Music man amp serial number dating

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Serial number located on bridge. Neck 3 Nov signed 'Joey'. Maple neck refretted and left unfinished.

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Since this is a very early serial number, I am asking if anyone else has seen such a head? Another question would be is there anything to the rumor being circulated here and there about there existing some early 65 style HD models which had a genuine tube pre-amp? This is being mentioned on some guitar forums and I thought that this place would have the lowdown.

MusicMan Amp SNs?

The story being put forth, by a person or music man amp serial number dating who seem to know these amps well, and who are apparently familiar with both the tube and transistor designed PI SS front ends, is that there do exist some first run amps which use true tube preamplification.

Does anyone have the last word on this rumor? This subject probably gets beat to death. BTW the new board looks great. I have checked in from time to time and it seemed the board was shut down for a while, not sure.

This is my first visit in years. Thanks, Steve, and all involved. I sold MM's in the 70's and I never saw a tube front end in any of them but that was around 77 though.

Skip to main content. Log in or register to post comments. Last post. Music Man serial numbers demystified. I didn't find any explanation here on the serial numbers, only the assumption that they where to love in 50s random numbers. I believed that they must contain some information, so I collected serial numbers here from this forum and from ebay to draw my own conclusions.

They have 7 digits. Neck 21 Feb Body 7 Jan Signed "Joey" in pencil. Both neck and body dated 3 Nov Neck5 Jan Body 4 Nov Non-original electronics. Body 1 Nov Neck pencil music man amp serial number dating unreadible but encircled "R" on headstock logo perhaps replacement neck. As with many early Basses, bridge is positioned further back towards end of body making intonation difficult.

Original intonation screws replaced with longer ones. Original finish unknown. Neck 15 Mar replaced? Neck 16 Dec signed 'Andy'. Body 10 Jan signed 'Joey', and what looks like script initials LF. Non-MM bridge.

Music Man 112 RD Sixty Five

Brass nut. Described as "Birth Date 9 Mar ". This would be either the Neck or Body date. White with Maple. Neck 4 March Body 8 Feb No string retainer on headstock and no pre-drilled hole for a retainer. White pickup cover. Neck Jan Body Dec Non-epoxy preamp.

Music Man 212 HD 130 Combo Amp Review - Guitar Interactive Magazine

Neck 17 Dec with "Andy". Body 27 Oct Bass pot 18th week of Pre-amp is period-correct for Body 10 Dec music man amp serial number dating Black pg originally White pg. Purchased second-hand Owner unsure whether or Neck May Body Feb Neck Oct Body Oct Neck 3 Feb Body 21 Mar Black pg and PUP.

Neck Mar Body 11 Jan and signed "Joey". Treble philippines rooms "LIN ". Bass pot "AUD ". Black epoxy pre-amp with red capacitor. Body Jan Blk pg. Neck and body dated Neck dated Pots dated 23 week of Neck 1 Feb with name "Andy" printed. Body 7 Jan with name "Joey" running writting in pencil. Neck 2 Feb Owner says Non-stock Rosewood.

Natural with Sabre Maple neck.


WHITE pickup. Neck 26 Jan Originally Back with Maple. Refin in White "Uriah Heep". Neck 10 Mar Body 28 Feb Neck 7 Mar Body 10 Feb signed "Joey" in pencil. Believed to be late Three-piece joined. Weight 11 lbs.


Neck 4 Mar Body 22 Feb Neck March Case has brown interior. Neck and body both dated Neck 11 March Original pre-amp but pickup replaced with two Bill Lawrence pickups. White refin originally Sunburst. Neck 23 Feb Body 28 Jan Black epoxy pre-amp.

Music Man

One pot dated 46th week of Rated 8 out of European Owner. Year or Sunburst with Flamed Maple. Body 27 Dec Neck 1 Feb Strings through body. Body 7 Jan "Joey" running writing in pencil. Weight Red capacitor on pre-amp. Original owner. Neck 2 Mar Body 1 Feb Neck 31 Oct Body 22 Feb signed "Joey". Paint pattern in body pocket matches paint pattern on neck heel original neck. Red interior best online dating sites for young singles. Advertised as Vol pot code-dated 46th week of Pre-amp has 3 yellow leadouts to treble music man amp serial number dating.

Weight 9. Body 6 Jan Body 14 Dec White faded to Yellow. Neck 4 Mar signed "Andy. Body 28 Mar signed "Andy". Pre-amp has yellow leadouts to treble control. Neck 12 Jan Mute assembly removed. Body Feb signed "Joey". White PUP with music man amp serial number dating pole pieces. Bought second hand Believed to be Bought new in No other info. Neck Dec Advertised as a but referred to as a in description?

Bridge set back towards end of body. Neck 15 June PUP has long pole pieces. Described as Neck Dec signed "Andy". Body June Originally Rosewood now Ebony. Neck 5 Nov Body 29 Sept Non original Clear pg. Normal knurled metal control knobs. Bought new Nov Neck 22 Oct with initials "MF". Metal knurled knobs. Plastic knobs. Neck Sept Neck 3 Nov kimberly esteban dating Sunburst with White pg.

Body Gold knobs replace the originals. White pickup. Original bridge replaced with Music man amp serial number dating. Neck 4 Jan Body 20 Dec Original White pg replaced with Black pg. Neck 15 Dec signed "Andy". Body 16 Dec signed "Joey". Neck "Dec 16 " and signed "Andy". Neck 3 Jan Body 17 Dec Neck 21 Feb signed "Andy".

Body 7 Jan signed "Joey" and "R. Black PUP with long pole pieces. Blue interior case. Body 2 Dec Neck 5 Jan signed "Andy". Neck 11 Jan Two body dates: 16 Dec written over top of 15 Dec Was refinished in Natural but restored to its original Sunburst. WHITE pg. Black pup. Bridge moved back towards end of body. Neck 18 Mar Body 28 Mar Bridged drilled for top-loading.

Non-original Bartolini PUP. Original owner purchased Neck 22 Dec signed "Andy" in pencil. Body 20 Dec signed "Joey" in pencil. Ex Alex Al. Neck 8 Sept Body 22 Dec signed "Joey". Encircled "R" on headstock logo perhaps a latter replacement neck? String mute assembly missing.

Neck 22 Dec Body 13 Dec Neck 19 July Pots date from and Original Black epoxy pre-amp replaced with a newer non-epoxy. White with Maple neck.

Black pg, White pickup. Neck 21 Dec Body 11 Dec Non-original Tort pg. Original Black epoxy re-amp replaced with latter vintage non-epoxy board. Black epoxy pre-amp with yellow leads to treble pot. Refinished in Natural. Body 10 Jan Body 27 Jan Body 28 Jan "Joey" running writing with pencil.

Neck 28 Feb signed "Andy".


Body 11 Feb signed "Andy". One owner. Orange case candy. Neck 28 Dec Body 16 Dec Neck 12 Jan signed "Joey". Natural refin with Maple. Owner believes a or Jan neck or body? Neck and body both Apl Neck 2 March Body 25 March Neck 14 Feb "Andy".

Body 7 Sep "Andy" in pencil. Neck 24 Mar Body 7 Mar Body 18 Feb Down flirt and hookup says ?

Owner believes late or early Neck 17 Mar Body Mar Neck 19 Apl Body 11 Mar Body 22 March and written initials "RB". Purchased second-hand in adult women Body March day unreadable. Serial located on neck plate. Pre-amp has 3 yellow leadouts on left of board. Purchased new Nov Neck Apl Body dated Music man amp serial number dating is written "Special".

Pre-amp replaced with non-epoxy pre-amp and Black switchable output jack. Yellow MM strap. Walnut with Maple. Body 17 Mar Ordered Nov and bought Feb Neck and body both Body Nov Replacement non-epoxy preamp.

Replacement saddles. Purchased new Vol pot Treble pot Bass pot Formerly Bobby Sheehan "Blues Traveler". Body 19 May Neck and Body Described as late to early Original fretless Rosewood now fretted. Pot dated 12th week of Non-original White pg.

Purchased 15 Sept Sunburst with Maple Black pg. Purchases new in Neck 24 Mar Body23 Feb Neck 8 Mar Body 21 Dec and signed "Joey". Owner believes Refin in Natural original finish unknown. Black can be seen in the wood grain. Telecaster Guitar Forum. MusicMan Amp SNs?

Mar 16, 1. Posts: 1, Anyone know a resource for decoding MusicMan amplifier serial numbers or dating? Mar 16, 2. Posts: 4, The only way to date a Music Man amp is to remove the chassis from the cabinet and look for date codes on the chassis or on labels either inside or outside. Mar 16, 3. Last Name. Email Address. We use technologies, such as cookies, to customize content and advertising, to provide social media features and to music man amp serial number dating traffic to the site.

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Music man amp serial number dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)