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As the cover would tell you this book is a collection of collection of questions on relationship and sex and behavior and Hog answers those questions sometimes just with joke When Hog wild contacted me to review his book I didn't know him, now I know him as a very funny man who can tell you very serious stuff in between his jokes. That being said I couldn't finish this book because it was just too irritating. Hogwild tries to be helpful and thoughtful at times but he just ends up making a bad joke. These jokes just weren't funny. Approximately 12 New videos per month!

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Bring out your inner-awesomeness so you can improve your love life. Manny Blake 4 years ago. Watch the video in th Watching this now, I had forgot how hilarious it is! Genius again! Ima gunna try it but then again i am a little bit bigger than other teenage gurlz soo its going to be a little more difficult for me hogwild dating advice omg he is the love of my life-3 shaboinking lmfao.

Wow thank you so much for your advice. I am in this sort of predicament…. Thats very true. Spoiled milk and pig parts lol ur amazing im gonna try tht… Not the bucket thing the other advise:. Um idk u are so lol!!!! Haha, Id Buy One. I love your videos,there very interesting and helpful. And makes you actually want to watch it. You may also womens singles odds. Friend Zone Help!

Aug 14, George rated it did not like it Shelves: ipadunreadableworst-readsgave-up-on. I was offered an advance readers copy of this ebook this morning, at no charge, and, regrettably, I accepted the offer. My mistake. Free was way overpriced. Recommendation: Do not waste even one minute on this one. It has nothing to offer. View all 4 comments. Aug 15, Naomi rated it did not like it Shelves: abandoned. I was contacted by the author asking if I would read his book. One to avoid unless you are stuck on a desert island, and male, and can get a copy for free, hogwild dating advice.

Aug 27, Selena rated it did not like it Shelves: dnf. So, first this disappeared off of my currently-reading list. Apparently, the edition I had on the shelf was deleted. Not sure how or why. Just was. So after hogwild dating advice another copy which hopefully won't disappearI'll be honest. I quit. These jokes just weren't funny.

It was hit or miss, but most of them are total misses. And I felt like most of the jokes were the same.

That's why I quit. I don't really want to keep reading the same stuff over and over.

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I think these jokes might go over better at a comedy club. Half of what makes jokes funny is the delivery. Anyway, I had wanted to finish it because the author invited me to read what he had called an ARC though, it said on the page that it's been out for almost a year Thank you, Hogwild, for the free copy to read and review. I'm sorry I couldn't get through it. Aug 20, Sharron Browinski kurland rated it did not like it. Not even close. I didn't even get past the first few pages, very "red-necky" and overly crude in a juvenile way.

Sorry, I tried Aug 28, Tommy rated it did not like it Shelves: non-fiction. I received a free copy of this ebook to read and review and I was excited because I like funny books and I like hogwild dating advice exposed to books I might not find on my own. That being said I couldn't finish this book because it was just too irritating. Hogwild tries to be helpful and thoughtful at times but he just ends up making a bad joke.

Most of his jokes seem either derivative simple or hogwild dating advice not that funny and those that might be funny in real life don't translate we'll to book form.

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Comedians who w I received a free copy of this ebook to read and review and I was excited because I like funny books and I like getting exposed to books I might not find on my own. Comedians who write books well tend to be storytellers not joke tellers.

Can you imagine reading a book full of knock knock or your mama jokes? This book had that pace at times. I also just find the comedy hogwild dating advice. He talks about cute flirt sms for most of the book but uses words like hoo-ha and jimmy jam very often and it seems like his target audience must be drunken community college freshmen. It's not even that I found the comedy offensive or immature, it was just gimmicky and seemed poorly thought out.

He may be fine live but his hogwild dating advice was not meant for books. Aug 15, Reba King rated it did not like it. Funny for a while, but not my style. Too much was just an extended stand-up routine on sex-related topics with no story. Sep 10, Alexandra Chauran rated it did not like it. Author, please read this entire review.

I'm not just here to hogwild dating advice you. I actually read the entire book, which was way, way too long. Hog Wild fancies himself to be like Dan Savage, the columnist and public speaker whose witty observations on love and sex are as funny as they are accurate.

Instead, this is a stream-of-consciousness rough draft badly in need of an editor and a friend who cares about the author enough to stop him from inflicting himself on the world in this way.

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Hogwild dating advice addition to th Author, please read this entire review. In addition to the horrible formatting and atrocious typos grammatical and spelling errors I've come to expect from the self-published this work is not organized at all.

There is no beginning, middle or end, and there was obviously no effort made to revise and cull the bad jokes. His portrayal of this work as "love advice" came off as just plain slimy.

With the misogyny, racism, homophobia and complete ignorance of female anatomy and human sexuality, jokes that would have been okay in a comedy bar seemed sad and juvenile under the guise of being part of an advice book.

Seriously, though, there were pages and pages of material that wasn't even trying to be funny which led me to hogwild dating advice that he actually wanted to deliver good advice at times. That same material was woefully inaccurate and unintentionally bigoted.

That killed my funny boner fast. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I will say that written comedy has to be almost impossibly good, because there is no timing or other delivery techniques that make comedy gold possible. That said, hogwild dating advice, his attempt to feign delivery by capitalizing emphasized words, adding additional exclamation points, exclusively using pet names for anatomy and sex, writing "tee-hee" or "haha" or "heh heh" and even using smileys famous black women who date white men grating and completely counter-productive.

The skit scenes with different characters or lines that rarely work in comedy books never hogwild dating advice in his and should be deleted entirely. The one compliment I can pay is that I would have thought this was all funny when I was fourteen years old. I probably would have smuggled it into a slumber party or summer camp and gotten in trouble for it.

That's what makes the "love advice" aspect of this work so troubling to me. The best honest advice I can give to this author is to please for the love of all that is good STOP writing books. You have a real developing talent for stand-up comedy writing.

Find a group of friends to throw out all your bad jokes and find a professional editor to proofread and revise your work. Then, submit it to comedians skilled at delivery to a live audience, or collaborate with a screen writer who can be the half of your team with good judgement.

Good luck. Sep 04, Kate rated it did not like it Shelves: e-books. I was contacted by the author. So here it goes.

I have read a lot hogwild dating advice comedic novels in my lifetime and they always fall into two categories: the ones I have enjoyed and the ones I have not. Unfortunately, this one falls under the have not category and here's why: the humor was extremely juvenile.


Don't get me wrong I like raunch and dick and fart jokes when done right, but this one missed the mark for me. Maybe dudes would enjoy this one more, but I'm not sure if t I was contacted by the author. Maybe dudes would enjoy this one more, but I'm not sure if that's a true statement either as my boyfriend said he didn't find it too funny. He only read half and got bored. I did this research in order to get a second hogwild dating advice to make sure it wasn't just hogwild dating advice.

So, I'd say skip it, as it was excruciating for me to even finish, just saying. See I just made a funny Aug 28, Issa rated it did not like it Shelves: non-fiction. I read this book a couple weeks ago and somehow the book disappeared off of my hogwild dating advice shelf and the review also disappeared The author contacted me about a free kindle copy of this book and so I read it.

It was hard to make it through the book. First, it wasn't that funny Much of the "advice" was misogynistic. Aug 27, Juliet rated it did not like it. This book was advertised as the new Tucker Max. It isn't, it is more like a cross between reading the hogwild dating advice of a sand up comedian and an advice column.

There isn't story here except when the author is telling the person writing to them and wanders into a tale as if it is an answer. Sep 30, Karen Germain rated it it was ok.

I was contacted by author, Hog Wild, through Goodreads to write an honest review of his book in exchange for a free copy. I love when authors contact me for reviews. I feel like it's a big leap of faith on their part to trust a stranger, who didn't seek out their book, to write a review. It takes guts and confidence. Here we go Wild's book, Baby, You're as Sweet as 3.

I'm definitely not Wild's target audience. The hum I was contacted by author, Hog Wild, through Goodreads to write an honest review of his book in exchange for a free copy. The humor and themes in this book would probably be most appealing for males in their late teens to early twenties. I'm not the slightest bit prudish, but the humor in this book is often very brash and crude. The humor was like an American Pie movie on speed. Wild is a comedian and I often felt like the humor in the book might have translated better in a stand-up show, than it does in a book.

He's probably really funny in person, not so much as a writer. The book was filled with comedian "bits" that ran too long. The biggest issue that I had with Wild's book was the format. It needed to have been broken down by themes. The book consists of a love and sex questions sent in by Wild's fans and Wild's responses, occasionally peppered with his personal stories.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to how the questions are placed in the book. It would have had a better flow, is the questions had been grouped in related topics and if Wild had added more personal stories to tie it together.

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And most importantly, they're finding love. So I'd like to thank you for the videos, they really helped. They're just all so amazing!

The dating advice is always spot on and you're so hilarious.

Hogwild dating advice [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)