Dating a man 8 years younger than you

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. I was able to have independence while also being with a person who made life fun. He was, essentially, a kid. Close Share options.

Dating a man 8 years younger than you [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

We like going out and doing things, so you better be ready to get that ass moving! We're looking for a life partner, not a father figure," year old Ahna says, echoing every other independent woman out there.

Age Gaps In Relationships

When my boyfriend came back I told him what happened. Maxim Cover Girl. You need to be really clear about your goals — both professional and personal — and hash it out with them. And remember: what you were doing when you were their age?

If someone is still figuring things out, it might not be time to sign a lease together, or even be totally exclusive, just yet. You might find that a younger partner does want to get serious right away or that every fight seems like the end of the world.

A younger partner might be harder to break up with because of this.

7 things that could happen when you're dating someone younger than you

Try to be as diplomatic as possible. The 8-year rule states that you shouldn't date anyone outside of an 8-year age range. It can happen.

What It’s Like Dating A Guy Who’s 8 Years Younger Than Me

I just won't try it any more. I've dated or tried to date women who are older, younger and, if you'll believe it, exactly the same age as I am.


Seriously, she was born on the same day and same year. If that's not an easy conversation opener, I truly don't know what is. I'm, by no means, the most mature year-old dude you're going to meet, and I'm not insinuating that all younger women are flighty or immature. Here are four problems you'll likely run into if you break the 8-year rule:. I once went out with a woman who was under the impression that Lauryn Hill was made famous by being in "Sister Act 2.

The 8-Year Rule: Why You Shouldn't Date With An 8-Year Age Gap

To be clear, not knowing who The Fugees are or simply missing someone's references doesn't make you a bad person. At least for now. Well, for one, it keeps me on my toes.


Since I freelance, I used to spend endless hours, seven days a week, sitting in front of my laptop, pitching and writing articles and reading tons of online articles to keep up. Past partners of mine have had careers they worked years at, so it was easy to continue to put work first.

Dating a man 8 years younger than you [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)