Is james roday dating lauren moyer

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Back To Top. Wow, I think I'm crazy, Haha. Not in a strange way, but with a smile..

Is james roday dating lauren moyer [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

The participants are cuter and younger, but not as young as Eric van der Woodsen. Michelle in Washington, D. According to Chandra Wilson herself, "[Bailey]'s being overprotective of a patient, so it starts on Grey'sand of course, the surgery can only be done in L.

Ambrose, so she ends up there with a patient. She's a truth teller, and her writing is truth telling, so she comes in and busts us all down to size pretty good. Marcelus: Any scoop on Melrose? Someone's gonna die! It's a big character and a big death.

So big that I can't even tell you male or female or how or when or why. Well, I guess I can say that it'll happen—wait for it—sometime this season! I know, I know. I am nothing if not a giver of the most intricate details! This death is tied to a bigger storyline as well, so I'm under lock and key on this one so I don't ruin the whole season. Are you guys digging MelroseBTW?

So is james roday dating lauren moyer it has exceeded my expectations. Daniella in Las Vegas: Anything juicy on Melrose? I love watching it on the weekends with my mom!


Melrose Place 's morally mixed-up Lauren Stephanie Jacobsen might be getting a boyfriend. Producers are looking to cast a hot young resident named Gavin who meets Lauren at the hospital. Gavin's going to start as a guest star, but he might become a series regular, which leads us to suspect that he falls in love with Lauren, a situation that would no doubt complicate her hooker gig enormously. Michelle is james roday dating lauren moyer St. What can you tell us?

We've seen the ep, and the guy is just ridiculously hot. I love him. He's contracted for five episodes, but you gotta read this quote he just gave us at the Hollywood Style Awards. It sorta sounds like Gilles spills the beans that he's getting hitched to Sarah or that he knocked her up or somethingand that he'll be sticking around.

Very good news to come, which means much more for me. So you know that means I must have done a good job. I might stay around, or I might leave and come back. I don't know. You guys have to watch. I saw the first episode of the four I did, and I was myself like, 'This is good. This is really good. The ego! Gotta love it.

And seriously, with abs like those how can you not love you some you? Brynn in Poway, Calif. Will Arnett is back as Devon, Jack Donaghy's lifelong nemesis—and he's made some new friends.

Trust us, these phone call scenes are unmissable. Is james roday dating lauren moyer are staying tight-lipped on other celebs who might be stopping by the comedy powerhouse, but 30 Rock exec producer Robert Carlock tells us we'll see the fabulous Betty White playing herself early on.

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Jamie in Irvine, Calif. Quinn's is james roday dating lauren moyer secret won't be one much longer. Remember the creepy reporter geek who worships Rachel Berry? He finds out the head cheerleader is preggo, and by the end of this week's ep, the whole school knows the dish.

One baby secret that's safe for now is Terri's, after she bribes the doc into performing a fake sonogram with Will in the room! Joel in Northfield, Ill.

Looks explosive! It's a battle royale when the two go toe-to-toe in Wednesday's Glee. The entire hour is jam-packed with the face-off we've been waiting months for, which includes one of the best Sue lines yet: "I don't trust a man with curly hair. I can't help but picture little birds laying sulfurous eggs in there, and it disgusts me.

Monique in Savannah, Ga. Absolutely hilarious! How come we haven't heard much about it? It deserves some love! I am obsessed with Modern Family! That "threading the needle" scene last week had me laughing so hard I woke the baby. Be sure to catch Wednesday's episode, "The Incident," where we meet the mom of the family, Shelley Longand learn that she ruined Jay and Gloria's wedding.

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She's back in town, seeking the family's forgiveness with the support of mama's boy Mitchell, but as you might expect, things don't go as planned. Catfight alert! Rebecca: What's the word on ? Jackie Taylor Ann Gillespie is going to be killed off, from cancer. Well, they took this picture and I can't believe I saw her two days later. Well when I saw this I could not even believe that everyone was together again, but I was a bit sad that James and Maggie were not side by side!

They were no longer together. But at the same time I knew that I had not seen everything, there was something missing.


I looked at part by part until I finally found it! I know it's not very important and it does not change anything, but It reminded me of all the times the cast took pics and James put his hand on Maggie's waist and she puts her hand on his, even they was just touching the fingers : jaggietheories.

OMG, what I did? Sorry can not resist! Lol dulehill jamesroday maggielawson jaggietheories. I love the way the two share life with Franc!! Yesterday the TigerFrances posted a picture of Franc at James' house, and on Twitter gracewilliams23 posted scoring only james! Then Maggie saw the post and commented, besides she also liked the pic on Instagram!!

So James go at Maggie's tweet to make the comment, he could have gone straight into what he was marked, but no, he comment on Mags!! Thanks to franc they are still so close! UGH I love this! It seems like a parade, but only James and Maggie walking down the street! Can not wait to watch! Well I went to her account to congratulate her and then I found some comments in another post that I think literally absurd! I always find Those ridiculous comments of "you should have stayed with James" as a person who says a "fan" talk such a thing!

But there was one thing that made me angrier still, is that one It supposedly was "defending" Maggie, saying to leave her alone, but it said: Psych law for minors dating adults just a show! It's not like psych is Their whole life, They have personal lives too! She was never with James How could someone simply say that they have never been together? Wow, really? Like you never saw a picture, an interview, a Psych Comic-con, bloopers, nothing?

They are no longer together, and she has the right to be who she wants, but need to try to erase eight years of a love story saying that never happened? If you don't like her, do not need to get into her account to say stupid things, she has her life, and the least you can do is respect and accept the reality, she is married is james roday dating lauren moyer happy, but also dated James for eight years and nothing will change this!

I love you all!!! Thanks for read : jaggietheories. I certainly have a problem, please don't hate me for this, but I could not resist, is james roday dating lauren moyer. Hahah I always do these crazy theories, so here's another one!!

So Mags tweeted happy birthday to him after Nicole Smith, and then James tweeted! Instead of simply tweeting for Danny, he decided to go on Maggie's account, hes likes and commented by her tweet look the edit!!! He still very inactive on Twitter, and sometimes when he post, Maggie post on the same day!

Usually a few hours after! Haha I can't believe that James is in Africa, so he's so absent from Twitter! He not posted anything since August 29 and by an little irony Maggie not posted anything since 28 too, and they both ended up posting on the same day today about the same thing The exactly 9 hours ago James tweeted: "Elephants are way cooler than we are There's just no way around this. I still touched. The tigerfrances posted about help this cute animal on Facebook 8 hours ago, an hour after James's tweet!!

Lol Haha it is james roday dating lauren moyer be just a Coincidence? Or not? I love theories jaggiestillreal love saveelephants jaggietheories. This is the cutest thing ever!!!! James And Maggie talking to Franc!! I love the fact that it's totaly their child, thanks to him and the custody, Jaggie still keep in touch!! Jaggie fetus!!! And after the response from Steve about the arrival of Maggie in the series, James added one of the cutest words I have ever hear!!!

I love these smiles. And look at Gus face! I found a video on Youtube that had scenes when James, Mags, is james roday dating lauren moyer Dule played poker!! And I decided to make this montage. Small world. Earlier this month, gossipmongers were running amok amid news that the two were on the rocks.

But it turns out that the fighting was all part of a televlsion storyline. For now, it seems that the real-life couple has endured. They started dating in after find friends from around the on the set for 'The Vampire Diaries.

The pair lives together while filming the CW show and have spent holidays together. The original 'Melrose Place' may not be on people's minds anymore, but one lasting effect of that era is Leighton and Savant's relationship.


They married in The pair found each other on the rebound after Leighton broke up with another co-star, Grant Show, and Savant's marriage ended. Sometimes the one you're really meant to be with just sneaks up on you. Home Funny. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook.

While some relationships come to a fizzle over time, here are ten couples who met on the set and remain together today: Lauren Graham and Peter Krause.

Is james roday dating lauren moyer [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)