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How to find japanese friends on facebook

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Once you create a group of up to people , you can communicate either through chat or through the chat group's bulletin board. Comment on their feeds. I don't think that LINE will replace Facebook globally, as Americans love their Facebook, but it has definitely taken over Japan in a very short period of time. Your choice. Many Japanese people have actually sent me e-mails thanking me, saying that I was the first American they had corresponded with who wrote in a way that they could easily understand.

How to find japanese friends on facebook [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I came from the fanpage Fanpage name. I love Japan and you look like a very interesting person, so I decided to message you. Repeat step 3 several times. It is hard to keep up with friendships when numbers grow too high.

It takes time to find people who you can really connect with. Message your new friends. Comment on their feeds. Try to get to know their other Japanese friends.

How to make Japanese friends the easy way

Do all the Facebooky things you do normally. Have fun. While you are going in with a strong purpose of learning Japanese, you may develop some amazing and lifelong friendships. And eventually you may even find people who live near you and you can actually hang out with in person. However, Japanese are fickle when it comes to changing technologies and trends, and while they are sometimes slow to jump onto the next new thing, they are very quick at abandoning them.

How how to find japanese friends on facebook you used Facebook to make Japanese friends and study Japanese? What are some how to find japanese friends on facebook your best methods? Any Facebook Pages you recommend?

All comments related to this will be deleted. If you want someone to study with, register here. And if you want to find Japanese people to become friends with, contact people directly through Facebook.

Japanese have definitely jumped from Mixi to Facebook. It's easy to find a Japanese Pen pal best arab dating websites JapanCupid. Why not join now for free and meet someone today! Read Testimonials.

Find Your Match. Finding your perfect match has never been easier with the JapanCupid Android app. I myself was in Japan at the time and remember trying to call my host family from school, but the phone lines haha were so clogged that I and countless others couldn't get a dial tone for hours, even days after the incident.

To make post-disaster communication easier, the Japanese branch of the Korean NHN corporation instigated a mobile application where people could use data or wifi to make free calls and texts. They named it LINE because during natural disasters, pay phones have been the most reliant way to contact your loved ones, where there are always long lines outside of them. Notice the bright green? The coincidence is a little too blinding to ignore.


Fast forward a couple of years. LINE now has million users worldwide and is the number one free app in Japan and many other Asian countries. To put this in perspective, Instagram announced last Thursday that they have million users, yet they launched in October womens odds, which is two years before LINE came into existence.

That's incredibly fast growth. So what is it that makes LINE so popular? Why do they have so many users if it's just a chat application? Line is chat-based, so you don't have to worry about other people seeing those long, strange conversations that you have with your friend on your status like on Facebook.

You can only register with a smartphone, ipod, or tablet, and you can have one account per device. However, once you register on your phone, you can download the app onto your Mac or Windows computer and access your account through there as well. You can add friends by user ID, scanning a qr code, or a shake function if you're with the person irl that's "in real life" for those of you who don't know.


From there, chats, free calls through data or wifi, and fun downloadable related apps that connect with your LINE account await you! One distinguishing chat feature is the group chat option. Once you create a group of up to peopleyou can communicate either through chat or through the chat group's bulletin board. I'm included in groups for friends, classes, clubs, and even one where we just send each how to find japanese friends on facebook pictures of what we're eating.

Once someone has read your message, a "read by" and "time" message pops up to let you know that your message has been seen. Now you can actually know whether someone is speed dating events you or not!

You can also customize the chat background wallpapers for each individual chat! Challenge mode- for each friend, change the wallpaper to the most unflattering picture of them that you can find. All that being said, it's just a chat application with friends, right?

How did something so simple and boring become such a huge phenomenon?


Of course, if your Japanese friend is dropping an f-bomb every third word, feel free to mix it up a little. While native English speakers can easily tell what you meant to say even if your spelling isn't perfect, your Japanese friend may be looking up half the words you type in a dictionary. If you don't spell correctly, your friend can't even look up the words! While abbreviations like LOL, BRB, and "bcuz" are common on the Internet and in mobile phone text messages, most Japanese people are not familiar with them.

Avoid using abbreviations whenever possible and check to make sure your friend knows any given expression when you first use it. It sounds lame but it will make you much easier to understand for non-native speakers. Many Japanese people have actually sent me e-mails thanking me, saying that I was the first American they had corresponded with who wrote in a way that they could easily understand.

That means not enough people are doing this! Idioms are upscale services the hardest expressions for non-native speakers to understand. Unfortunately, as native speakers, we often use them unconsciously, since they are frequently the easiest way to get our points across -- see what I mean?

I think the best way to handle this is to pay attention to the idioms you use-- try to listen to yourself as you speak, and if you catch yourself using a lot of idioms, make sure your Japanese friend understands how to find japanese friends on facebook you are saying.

If he or she does not, this is a great opportunity to teach him or her a new English expression!

How can I make Japanese friends online?

If you don't speak Japanese, Japanese names can be very hard to pronounce. They can also be hard to spell. However, if you're going to be friends, there's no excuse-- make sure that you can spell and pronounce your friends' names. Since nearly all sounds in Japanese already exist in English, learning to pronounce Japanese names may take a bit of practice, but it is definitely doable. One of the easiest ways to make people feel special is to use their name.

How to find japanese friends on facebook [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)