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I really appreciated your thread on the transitional models - you also did put a lot of effort into this! It was called the PL or the Platinum, and it was silver, black, and white—the barrels and caps featured silvery black celluloid in an arch pattern. I mean ski slope. But the French have always been considered chic in Europe, so it made sense for a German pen company to name one of its models, and eventually its company, after something French. Sign in.

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Also, fountain pen nibs were made from gold, while dip pen nibs tended to be steel, except for those belonging to very wealthy people who wanted gold-nibbed dip pens.

The founders of Montblanc were trying to create a pen for the domestic market, as German companies had been importing pens from North America and England. He realized he needed to make nibs, and he hired some jewelers and metallurgists. The s would be the best pens.

The pens would rank second in quality, and the s third. The number 0 designated a safety pen, 2 meant the pen had a pump filler, and 3 stood for a piston filler.

Dating montblanc 149 this way, a pen labeled as a —best quality, pump filler, with a number-8 nib—could easily be identified. It was available in red and black hard rubber. Montblanc also made lever fillers, which were never very popular in Europe dating montblanc 149 are now exceedingly rare. There was also a pen with a pneumatic filler, which was invented by the Conklin Company in the U. It operated on the same principle as the pneumatic drill used for tearing up the streets. Air pressure collapsed the bladder.

When the barrel was closed, the air pressure was removed and the bladder would deflate. If it were immersed, it filled with ink. From that period on, it had more filling mechanisms than any other company. The company sold a button-filler pen, which was very traditional in design. Other models used lever fillers and piston fillers, which later became the primary type of Montblanc pen and were the most popular filling mechanism in Europe.

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It had pneumatic fillers with a collapsible bladder. Montblanc only patented one filling mechanism—the collapsible telescopic piston. The company patented or trademarked its pen as well as the white star, but its telescopic piston, which dating montblanc 149 a modification of a regular piston, is the only filling mechanism Montblanc patented.

It virtually doubled the size of the ink capacity within the pen.

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Gabay : Its two major competitors at the time were Pelikanthe developer of the piston and still dating montblanc 149 leading German pen manufacturer, and Sonneken, which was a great pen company. Montblanc ended up on top just before the war. As far as innovation is concerned, Pelikan was a more interesting company, but Montblanc had the marketing edge. The company knew how to take an idea, develop it, and make it more appealing to the public. This Montblanc No. The company ended up on top before World War II because German firms tended to be very conservative at that time.

The majority of pens in Europe were black hard rubber. Pelikan really had one design, and Sonneken had only a couple. Montblanc was willing to attempt many designs, and it had numerous filling mechanisms. Once the piston proved its popularity, the company went with that. Montblanc was also innovative in terms of its advertising. In the U. Montblanc placed ads in subway stations, on the street, and on billboards. Gabay : As a rule dating montblanc 149 thumb, there are really dating montblanc 149 things collectors look for: the ornateness of the body, the precision of the mechanism, and size.

Many collectors also really like big pens. Today, the most expensive non-precious metal vintage Montblanc pens are the large ones. It was a very large pen. Tiny pens are called babies.


The 00 dating montblanc 149 0 babies are very rare too. InSheaffer introduced plastic contents using DuPont plastic, and other companies rapidly followed suit. By the mids, everybody was making pens with colored plastic. Montblanc introduced orange, blue, and malachite-green fountain pens. These are the solid-color and marble-barrel pens with the push-knob fillers and the rounded snowcap on top. They were available in bright colors and are extremely sought after. Stripe-barrel pens numbered,or are quite rare.

Dating montblanc 149 made a celluloid pen that no other company, with the exception of OMAS in Italy, dating montblanc 149, was able to perfect.

It was called the PL or the Platinum, and it was silver, black, and white—the barrels and caps featured silvery black celluloid in an arch pattern. This Platinum is the single rarest European celluloid pen because it was only made in the s. It was available in the 2, 4, 6, and 8 sizes. Though rare, they are found in European collections. Its immediate predecessor, thewas made from to The Lsuch as this example fromwas, and still is, the fattest pen in the Montblanc line. Almost as soon as the s began production, the war intervened, so you see war-era s without gold nibs, as gold was a strategic metal at that time.

Instead, the nibs were made of steel or an alloy. Those pens, which are the same size as the s, are dating montblanc 149 rare. In fact, the first limited-edition writer series pen that Montblanc made is called the Hemingway, love find quotes single most valuable non-precious metal, non-Maki-e modern limited edition model for pens.

It looks exactly like a though its barrel is orangewhich is the most-sought-after non-colored Montblanc out there.

As with any pen, rarity is what people look for. Gabay : Well, Hamburg is the largest port in Germany. In fact, at that time, it was the largest port in Europe after Rotterdam. Allied bombing devastated it. The company survived through most ofbut in the winter of that year, the factory was bombed and many of its materials were destroyed.

We have very few Montblanc archives from that time because of the bombing. Ironically, the occupation of Hamburg by the Brits was a great thing for Montblanc. When the war ended, the company was producing no more than a few pens a month.

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But when the British authorities came to talk to all of the businesspeople, they made sure that Montblanc received the raw materials it needed to get back on its feet again, in part because the British occupation forces needed fountain pens. The s through s were discontinued as the company introduced a whole new line of luxury pens.

When the size 8s were dropped, the middle number 4 was introduced as a new rounded model that looked like the you see today. So, indating montblanc 149, the product line consisted of the, and At the time, it was unheard of for a European company to produce new lines like that.

It was amazing for Montblanc to produce a new line of pens four years after the war in a devastated city. The key to its success was its ability to mature women in galleries. Nobody in Germany had any money at that time.

It was far more important to sell a pen to the U. This began in the mid to late s. Boxes can be easily switched, but no one else has offered anything more substantial as evidence for dating. These are the only ones I would feel comfortable dating to the s when the was revived. Here is one dating montblanc 149 sale on ebay:.

Another thing to note on this one is that the bend of the clip has very little material compared to the one being sold by Tom Westerich at the link below. Clips with more material at the bend are later.

The FPN charts shows as the date for this transition, but there are lots of s with two piece barrels and plastic piston threads, dating montblanc 149 I believe the chart is wrong. As you say, boxes can be switched. In addition, old stock of pens manufactured in the late s or early s could have been sold years later. In that ad we don't see the piston knob's threads or the feed.

But let's suppose they are made of plastic and ebonite, respectively. If as you suggest we have to take Tom Westerich's word for granted, he dates the pen in the early s, which is not compatible with your Art of Writing argument above.

Posted 28 January - AM. Well, all I said was that I think David's pens are from the s based on the 14K nib. If my pen gray ink window, plastic threads, 14K nib is from the mid dating montblanc 149 late sthat does not disprove that a pen from the early s or even the late s could singles odds the same characteristics. So I am not being inconsistent. TW actually says his pen is from when forced to pick a specific year.

dating montblanc 149

Montblanc 146 FP. Identifying date of manufacture.

If I am not mistaken, is in the mids in concert with what I claimed for my pen. But no one has presented any evidence that makes definitively pins them to a date before Posters just keep asserting that they are. That proves nothing. Please prove me wrong!! From the ebonite feed which we haven't seen yet and the plastic thread, dating montblanc 149, the evidence suggest that we can safely say that the OP's pen is from So our controversy refers to the earlier part of this period, that is to say The evidence for a pre production would be the "german" inscription in the clip ring and the testimony of our fellow member AeRoberto, who has claimed he has one like the OP's from the late s.

The evidence agains the 14K nib, which appears later in the MB production. Concerning the "germany" inscription you have disregarded the evidence by saying it is meaningless without telling why.

However, I've seen quite a few s pens -including one I own- with that inscription, whereas never seen one from that period with w-Germany. While I'm not prepared to assert that the "germany" inscription was replaced with the "w-germany" by as many people in FPN contend, I don't have reasons to claim that such contention is "meaningless" or unfounded.

As to testimonies of people, Free dating sites for dog lovers would invite AeRoberto to expand his statement given in a post above. Does he keep a record of when he bought the pen? If he can confirm his statement I must say that to me it would be more dating montblanc 149 than anything said on the Penboard site. They are sellers and quite "hetherodox" -to put it mildly- about the characteristics of their pens:nibs that do not correspond with the pen advertised, etc.

Posted 28 January - PM. Not to thread dating montblanc 149 still waiting for the feed pic myselfbut I've been wondering what Paul Erano has been up dating montblanc 149. His website doesn't seem to have been updated since late He and I have done a couple collections together.

I just yelled at him for being lax with website of his. He hopes to update it soon. I hope to update mine tomorrow. Whether I keep this or not, I very much want a in house. The ergos feel great! If I wanted a in the house, and the egos felt great, I would just turn the clip around and keep it.

Chrissy, Thats good advice that I need to keep in mind. How does it write? Pens with that feed are superior to the modern incarnation of the pen Was seriously considering keeping it last night, but the nib was the last straw. Looks like this is going back to the seller, and he will be responsible for shipping. Would dating montblanc 149 to start a new thread with questions pertaining to a search. Not sure if it should go here or in Pens in General. I am a convert to B and stubs I have both a fat and thin medium PB stubs, and a soon-to-be.


I thought of a F or EF for carry around use, but may reevaluate that specification. Can a stub be made as smooth as a round? My thinnish M Dating montblanc 149 is very sweet, but for me can be a bit slow under pressure with run-of-the-mill paper. I love all the pens from MB and they are all flat on the back, very smooth and awesome to use Montblanc nibs seem to have a really wide range within each width classification so unless it is marked as a medium it still might be a fine.

Does the M in the snowflake on top of the nib not indicate medium? I ask because so many of these are labeled as F. Any thoughts on these at eBay, as good everyday pens?

Dating montblanc 149 [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)