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Teen titans dating game [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)
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What about Crazy Mudd? Or Brother Blood? Slade never make such plots. Don't offend but seriously this is bad, really bad. Log In Sign Up. Teen Titans: The Visual Novel. Version: 1. Beast Boy, in the teen titans dating game of a dove flies in her room, drops a rose on top of her head.

Raven destroys the flower, watching as "the dove" perches on her book. And even though we are different, we are meant to be in love. Romantic music plays in the background as Beast Boy flies up and creates a heart with his wings as he finished his poem.

Raven's eyes glow red as she uses her magic to squish Beast Boy in her book, laying him on the ground at the end of her bed. Beast Boy complains that the poem took him all day to write, but Raven simply retorts with a negative comment.

Beast Boy hops onto the bed with her, transforming into a horse, suggesting that she take a romantic horse back ride. Raven's response is, again, a demonic slap to the face.

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Meanwhile, Robin is in his room devising a plan to become more like Aquaman, which results in the development of a fish suit, literally. Cyborg then walks down the hall whistling a tune when he is caught off guard by a horrible odor, demanding to know what the smell is. Robin exits his room, approaching Cyborg. Once Cyborg discovers that Robin is the teen titans dating game of the vile miasma, he darts away, screaming about how horrid the smell is.

Starfire then greets Robin from behind, to which he responds, "Hey, Star! In the next scene, Raven teen titans dating game meditating only to be interrupted by Beast Boy knocking on the door. She tells him to go away. Beast Boy doesn't listen and enters by slithering under the door as a snake. He tells Raven has never given up on anything, though Raven is quick to point out he always gives, using opening a pickle jar as an example.

Beast Boy then states if Raven can give one reason why they aren't meant to be together, then he would leave her alone. GAR: Dude! I am an animal!!! You're a freak! VIC: No way man! That's cool! GAR: Hey what does that robot stuff do? I can control things with my souped up remote! GAR: … and….? VIC: …. I choose…. DICK: You have to choose one of the bachelors. I don't see any rule saying I can't choose whoever I want.

It just says she has to choose someone. DICK: All right then. Congratulations random stagehand!

Teen Titans Go S01E03 Double Trouble - The Date

Let's see what you won! She sighed with relief when she saw that she was only dreaming. She must've dozed off on the couch. She noticed her friends looking at her curiously. Raven blushed. She thought. She went to the door to the roof and reached for the handle teen titans dating game nearly died of shock. There on her left hand was… a ring. Cue the "Psycho" shower scene music Note to self: Do not write when tired and giddy with a brain that has turned to teen titans dating game due to final exams for dumb pointless stories shall result.

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Teen titans dating game [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)