What is submarining in dating

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Previously, we told how "r-bombing" is breaking singletons' hearts up and down the country. Related Stories. It's pretty narcissistic for someone to have the audacity to disappear on you for months , pop up again, and expect you to be waiting to welcome them back with open arms, no explanation necessary. That's right — no acknowledgment of their absence, no apology for leaving you hanging , not even a halfhearted attempt at an excuse "sorry, I was in the shower!

What is submarining in dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)
What do these dating terms mean?

His periscope dropped down below the waves, never to resurface again. At least not so far. The unifying themes, as I see them, include disregard for the feelings of others and a certain dismissiveness. The lighthearted designations may help them seem less egregious, but pet names just normalize the behavior so it becomes easier to indulge, more socially acceptable.

They know the rules. These phenomena are inextricably linked with the fact that so many of us are dating via apps.

There’s a New Dating Trend Called “Submarining” and I’m So Tired

According to Paulette Sherman, Psy. Most people prefer not to break bad news in person—according to a Pew Research Center report, even before Tinder became ubiquitous, one in six Americans had dumped a partner over text, email, or online message—and if you asked any octogenarian about their dating days, many would be what is submarining in dating to dredge up some stories about heartbreak and romantic fuckery. But Tinder feels extra impersonal, like shopping for humans.

I suspect that scrolling through endless faces primes us to understand our matches as images on a screen rather than real people, opening the door to emotional negligence. Submarining is the latest in a long line of relationship nightmares, after stashingcushioningand love-bombing.


You'd be forgiven for never having heard of the wacky dating trend, but it may sound all too familiar once it's been explained. Submarining is a variant of ghostingwhen somebody you're talking to or dating suddenly cuts all ties and communication with you. It could be going fine, and you could be messaging every day, but then they just seem to disappear off the face of the earth without warning.


Well, submarining is like ghosting, only the person who ghosted you ends up cropping back up again weeks, months or even years after they cut you off. Like a submarine which has been underwater for months, they'll resurface back into your life without warning.

When I first sat down to write this story, I texted a couple friends to conduct a small, informal poll. Is this really that common? Has happened to me many times.

"Submarining" Is The Latest Dating Trend You Need To Know About

Submarining is a term coined by U. A submariner will not. There is literally no excuse not to.

Breadcrumbing, Stashing, and Other Internet Dating Slang I Wish You Didn’t Need to Know

To understand why so many people submarine, you first have to understand why people ghost. Ghosting someone is a painless though cowardly way to indicate that you are not interested in seeing or speaking to this person anymore. But to make contact again, without explaining why you vanished is confusing, not to mention inconsiderate.

What is submarining in dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)