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She is a skilled liaison, communicator, and the go-to for tough love-laced relationship advice. She has always had a natural inclination for finding the right spark - from hosting speed dating parties in New York to helping everyone she knows connect. Alternatively, you can add your information to TDR's dating pool database for free and they will contact you if you seem like a good potential match for one of their paid clients. Many clients take the opportunity to reflect on their dating experiences and begin making intentional decisions to reach their relationship goals. The second match was named Willy, which made me immediately picture a small child.

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Again, names have been changed, but it was very similar. We met in a restaurant on the Lower East Side that he goes to every night anyway, which is funny for someone repeatedly described as really, really creative. TDR had also said that Willy's humor "was always on," which is the only thing I laughed about the entire night. It actually seemed like they had barely vetted him, perhaps because he was a friend of a friend of one of the matchmakers.

Willy was extremely negative something I'd said would be a deal breakerespecially about dating apps, which three day rule dating service thought were weird and "would definitely never use" because he was better than that. James Joyce is my favorite author," he said, and then proceeded to list a few of his other favorite writers, all of whom were dead, white, and male. When I read him the line from his bio that said "He needs a woman who can appreciate that his humor is always on," he snapped back, "I small group holidays for singles need a woman.

The absolute kicker was when I found out his last name was Willerson again, not his real last name but you get the idea and that his given first name was actually a very common male name but he chose to go by Willy instead.

I had a date with Matt the next day, and he would have had to run me over with a U-Haul truck to make a bad impression after my date with Willy. We met in Brooklyn Heights to walk along the pier and watch the sunset before heading to a quaint little Italian restaurant nearby. He was easy to talk to — we somehow talked about everything from conceptual art to functional programming languages over tagliatelle — and he seemed like a really great person overall, smart and funny and pretty much everything else TDR had promised.

I was impressed and had a great time, enough so that there's not three day rule dating service else to say. After all, happy dates are all alike; every unhappy date is unhappy in its own way.


Exactly three days after the date the irony is not lost on me, Three Day Rulehe texted me and we planned to meet up again a couple weeks later. Julia: I understand why Aaron was picked for me.

He had some traits I asked for — he identified as liberal and liked reading tech news, going to EDM concerts, and surfing, which Three day rule dating service suppose could fit under "well-read," "likes art," and "is willing to lightly jog with me. But more importantly, he was guaranteed to be normal, to not be blatantly rude or do anything to creep me out.

I feel like women have to worry about two levels of comfort when it comes to dating — do you feel safe as a woman does he three day rule dating service to his exes as "bitches" and "sluts"? With a matchmaker, that first level felt taken care of, which was nice. At no point in the date did I feel anxious, aside from just having to endure my monthly quota of small talk.

And although I don't think you can really know anyone after just two hours, I feel like I could say he was a nice person and could be a good boyfriend, just to someone three day rule dating service different from me.

I think you have to go into this accepting of the idea that the first date, even the first few, might be pretty off, because just two half-hour interview sessions with a matchmaker is not enough to get to know someone or understand what they specifically mean when they say they want someone "funny, three day rule dating service, smart, nice.

As for me, I'd rather hang out with myself and leave fate a little more in my own hands, i. Jarry: Three Day Rule may have done a good job matching me with Matt, but with Willy it seemed like they hadn't even tried — he had several of the traits I had explicitly said were deal breakers.

And both were vetted by matchmakers I'd never met, which just seems like a bad game of telephone: How can you ensure compatibility if you've never even talked to the client you're trying to match? Prior to matchmaking, she worked in industries such as marketing, media relations, and staffing. Within different projects, she has always had the same common goal: focus on her clients' needs and surpass expectations. In her spare time she is an avid reader and writer with a specific passion for poetry.

Miami raised now living in Manhattan, this city girl has traded oranges for apples. As a trained psychotherapist, relationship coach, and Matchmaker, Natalia is extremely curious about people and their motivations, especially around dating and love. She holds an advanced degree in Psychology, has practiced personal coaching for over decade, and in addition to her work as a Matchmaker, she currently consults with dating apps find friends by maiden name a human behavior expert.

Natalia is highly emphatic and resourceful, and with her wealth of experience she has found her true calling.

Natalia helps her clients to be their authentic selves, allowing the most meaningful relationships to form. From practicing positivity to teaching the art of flirting and seduction, Natalia is an all-around dating expert and enthusiastic partner in your journey with Three Day Rule.

Throughout her life, Skylar has brought people from all backgrounds together, making strong connections in both love and friendship. She is a skilled liaison, communicator, and the go-to for tough love-laced relationship advice. Her professional experience in client relations, sales, and marketing give her a leg up as a Matchmaker and advocate for her clients.

It is important to her that everyone black mirror online dating episode works with, is happy and living their best life. Skylar is there to help her clients through any dating dilemma as their partner and advisor, using her expertise to help them achieve their relationship goals.

Caitlin spent the beginning part of her career training and coaching athletes, military personal, and people new to working out to help them achieve their health goals.

She expanded her training at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and built a thriving health coaching business, teaching people how to live, look, and love from a holistic health perspective. With a license as a holistic practitioner, nutrition counselor, and coach she has helped people reach their highest potential on an emotional and physical level. She believes that love is an integral part of our health and is grateful that her path ultimately lead her to TDR where she can impact her clients every day.


Always one to be up for a challenge and put others first, Becky began her career as a 1st and 2nd grade teacher in Brooklyn. Becky has always been a connector, so no one was surprised when Becky joined TDR. You can find Becky recreating Pinterest recipes, discovering the next big musician, or practicing yoga.

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As a Psychology major at Bucknell University, Krissy developed a keen interest in the nature of people and relationships. Liz's passion for matchmaking shines in her work with each of her clients.

A dating expert who helps with even the smallest tips, from texts to first dates, Liz will always put herself out there on her clients' behalf. With a degree in Psychology from Trinity College, Liz is passionate about human connection and understanding what draws people together.

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She is invested and driven, and always has an empathetic ear for her clients. Professionally, Liz worked in Academic Admissions for many years, giving her unique three day rule dating service into many different personalities.

She is committed to helping others with their personal growth across all areas. Liz is always looking for matches - across every part of Boston - and she works tirelessly for her clients because she loves love. A real-life "cheerleader for love", Kat has been researching and writing about relationships for over a decade. Kat knows how to make connections. From wedding planning to corporate wellness, to creating content for an SEO company while also publishing her own book, Kat has an incredible network.

She is optimistic, lighthearted, adventurous, and empathetic. As a native of DC, Kat utilizes her vast network to make introductions across the city. Three day rule dating service degree in Psychology from the University of Chicago, coupled with her networking skills, and intuition give her an amazing ability to help her clients succeed. Stephanie loves being the go-to expert for dating advice, and her positivity allows her to be a successful coach to family, friends, and clients.

A background in production and casting for reality television gives Stephanie older adult women keen eye and interest in people and their stories.

At Three Day Rule, Stephanie uses her expertise on people and dating, her ambition, and her drive to cast real-life relationships! Quin is driven to help her clients achieve their highest potential through self-understanding and growth.

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A strong communicator, Quin excels in empowering others - whether personally or professionally - to know their own value. Professionally, this manifested through successful roles in advertising, public relations, and her own communications consultancy - utilizing her expansive network three day rule dating service.

Originally from Georgia and an alumnus of Vanderbilt University, Quin now takes australian men dating site advantage of the vast national network she has built to introduce her clients to the best matches. Quin brings a well-rounded outlook to her matchmaking and works with every client to hone their strengths in order to maximize their success. Her approach is about truly understanding her clients, getting to know them like a friend while providing the insight and intuition of an expert.

Callie has connected many successful relationships, engagements, and marriages - a few clients even recently had babies! Jaime's sincere, but bold approach to matchmaking makes her both a great Matchmaker, as well as an outstanding dating strategist.

Jaime's unique matchmaking style is all about customization and understanding an individual's "off paper" intangible qualities. Jaime has helped many of her clients find meaningful relationships, engagements, marriages, and even resulted in a baby!

Michal comes to TDR from work in human sexuality and public health research and education.


My Matchmaker introduced me to some really remarkable and beautiful people. They are the kind of people that you imagine must be out there, but you never meet. Stuart, 43 Read More. Apply for Premium Membership This proactive option means our Matchmakers work with you for a completely personalized experience.

We get to know who you really are. Meet Your Matchmaker.

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We pre-screen potential matches face-to-face. We only introduce you to the best matches. The biggest value of bringing on a hired gun for your dating life can be summed up pretty easily: Dating is a numbers game. We essentially go on bad dates for people. A personalized, premium experience where you get a partner throughout the entire process.

We are the only matchmaking company with these partnerships, giving us exclusive access to a wider network of singles. Not ready to be a Premium Member? Be in our free database of potential matches. Invite a friend too. Why not? Three Day Rule.

Three day rule dating service [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)