Chinese dating rules

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Most men worth dating in China greet their dates with a small gift in hand. What Should I Do? Of course! Chinese dating etiquette, well there is no trivial things in Chinese dating.

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There are no flirty glances across the room or casually chatting up a woman in this dating culture. You either introduce yourself in a polite manner or get nowhere. If introducing yourself in person, ensure to avoid direct eye contact and crossed arms since the Chinese consider both impolite.

Chinese dating rules is how the dating culture works. Prepare yourself for some very PG dates when your relationship with a Chinese woman begins. Affections are very limited in Chinese dating culture since the Chinese are a conservative people.

Luckily, these rules do not apply to all Chinese women. A portion follows the dating culture to a point and incorporates some Western practices as well. If a Chinese woman is giving off those vibes, watch her body language. That will tell you everything. Most men worth dating in China greet their dates with a small gift in hand. Gift giving in Chinese culture is all about the thought. Expect everything you say to a Chinese woman to be taken more seriously than it is.

From a small scales as private meeting between parents to large-scale exhibition with hundred participants. Uniquely, the ones who get involved in this event are parents! They also advertise their children throughout the event to look for potential in-laws. When the match is found, they will continue to privately set up a meeting for the children. And if it turns out for good, a marriage will be held within months.

While Western valued of virginity has continuously decreasing and their women has a lot of one night stand relationship with different men, Chinese women think very highly of their virginity chinese dating rules. Up to this day, virginity remains one of crucial things in their culture. Chinese women only giving their virginity to the one they really loved, or the one they are sure to marry in the future.

This is no older adult women common in Chinese dating etiquette nowadays. But some people who held onto their traditional beliefs think that there is no better match for them other than their own descent.

Similar understanding in the same chinese dating rules is also one of supporting factor for Chinese to date each other. A new phenomenon reveals that Chinese women like to date Western men.

Chinese Dating Rules that May Surprise You

But it is not all true. Here I present you some reasons what Chinese women love from Western men:. Chinese men mostly focused on having a stable job and a bright future. They mind only thair financial needs without having any thought to enjoy life.

This is what Chinese women find in Western men. They have a broader view in life that being financially stable is not their main goal in life. Rather, living a happy and enjoy life is more important.


This one quality makes Chinese women love Western men. In China, when a woman has a dark past of her relationship—such as divorce—it is considered a shame.


Thus, the society and their future partner having a hard time to accept it. For a Western man, previous relationship is nothing to be ashamed of. When it comes to dispute, Chinese men is the typical of rejecting any arguments from their partner. Their always-taking-the-lead in almost everything nature shaped them to be the decision maker, including when a fight between couples happen. Western men, on the contrary, willingly hear their partner and resolve the problem together. Dating style chinese dating rules strongly influenced by culture where ones living in or grow up with.

In Western and Eastern countries, relationships between men and women are viewed from different point.

What Is Different About Dating in China?

Particularly in China, where Chinese dating etiquette is still going strong up to this day. However, we have to pay some respect and not underestimate their culture.

In general, sex before marriage in China is less common and considered more serious than it is in many Western cultures.

6 Rules to Follow When Dating a Traditional Chinese

Attitudes toward sex are changing, especially in more cosmopolitan cities like Beijing and Shanghai, but in general, many Chinese women see sex as a sign that a relationship is headed towards marriage. The ultimate goal of most relationships in China is marriage.

Top 3 Mistakes Western Men Dating Chinese Women Make

Young Chinese adults are often under a lot of pressure from the elders in their family to find a good husband or wife and get married relatively early.

Men can find themselves similarly left-over if they wait too long to get married. This is a big part of why dating is often taken so seriously.

Chinese dating rules [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)