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Get App. Although sm artists get caught up urban areas and bad points, sm entertainment dating scandals between idols with the next sm deleted. These are the news. But it's still weird that the two people dating are always both from SM and how KaiStal became official really close to EXO's 4th year anniversary, however it maybe because Kai was waiting for the right time to tell SM.

Sm artists dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

When Heo Young Ji and Ha Hyun Woo appeared as panelists on the show Shadow Singersome fans sensed there was something romantic going on behind the scenes.


Although this couple is 13 years apart, they seem to be very close! This couple turned from good friends to lovers back in and according to a recent interview, are still madly in love! They were photographed on a lovely date at the park and have been seen wearing similar items in the past as well.

Skip to content. Busy overseas schedules had been too rough on the couple. Entertainment and JYP Entertainment later confirmed that the couple drifted sm artists dating because of their busy schedules and work trips abroad.

Sm artist dating scandal

Luckily, they were able to salvage their friendship. After an on-again-off-again relationship, the pair finally broke up in but remained friends. A second S.

History of Every K-Pop Scandal with SM Entertainment

Let's discuss KaiStal, now. As I said before, their dating confirmation was in March, but it was right after the photoshoot of TaeMin, Krystal and Kai, which was back in July. It was like SM was preparing for BaekYeon to break up since the hustle and bustle surrounding this topic was slowly wearing off, sm artists dating they were preparing for them to break up and a new couple to rise.


Oh, remind me again which groups in SM are the most successful with a hardcore fandom that would survive some hate? SuJu are now sonsengnims and don't really need any more fame. Red Velvet are somehow new, considered rookies and their fandom isn't that hardcore, yet. SHINee has a hardcore fandom, haven't tried dating before, and they are nearly considered sunbaes though not sonsengnims, yet, sm artists dating.

And lastly, f x are the same as SHINee. But then again, Kai and Krystal are of same generation, not that much of an age-gap they're both born in so the could've became closer gradually and started falling for each other.

But it's still weird that the two people dating are always both from SM and how KaiStal became official really close to EXO's 4th year anniversary, however it maybe because Chat room was waiting for the right time to tell SM. Either way, I think I couldn't help but to be biased regarding such topic. I know a lot of people believe in KaiStal and BaekYeon, and I am hereby telling you that Adult women never said I don't believe in them, but rather I find these couples a bit odd to be "real" considering all different occurrences surrounding this topic.

Also, I just remembered, that even one of the super junior members even got married to an actress! I think she's an actressso ya even shinee jonghyun dated outside the company and even a couple SNSD members dated outside the company didn't yoona date a baseball player? So ya this thing about sm idols only dating each other and sm planning it is not true sorry.

You are only looking at two examples anyways so it's a little far fetch to be saying stuff like sm artists dating if you only have two sm artists dating. Not all SM idols dates sm idols :joy: lol.

does SM have a dating ban???

Tiffany and Nickhun aren't from same companies. Also Yoona and Seungri tho both couples broke up not a long time ago :joy: :joy:.


Not going to lie I've thought about it and have written about it numerous times, I honestly never really believe any of the news that comes from SM. This is simply because it's always to perfectly timed or planned.

Sm artists dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)