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Even if this doesn't lead to contact, you might find a more up-to-date photograph of your friend, which can help you identify him in later search results. See if anyone with her last name still lives in the same area and call them to see if they are related and can help you get in touch with her. Do you remember what it was like to be 15?

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But remember some people keep their profile private, so they may not come up in searches. Start by simply typing their name in the top search bar on Facebook. Depending on how many results appear, you can scroll through the list, paying close attention for a familiar image of the person. Narrow the search down according to any mutual friends, location, education or workplace.

Do this by clicking on People in the top menu.


Still no luck on Facebook? Think of any of your Facebook friends who may also know the person, and send them a personal message to ask if they have any contact details for the individual you want.

Was your friend a part of a football team or other hobby or sports club? You could also search for this club on Facebook: select Groups from the top menu and see if a group for their club exists.

If it does, you can post a public message to everyone in the club find old friends uk free about your friend.


Instagram has a billion users, and although a lot of people use nicknames instead of their real names, most people have a real profile photo. It's worth trying their special interests to see what comes up. Sometimes there isn't a lot of personal information, but browsing their pictures can tell you a lot about where they are now, and don't forget to look at their hashtags.

Reconnecting you with the best days of your life!

You'll need an Instagram account of your own to search the network and this could work in your favour. If you post enough of your own pictures, Instagram might suggest the person you're looking for as someone to follow, based on your interests. Then click on People to narrow your search down to people only.

Of course, like Facebook, this will only work if your person is a find old friends uk free of LinkedIn already. Then on the right hand side of the page you can enter as many details as you know such as previous employers and connections.

If you find someone, you can click the blue Connect button. Websites such as If you spot a likely match, you can pay to reveal their address or phone number. This could potentially help you find out if the person has a spouse now.

Some charities and organisations can help womens singles odds your search too although some only assist with family-related searches.

Gone Missing UK. How do I find my family? Adoption and Birth Family Research. Researchers specialising in adoption and family research for adults who were adopted in the U.

People search, new electoral rolls, people finders. People Finding UK. We find lost friends, relatives, adoption searches and missing beneficiaries. Let us help find whoever you are looking for in the UK. People Search Tracing Services. And yet we all can have very different perspectives of the same events and revisiting them can yield fascinating new ways of thinking about them that can bring laughs, tears, joy and even a bit of closure if necessary.

With a huge database of primary and secondary schools, colleges and university on SchoolMates and the ability to easily add more, the search for long lost alumni has never been easier. Of course, the more people who take the time to register and enter their details, the more the possibilities of re-forging those contacts and bonds will grow.

And grow they will.

Locating Someone for Free

Ours is an era of networking, of bonds that know no geographical boundaries and that an age that makes turning back the clock to the best days of our lives more possible than ever before.

Find old friends uk free [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)