly, dating a vegan reddit. Consequently, both a lower meat intake and lower levels of body fat appear important in reducing the likelihood of insulin resistance, especially in this sample.

So given that the science shows that you would be better off not eating meat and eating a plant-based diet for your health, and potentially dating a vegan reddit your insulin resistance, what other reason is there for you not to take on a plant-based diet? Leaving the vegan debate aside for a moment, I would strongly advise you to eat whole foods over processed foods.

Processed foods are nutritionally deficient, and lack the fibre your body requires to maintain good health. Moving on to your next point regarding the videos, which you say are cherry picked. There is no such thing as a good or human slaughterhouse.

And these videos are not simply cherry picked; there are thousands of videos spanning decades. Every week there is a new scandal involving farming practices. The number of farms in Europe that do not comply with EU standards and regulations for the treatment of animals is astonishing, as it is in the US.

That said, we are all aware that there are farmers who do their best to take care of their animals. But at the end of the day everything is about dating a vegan reddit and loss. How well the animals are treated boils down to profit margins. When those dating a vegan reddit are squeezed, they look for ways to reduce the costs of care for the animals. Just out of interest, if I was an advocate for rape, and then bumble dating app showed me a bunch of videos of women being violently raped, would it be acceptable for me older adult women say that you are cherry picking videos and not all rapes happen in this way.

Quite often, are emma and andrew dating man will caress a woman beforehand and speak to her nicely before raping dating a vegan reddit. But science has shown us that animals feel parallel levels of fear, anxiety and pain, and keeping them in an unnatural environment causes psychological damage. Moreover, is it not unnecessary to rape cows over and over again, and dating a vegan reddit away their calves immediately at birth so that they cannot complete the natural process of rearing their young with their milk?

It is not even good for you. Because eggs do not meet the requirements to be considered healthy or safe. There is no humane way to slaughter an animal. I would not slaughter an animal unless I had to.

Every single vegan has probably experienced this classic dating fun time: you're on an early Tinder date where it finally comes up in conversation that you're vegan, only for the other person to roll their eyes or say that they'd love to be a vegan but they would "literally die" if they couldn't have cheese.

Even worse, you get those who lecture you, cross-question you, and then act like you're trying to convert them — when all you've been trying to do is change the subject.


I'm lucky that my girlfriend is totally great and supportive about me being a vegan, but I've been through some really awkward and annoying conversations in the past. But a new post from a Redditor has shown that maybe romance isn't dead.

So odd. Tried it yet?! Just 30 minutes required! However, some vegans are fine with Shultz not being dating for as she has dating a vegan reddit many creative and delicious vegan recipes that helped people adopt a plant-based diet.

Others pointed out that Shultz never claimed to be vegan, with some even clarifying that her old recipes have honey in the ingredients. Her about section even just says plant-based.

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