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Australia looks super nice. It was around ten when his mother and Jungkook finally started to leave. This blog. You expected him to argue, to put up a bit more of a fight.

Dating jimin would include [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Originally posted by ladymaysworld. Warnings: Smoking, Established member x member relationship, angst that heals, bad made up makeup names and references, mentions of bad past relationships, a supportive yet sassy maknae line.

This is part two of a four part series. Originally posted by minyoongiaesthetic. Tonight was the night. Originally posted by minyoongiaesthetic. There are many intricate stories that make up the world. Many of which lie in the unknown darkness, and only come out to spread their evil. When children tell their parents that they fear the monster in the wardrobe, it does not stem from nothing. It is known that monsters live among humans in this world, and only those with the bravest of souls sought to fight them.

Keep reading. Thank you to the anon who requested! I apologise that this took so long! Originally posted by jinfesta. Kim Namjoon had never considered himself a jealous kind of person in his life before, dating jimin would include right now, all he could feel was the green monster taking over every rational thought he was trying to hold onto.

It was like he was trying to contain the hulk inside of him. He understood that his idol lifestyle was tough on you. While Namjoon worked more hours than the average human, Jae-hyuk worked a normal nine to five from Monday to Friday in a law firm.

Jae-hyuk had all the time in the world to make any extravagant gestures he wanted to; he could fly you to another country for the weekend, or take you to theme parks, or simply cook your dinner, if dating jimin would include wanted to. Namjoon wished you would stop giggling. I miss you a lot, so it often takes my mind off it.


Fine, I hate that you spend so much time with Jae-hyuk. Namjoon suddenly felt very guilty when he heard breath escape your lips heavily from the other side of the phone. I miss you a lot, you know that.

Namjoon lost sight of his guilt at this, instead, the green monster overtook his entire body in a great wave of jealous rage. I never see you. Am I just supposed to cry alone until you come back, huh?

imagine — bts jimin as your boyfriend

You knew this before we became a couple! It had been a week since that fateful phone call. He shrugged nonchalantly. His mouth stayed in a hard line as you approached, but his eyes softened slightly when he saw your apologetic smile. The second that you said yes, Dating jimin would include stiffened. His jaw tensed, and he looked up at the ceiling rather than at you.

Because if you do, then I think we have a problem. Hoseok raised his eyebrows. So tell me, then. Where do you think I fit into this picture? You shook your head, eyes filling with tears.

But he had already stood from the table. Taehyung sat down across from you, eyebrows knitted together with worry. You finally looked up, feeling utterly crushed. I think he just dumped me.


Taehyung sat back in his chair, eyes focused somewhere out the window as though he had spaced out. You closed your eyes, willing away the tears. But dating jimin would include you went through with it, Hoseok would be safe, but you might lose him forever. There was no winning this game, your mother had made sure of that.

Somehow, you had believed that he would be there with you, even if things had been rocky lately. Taehyung put both elbows on the table between the two of you and leaned forward. He tilted his head to one side, eyeing you carefully. But I do know that if I was in his position, I would find me wife tried to talk you out of it before throwing your relationship in the trash. Hoseok would listen eventually, and then he would understand.

He had to. No fuss, no frills, just the two of you. Originally posted by jiminuh. Originally posted by chimjohayo.

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Dating jimin would include [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)