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True white trash. Sometimes, we just don't have any control over where we live, and the way in which we were brought up. But one Reddit user tells of her experience with a trailer park that was primarily Asian, Hmong to be exact.

Trailer trash dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

But the rules don't really apply to certain people, especially trailer park residents. The sad thing is that they don't really have much of a choice; their poverty level means they have to try and hitchhike. Well one time, a Reddit user picked up what he describes as a "white trash hitchiker. I was driving a cute little microcar at the time and we chatted as we rolled along.

She was amazed at the idea of me being fully employed She spoke briefly to her mom, who made herself scarce. It was all too much; unhappy topless stranger on her mother's pink chintz couch. We've all heard the story before: Trailer trash girl ends up having a baby with her brother, cue trailer trash dating jokes.

But what if that trailer trash dating was real? What if it actually happens? Sadly, it does. Especially in poverty-stricken areas such as some trailer parks.


It's one of the most tragic things that daily horoscope cancer happen, especially because the baby is almost always defective in some way or another. Well one Reddit user experienced this exact situation firsthand, and it wasn't pretty I ask Joe where he's going tonight and if anything fun is going to happen. He said that he is going to this party at this house.

Sounds fun, I'm coming. Well the girls start getting here, and this one rather good looking girl gets out and she says hi to all the guys and kisses one of them for about 15 seconds. I'm thinking that it's her trailer trash dating. I'm getting pretty drunk and join the girls in the " hot tub" which was kinda warm Well the hot girl comes over to me and starts talking to me, and later on kisses me. I back off, and told her that she has a boyfriend.

She tells me that's not her boyfriend, that's her brother. Few weeks later, she send me a picture of her naked then bam, a pregnancy test that's positive. I have had surgery so I know I couldn't have. Later on I found out she was pregnant by her brother. Interestingly, not all trailer park residents are white, or even "American.

But one Reddit user tells of her experience with a trailer park that was primarily Asian, trailer trash dating, Hmong to be exact. These are a distinct group of people in Southeast Asia. Well, as it turned out, none of them spoke very good English, and they had no idea how dangerous their neighborhood really was. They would go walking around at night, past houses where people had been murdered recently Despite the place being a "bad" neighborhood, Samantha and her friends would go on walks or runs all the time, even in the middle of the night.

They did not seem to realize that a murder had just happened two houses down, or that criminals on the run would hide on their streets. What trailer trash dating it really like to live in a trailer park? We've seen the movies, and trailer trash dating heard the stories. But for people who have actually experienced this firsthand, it's a very different thing. There seems to be a much stronger sense of community, but is that always a good thing?


This one Reddit user seemed to think that living in a trailer park meant constantly getting bothered by her neighbors, asking for money and rides, as if it were expected. Also, she trailer trash dating that people are dying all the time, just not from the causes that you might expect People complain about everything like dogs barking, how many cars you own, where where you park. There are always a handful of alcoholics and drug addicts.

Neighbors tend to be overly involved in each other's lives. More specifically, people ask and expect neighbors trailer trash dating do them favors like give rides and lend money. Basically neighbors tend to be nuisances who will take advantage of you if you let them.

A lot of people die. Not due to murder, but things like drugs, alcohol poor health, and old age. Also, many people live in deplorable conditions.

Several people I know of have no power, no trailer trash dating, and no heat in their trailers. And finally, cats. There are many cats. One thing's for sure though, people in trailer parks party hard. Or at least the people in did in this girl's park. It actually got to the point where this Reddit user didn't even feel safe in her environment any more.

She tells a story where trailer trash dating got very, very rowdy, and not just the fun kind of rowdy either. Women were fist-fighting each other in the street, and men were throwing bottles at each other. And to add insult to injury, it was impossible to sleep with the loud bass coming out of the cars To be honest, the home itself was really nice.

Hardwood floors, new appliances, a big master bedroom with a garden tub in the bathroom. The problem was the neighborhood. By day, it looked fine. Quiet and deserted.

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But by night, it got rough. We're talking trashed out cars coming through with loud bad bass, really loud women picking and getting into fist fights, ratty kids stealing things out of trailer trash dating yard, and drunk guys throwing bottles into the street. Drugs and fights and theft were an accepted reality. As a small nerdy white girl, I did not feel safe and I wouldn't want anyone else to have to live in a situation like that.

So we've seen the dark side of trailer park life. But what about the light-hearted side? It's time to venture into "laugh out loud" territory, and this Reddit user who used to live in a trailer park has some really funny story. Well, some of the things she's seen aren't too funny, like pregnant women drinking in bars every night.

But there was one story about a few guys who decided they would "soup up" their lawnmowers. In the end, they got them running at over 35 mph. Looking back, she wonders how any of them even survived Trailer trash dating shirt that read "Mess with me, and you mess with the whole trailer park.

A few guys were talking about "supin' up" their lawnmowers. They did. Trailer trash dating of them got his to go about 35 mph. It's a wonder any of them are still alive. Another Reddit user posted on the same thread, which asked the question "What's the most white trash thing you've ever seen? Her experiences range from seeing a pregnant woman chain-smoking three cigarettes in a row, to seeing another woman post her nursery ideas on social media.

She was trying to decide between a camo nursery and a Harley Davidson-themed nursery. Follow City-Data. Twitter :. What is White trash? User Name. Remember Me. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Page 1 of Advertisements One of my girlfriends told me certain guys from this area are nasty, and white trash? Location: So Cal 40, posts, read 39, times Reputation: Quote: Originally Posted by Ran98 One of my girlfriends told me certain guys from this area are nasty, and white trash?

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Trailer trash dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)