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I completely changed from the jolly girl I was to a scared baby! New topic. Most Egyptians have a ridiculously unhealthy amount of national pride and you as a foreigner can never understand this obsessive feeling. We often went out drinking and had so much FUN together in general. Men could do anything lie, cheat, steal, smoke, drink, take drugs, abuse even kill women without any repercussions.

Dating an egyptian [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Egyptian women can be either conservative or open-minded, both with unique personality traits that separate them from women with different nationalities.


Keep on reading to discover how you can get an Egyptian girlfriend as fast as possible! When you approach one, make sure to be as respectful as possible. As with every woman you will ever encounter in your life, consent is extremely important, but dating an egyptian Egyptian girls, it is even more crucial to ask for permission before any type of physical interaction.

Be a gentleman first and foremost. Culturally, these women have been taught to protect their men at all cost and to be loyal to them, regardless of their actions. Some of them may even be scared to say hi to other men. Simultaneously, they dating an egyptian their men to be as dedicated and faithful to them, seeing most women as a possible threat to their couple.

Dating Egyptian man in America

Worse case scenario, an Egyptian woman will want to know where you are and who you are with constantly. I think you answered the question that you had asked up here that you hate being stereotyped. All humans have pros and consand I think you are grown up enough to distinguish between mean people and good ones. Might be some differences in culture, but to have morals it's away from point of origin, so basically a good Muslim is profoundly a good single ladies raquel and terrence with women believe me.

I see every body is talking about Egyptian scammers, and this is for a good reason, good men never complaint about their bad experience, mostly never give thought about anything, so here what I think, I agree with all of you but nicely said from Mostafa, specially it could be just regular issues sprats between a couple, not because one of them is bad or even scammer, that happens any way, just be careful and be happy, and stop expecting the worse, it comes anyway from anywhere at anytime ,,,, bas.

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Why Are EGYPTIAN guys so terrible?! 🇪🇬

Osama Al Arabi. Member since 24 December New topic. Find more topics on the Egypt forum. New members of the Egypt forum, introduce yourselves here - Having been with him I now believe it was him who made them "crazy". He was very jealous so to please him all I did was dating an egyptian and stay home. No fun, No life, No happiness. I completely changed from the jolly girl I was to a scared baby!

I was afraid to do or say anything because it would set off his temper. I couldn't believe how bad it got now looking back! He never got his pilot license not sure what happen but according to him the school ripped him off but I'm convinced that his failure was his own doing and not the school. Dating an egyptian said he was going to France to complete the training that never happen. All I went though I still stayed.

Egyptian Marriages - Sexism, Privilege & 'Sab3 Gar'

Umm NO! Another manipulation! He claimed to have showed his family my picture and they flipped out!


Not that I was ugly but that I was black!!! She's never met me or even talked to me over the phone none of his family did. I am black and that all but sealed my place with this family. They didn't care who I was on the inside or what I had endeared over the past 9 months, they didn't care that I was educated and independent. Views that didn't have anything to do with my personality or beliefs. This was the moment I realize it was time to let go or die from all the stress and abuse.

I was blessed to not have married him, move to Egypt and lose everything. I still got my job, my apartment, my car and most importantly my LIFE! These men are heartless with ice in their veins!!! They will treat a dog better than a wife! Their families are racist and will ignore any type of abuse that he would inflict on you. Even Egyptian women dating an egyptian jumping at the chance to marry a non-Egyptian man for what reason??? I strongly suggest don't date Egyptian guys or any Arab guys!

Please ladies its not worth the time or energy. I paid a small price and learned a valuable lesson! I will pray for those dating an egyptian are still suffering in abusive relationships with Egyptians guys. Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes.

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Dating an egyptian [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)