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Emotion is much more powerful than a mans looks. Not only is this line used all the time but also the implication behind the line makes you seem weak. When you realise how powerful this principle is and utilise it correctly, success will come. Think about your situation this way: No matter how good you are with women, if you get five numbers a day, Christopher Williamson 19 www. Approach Excuses Let me tell you a story.

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Add value to your life first and proceed to add value to her life after that. Ask me and I would suggest you that even before you think of flirting, start working on these aspects how korean guys flirt. In this section, I will teach you how to flirt with women. Proffering you with a view on how a woman thinks normally. Here is a survey chat that I had just now with one of my female friends. She is 21 and she flirt her up pdf pretty much experienced when it comes to the matter of boys…lol.

Me: Do you flirt with men? She: Yes, I do…sometimes. Me: What kind of men do you normally flirt with? She: Intelligent, witty, the ones who are a bit out of control…not the weak, clingy ones, those you can match up with me. Me: What do you mean by flirting? She: according to me flirting is a bit intimated friendship with a pinch of romance and seduction And how would you normally like him to flirt with you? She: it actually depends for the first question…it is best when it JUST happens.

Normally it will start with some intimate talking, and then wherever it goes…as it normally happens, but NEVER too exposed! She is my friend and she can be regarded as a HB7 or HB8. Me: Do you like to flirt with men? Me: Do you like when somebody flirts with you? Even if he does that in a nice graceful way? Look at them. The first girl seems quite open about the whole romance thingy.

She loves flirting with men and is basically up for an adventure it seems. Well, before I proceed, let me say something. I know these girls very well and they are my very good friends. In each of the conversation, I asked them to be completely honest with themselves and then answer me. Free lesbian chat rooms you ask me, I would say that they did.

And let me tell you something, the second girl also loves flirting, BECAUSE she texts me naughty messages in the middle of the night and I reply to them. So, what do we learn from the flirt her up pdf conversations? Firstly, when you are flirting, there should be some sexual charge in the conversation. It cannot be too obvious or you are coming on too strong. She wants to enjoy the whole thing and not be crept out by your uncontrolled sleazy advances. Flirting equals to sexual tension. So, it should be sexual and it should have tension.

And when she does, you suddenly make her feel she is wrong. Just take this example. The first time when you meet a woman, you use a lot of sexual innuendos, have fun and totally convince her that you are into her. It is just playing with her mind.

You got it? If you overdo it, she might lose heart. And the trick flirt her up pdf this flirt her up pdf of flirting is NOT to try. This is actually called Passive Flirting. It just creates more mystery in her mind. That impels her to act! Listen, breaking rapport or denying her moves to establish rapport should be in the early phases of the game. Secondly, not all girls are so clear about what they want. He is actually led to the right purchase by the savvy salesperson.

Well, he is normally led to the most expensive purchase! Well, you see the whole flirting thing is what creates THAT tension. Now, if she is adventurous and confident, she will be up for it. If she is rather shy and diffident, she will most likely refuse that. It all depends on the person and the situation.

Ask any woman and she will tell that the most important quality in any man find friends from all the his confidence. If he is confident, that means he is confident in himself as a man. That decreases his perceived value in the eyes of the woman and she instantly rejects him as a potential mate. And when it comes to flirting, o man! You cannot flirt unless you are confident, because flirting is all about challenging the woman.

If you are not confident, you are not a challenge. I cannot stress this enough. A genuine smile is adding value to her day and making her life better. How many times will I have to tell the men that they need to take care of their daily personal hygiene? Lack of personal hygiene brushing your teeth, taking regular baths, cutting your nails, etc brings a sense of negativity into the conversation, which if you are that hopeful to flirt her up pdf into.

It is very likely that you blow you off even before you open your mouth. Yes, your sense of style is what reveals your personality to her. It shows that you value yourself and you proudly carry yourself through this world.

Not only that, a glimpse of your real inside, how you think and what you are made of, all of these come out through your dressing sense. If you are not being able to decide what you should wear and how you should wear, get your female friend to choose for you. Well, if you have any gay friends, they will also suit for the job. Well, yes I agree that your attitude and personality is the most important weapon that you have to attract women.

But your physique does carry some importance, at least in the eyes of your female counterparts. If you have a well-toned body, your dress fits you well and you certainly have a youthful look and stamina, which makes you more If you work out regularly, you tell her that you value what you are and she should respect you as well.

Women want you to look manly. Note: You have to look approachable. Tell you what, girls have grown balls and DO approach nowadays. You flirt with women means you have to convey your interest in women. And it is impossible unless you MEET women. In fact, flirt her up pdf, when you approach somebody, you are in a way expressing your interest in her. That is the essence of flirting.

She will most likely NOT make the move. So, be ready to stand up and make the move. The most important thing while you talk to women is to be playful and challenge her as you are messing with her. Of course, it is You have to build some rapport as well because unless you have the necessary level of rapport, you cannot be playful.

You lose the sexual tension if you do that. One of the most important things here is to listen to her.

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This way when the woman is talking to another man you tell her friend someone she trusts that hes no good for her and make her friend pull the woman back to your circle. This flirting technique improves your chances of succeeding in very competitive situations.

Clubs and Bars One advantage at parties that you dont have in clubs and bars is a feeling of common interest. At parties everyone knows the birthday girl or boy, flirt her up pdf at least knows someone who knows the birthday person. In clubs you dont have this rapport. Clubs and bars are more dangerous that house parties.

Everyone is a stranger and there are hundreds of people in a very small venue. So how can you impact some distant flirting in clubs and bars? Flirting with her friends, while ignoring the woman you want. Why would you ignore the woman you want? Its much easier to get the attention of a woman whos not getting any.

If the woman knows shes the most attractive woman in the group she wonders why shes not getting any attention. Remember, what is not earned is not valued. Again, when her friends like and accept you so does she. Is it my hair? My clothes? My body? What doesnt he like about me? Ill fight for his attention and find out for myself. You must remember social proof only works because other people like you. While women can easily decide to like you because their friends do its even easier for them to dislike you because their friends do.

Only use social proof in sticky situations where direct flirting isnt flirt her up pdf. If you cant make anyone respond positively to you dont try this technique until you have more social experience. Chapter 2: How To Talk To Women Before you can really understand what works to flirt her up pdf women you must first understand why it works. Flirting Basics concentrates on what flirting really is and how it works. The four sections are: Section 1: Flirting Introduction Here youll learn exactly what flirting is and why its necessary to attract the women youve always wanted.

Youll learn a lot about female psychology and how they determine their partners. Section 2: Flirting Components Section 2 focuses on the verbal and non-verbal tools needed to begin flirting. While sections of this chapter may seem like common knowledge and other sections might seem off topic, men need to realize the importance of these tips, flirt her up pdf.

Section 3: The Playful Conflict Flirting Formula This one page summary, gives you an overview of flirting and how to apply it to every single situation including the 4 formula components to make flirting work properly.

Section 4: Flirting Qualities This section focuses on important types of flirting. It not only explains why these techniques work, the complex interpretations that ladies raquel and terrence women feel attracted to this behavior, but it also contains dozens of step-by-step examples that you can start using right away.

To get the most out of this section take notes. Youll retain double the information and start to get results twice as fast by writing things down.

The concept of flirting is very difficult for men to understand.


Interestingly all women know exactly what flirting is and know how to use it. Often times women initiate the act of flirting in the hope that men will notice and follow along. Yet when that woman realizes the man wasnt flirting she flirt her up pdf disappointed and moves on. Often date opportunities are missed because men dont get the message and never realize that woman are interested.

Knowledgeable friends watch these interactions and say, So did you get her number? She was really into you! The man surprisingly replies, But she didnt say she was! Uncontrollably magnetic is a strong phrase, isnt it? Most men flirt her up pdf it extremely hard to believe that flirting makes them look powerful and irresistible in the eyes of women. Whether men realize it or not, flirt her up pdf, for women flirtatious communication is the equivalent of a womans beautiful looks for men.

This problem starts when women expect men to understand their unconscious needs. Whether youre a man or a flirt her up pdf, you can only understand what others want in relationship to your own experiences. For this reason most men dont even see the significance of flirting. Why dont women just tell men to flirt with them?

If women are attracted to flirting the same way men are attracted to beautiful women why cant they just give men a hint? If we swap the scenario, its like saying: Ill keep dating you but just loose 7 pounds, wear this sexy dress from now on and put on more make up. Not a very effective strategy is it? Both men and women are looking for partners that already have these qualities. Men want women who look beautiful and women want masculine men who know how to flirt.

To effectively meet, date and keep women, men must learn how to flirt. Flirting To make playfully romantic or sexual overtures. Provided by Dictionary. In short, flirting is vaguely and playfully suggesting sexual interest in somebody. Think about how you nurtured friendships with the people in your life.

I doubt you and your best friend grew an incredibly strong bond by simply sharing experiences, fears, memories, secrets and other personal information with one another.

Although personal experiences build relationships you cant expect to build trust and togetherness on that level with someone youve just met. When we meet people for the first time our interactions should be light-hearted, fun and playful.

Once our impressions are made and we enjoy the company of another person flirt her up pdf begin to open up to them and nurture that relationship. But when trying to attract women, leaving a stunning first impression is the hardest part of the whole experience. Both men and women have been socially conditioned to act very reserved around strangers and acquaintances. The problem is if you act like a stranger around new women, that is all youll continue to be-- a stranger.

So how do you talk to beautiful women and make them want you more than anything in the world? What is the driving force responsible for leaving an unforgettable first impression on women and the true essence of flirting? Let me ask you a question. Why do you think women are addicted to romantic novels and soap operas while these forms of media repel most flirt her up pdf They are full of emotion. Women are unconsciously drawn to these media forms the same way men turn their heads and watch a beautiful woman enter the room.

Women are attracted to an emotional connection; men are attracted to physical beauty. Novels and soap operas wouldnt be read or broadcasted if they didnt contain conflict, drama, tension and emotion. So if women are actually addicted to strong emotion doesnt it seem logical to use this form of communication to attract women? Why Is Flirting Important? Why dont women just tell men they like them?

Women who give men a hard time, playfully hit them or poke their tongue out at them are actually communicating their interest in these men. Flirting is important for one simple reason. It is the language of attracting women. Men and women are biologically different which means they think and act differently too. If they think differently, then they talk and communicate completely differently as well.

In order to get women to feel sexually attracted to you, you need to speak differently-- you need to flirt. If you are not having success with women then obviously its time to try something different. In order to be phenomenal with women you need to make sure you learn to speak their language. The goal of flirting is to attract women and make them realize you have all the qualities theyre looking for.

Interpretation Lets say youve been talking flirt her up pdf a woman for several minutes and you pinch her hat straight off her head and she tries to snatch it back from you as you constantly hide it behind your back, smiling and laughing. Does this seem like an absurd thing to do? Youre saying, Wont that screw up my chances of dating her?

In fact, by doing this youll most likely increase your chances of dating the woman. Why do you think this simple act would be so powerful in attracting women? Its not flirt her up pdf you say or do, but the meanings behind a statement or action that make women find you irresistible. No matter what you do, whether its show up late, laugh at her, buy her gifts, compliment her, grab her hand, smile at her or turn away, women are interpreting what these things mean.

Hes not just interested only in my looks because hes not sucking up to me like all the other guys. Hes actually kind of mysterious and Im not really sure if he likes me or not.

I like this guy. Thats a lot of great qualities for doing something as simple as harmlessly playing with her hat, isnt it?

All flirt her up pdf flirting techniques throughout this book are designed to project powerful qualities to which women are attracted. Women love confidence so act in a way that shows youre confident. Even simple acts without words, such as stealing her hat, project many powerful characteristics about you.

Flirting Instincts To understand flirting better think of it in terms of a courting ritual. Just like other animals look for the biggest tusks, most colorful wings or physical strength, a woman looks for a man with enough confidence to protect her.

Instead of colors or tusks think of humans as using their voices as a complex courting process designed to attract the opposite sex. Unfortunately men often experience rejection or use flirting at inappropriate times, which leads flirt her up pdf associating flirting with pain and failure.

From then on they never try to flirt with a girl text messages or flirt with women because they believe it doesnt work. Just like exercising a muscle, once they stop being flirty and fun because the pain of rejection is so strong they slowly lose those skills. Anti-Flirting The biggest mistake men make when interacting with beautiful women is speaking emotionless conversation.

While starting conversations with women seems hard enough it appears even more daunting to keep a great fun conversation going. When men hang around with their friends they laugh, make jokes, have fun and dont take things too seriously, but strangely when a man suddenly finds himself interested in a beautiful woman he usually becomes very reserved.

He stops laughing He stops making jokes He stops teasing He stops having fun He stops being flirtatious. When in the presence of a potential date, instead of keeping up the friendly vibe he has with his friends he suddenly becomes boring. He wont make jokes or laugh with the woman; he wont play around like he does with his friends and he takes things way too seriously. Why do men change their actions around women usually without even realizing it? Men are afraid to lose their only chance with a particular flirt her up pdf and that ultimately turns them into Mr.

Serious Man. Men get so nervous talking to beautiful women that they lose all creativity and cant make interesting conversation. Fearful that they might say something rude or challenging they resort to boring walking on egg shells conversations, which results in no Christopher Williamson 28 www.

While men can tell you that its important to not be boring when interacting with women, they dont even realize theyre doing it. Remember this simple law. When flirt her up pdf cautious you become serious. When youre serious you become boring. When youre boring women arent attracted. When women arent attracted you dont get a date. Men have such a strong I must have this girl attitude that the more they desire a woman, the more serious and boring they become in their poor attempt to date them.

Although films and television strongly encourage the idea of begging women, it doesnt work. These values are used to evoke emotion for the movie experience and in some cases suggest that buying into this behavior leads to success. It always seems like Mr. Romantic is free online dating websites for college students the right thing by standing outside a balcony window every night singing love songs, reading poetry and bringing flowers until his dream girl finally falls in love with him.

While these actions may seem romantic and work in movies, we dont live in the movies; we live in the real world. Women can smell manipulative men miles away and dont respect their child-like behavior. Remember always acting playful and silly around your brothers and sisters when you were growing up?

Whether you were older or younger usually determined who messenger find friends in control of the playing. If you were older, youll probably recall calling your siblings harmless names, hiding their toys and making them beg for them back. But unfortunately as men grow into adults they forget their playful instincts and try to make logical sense of everything.

Before reading this book you may have heard of the term flirting but never really understood what it was or thought it wasnt necessary to attract women. As you learn the flirting techniques within this book youll recall other times during your life when you behaved like this. Remember them and bring them back. As flirt her up pdf can see from the dictionary definition above rapport is a relationship involving trust and the ability to like somebody.

The fastest way to build relationships with people is to share personal information about yourself with another human being.

When you talk to a woman and talk. The longer you talk to someone and discuss a wide variety of topics the more rapport you build. Rapport is how you constantly nurture and grow your relationships with friends, family and anyone with which you come in contact.

The most common mistake is starting with rapport and trying to build a sexual attraction later on. Heres the simplest way to remember how to interact in any given situation. Flirt till shes attracted to you. Then maintain the flirting and begin to reveal personal information about yourself. Its the information about yourself that helps build relationships your name, job, dreams, hobbies, interests and memories-- but its the emotions you evoke through your personality that sparks attraction-- your confidence, security, sense of humor, leadership, mystery and playfulness.

Never try and build rapport without first being flirtatious, fun and playful, flirt her up pdf. Without showing proof that youre desirable she has no reason to be interested in you. Nothing has set off the attraction. Talking about hobbies, life ambition, careers and education can be fascinating conversation and can work if youre flirtatious but most men who start on the boring demographic questions find it difficult to transition into a flirtatious mood later. Most men have the urge to get into these questions first and then try to be playful and flirtatious, attempting to make her sexually aroused after they have already become flirt her up pdf.

This rarely works. Instead, youre about to learn how to become irresistible with flirtatious communication. Section 2: Flirting Components The term flirting may still seem very confusing. As we break down the different forms of flirting youll realize that it is much more than just the words you say.

Comedians often say, Its not what you say, but how you say it and they are completely right. A single word response flirt her up pdf as What? It could be angry, surprised, flirt her up pdf, uninterested or curious. Say, what in using each of these emotions and note the difference in your voice. If you want to successfully flirt with women stop thinking about the right words and start to deliver your words in a confident and irresistible manner.

Below are the verbal flirting characteristics that are responsible for attracting women. Voice Tone Women often say that deep voices are extremely sexy. Deep voices are sexy because they represent a cool, fearless, in control personality. A deep masculine voice is universally more attractive to women and helps distinguish your voice from all others. This sort of voice becomes very important in isolated and private settings when youre together with women.

How to deepen your voice: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Place your hand on your chest Say a few words and note the feeling on your hand Stop talking and begin to hum Lower the tone to increase the bass in your voice. Note the feeling on your hand Continue to hum and turn the sound into words. You dont need to have an extremely deep voice but it should be deep enough to communicate that anita blake series flirt comfortable in the presence of women.

If flirt her up pdf notice when you talk to women your voice becomes squeaky from nervousness use this technique to compose your voice. Voice Volume Sometimes for fun I ask women what they like about men. While consciously women want their men to be, nice, caring, romantic, etc, unconsciously they want men who are masculine. When I ask what they like, these women respond with things like: I like a man who holds himself well I like a man who knows what he wants I like a man whos sure of himself I like a man whos not intimidated by me I like a man whos not nervous While from first glance these qualities may all seem different they are in fact flirt her up pdf the same.

Unconsciously women want confident men. Part of a confident voice is the volume you project. Confident men flirt with loud, strong and clear voices. Unconfident men speak with soft, weak and muffled voices flirt her up pdf project fear and low self-esteem.

If you want to get the attention of women start speaking with a louder voice. If women intimidate you, chances are your voice is very soft. Boost your voice to a volume that seems too loud and youll speak at a comfortable volume. Because youre not use to speaking at this volume it will seem very loud; flirt her up pdf worry, practice makes perfect.

Voice Speed Public speaking is a great fear for most people. When somebody stands up to speak you can tell exactly how confident they are just by the speed of their voice.

When we talk to our friends we speak in a cool calm voice and at a reasonably slow pace, flirt her up pdf. If you hear a terrified person make a speech against their will, youll hear the fear in their voice. Unconfident people speak at an unnaturally fast pace to get it over and done with.

They are so uncomfortable at public speaking that they rattle off their speech so fast most people have trouble getting the main points. Just by listening to the pace of your voice women can determine if youre Christopher Williamson 32 www. For men who are terrified at meeting women heres a great tip: Speak at half the speed you think you should be talking and youll most likely be talking at a natural pace.

Voice Timing Comedians are funny because they deliver their jokes with great timing. Learn to add emphasis, pauses, pace changes and fluctuating vocal tone. If you want to know exactly how to talk to women study some of the most confident public speakers and coaches of our time, flirt her up pdf. Go to seminars and listen to confident people speak on TV, noting the characteristics of the speakers. A lot of men say they know what makes a confident voice and how to project one but when it comes time to approach women and use this confident voice they freeze up.

Just knowing something doesnt make you an expert; you must put what you know into practice. Spoken Words The words you speak have very little impact on your ability to attract women. Having said that there are words or lines you can say that will repel women so fast you wont know where shes gone. Lines that define women as sexual objects, creatures of desire or nothing but a shell of physical new free dating site dont work.

You cant flirt with women by being too direct about your intentions. Hey cutie, flirt her up pdf, hot stuff are terrible lines for first impressions. As mentioned before, women interpret the meaning behind your words, so think about these words from a womans perspective.

Whenever in doubt always use the formula below designed to transform action into meaning. I know this because hes never met me before and doesnt know anything about me. If hes saying things like this without getting to know me then he just wants to sleep with me. Having said that, there are exceptions to every rule.

Some men can walk up to women and have them charmed by saying the above phrases. Usually these men have much more experience and know what theyre doing. In learning to flirt for the first time realize that everything can work when you understand the deeper meaning behind your actions. More Than Words As we move onto non-verbal flirting remember that flirting is much more about how you use your voice rather than the words you say. This point older adult women been repeated, but with good reason.

When a friend talks about the success hes had hell tell his friends the lines he used rather than what he did and how he acted. These friends then go and tryout their newly found pickup lines only to get harshly rejected. They conclude the lines dont work and give up. If they realized that flirting is more about the delivery than the lines, everything would make sense to them. Non-Verbal Flirting Throughout the next several chapters youll discover many examples and illustrated diagrams of verbal and non-verbal flirting you can use to attract women.

But before we explain flirting during steps of the dating game, its necessary we highlight the important non-verbal aspects all women notice even before you open your mouth. Body Language Body language is how you communicate your feelings through your eyes, facial gestures, stance, posture and movements. Its called body language because its a universal language that all people can understand no matter what language they speak.

An angry person frowns, yells, and makes fast agitated movements while a sad person moves very little, is very quiet and curls up into a ball, hiding from the world. Body language is flirt her up pdf because the best body language interpreters in the world are women. Women are very good at interpreting body language for one reason: Its the basis for determining lse chat a man is irresistible or not.

While men primarily focus on womens physical beauty, women focus on how men hold themselves. Are they confident? Do they have self-respect? Do they have high self-esteem? Did you know that women could know how confident you are just horny mature women photos the way you stand?

Confident men are irresistible to women the same way beautiful women are irresistible to men. For this reason women always interpret mens body language. Heres an example. THAT MEANS: hes very unconfident, probably has low self-esteem, is shy, probably doesnt have very good social skills and would be very boring and possibly doesnt have many friends.

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Did you ever think that the way you hold yourself determines how women view your personality and social status? The message here is that body language and the way you hold yourself is extremely important when flirting. Throughout the later chapters youll see illustrated diagrams that show you nonverbal flirting body language that all women are unconsciously drawn towards.

These non-verbal techniques will accompany the verbal flirting to achieve maximum results. Energy Energy is the fuel that keeps us going throughout our day, flirt her up pdf. Without energy people cant do anything except best genuine dating sites. Do you remember a time when you flirt her up pdf to be somewhere and interact with people but you had zero energy?

People in our world dont value their bodies anymore. We believe we have to stay up late and flirt her up pdf for exams or go out every weekend and party till 5 am.

With this fast-paced, instant gratification society we live in today we want everything and we want it now. This occurs because we over eat, stress ourselves older adult women and pack too much into every day, which ultimately burns us out. No matter how energetic you are you could definitely use more energy during your day.

People who lack energy are very grumpy and have no passion for life. Can you remember a time when you were really tired and felt upset but couldnt explain it? Even though you were around people you loved, for some reason everyone was just making you angry? Lack of energy is the answer. People who dont have enough energy to flirt come across as boring, emotionless and monotone in their speech.

If you want to show women youre an exciting and irresistible man, first you need the energy to prove it. Lacking flirt her up pdf is also linked to laziness. Surprisingly while approaching women can be scary for some men, a lot of guys simply dont approach because they lack the energy and are thus lazy. Successfully meeting, flirting, attracting and dating women takes a lot of energy. How can you possibly impress women without energy?

Here are three tips for endless amounts of energy. Energy Tip 1: Get Proper Sleep While the average adult needs around 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep most people only sleep 7 hours.

While this doesnt seem very bad, if you followed this sleeping pattern for one year you would lose hours sleep! Thats 21 days of sleep. As you can see over time this adds up and is often responsible for sickness, lack of concentration and even depression. While most peoples lifestyle isnt this extreme everyone has experienced sleepless nights. Below are some tips for better sleep, more energy and thus greater ability to flirt and attract women. Avoid caffeine When people feel tired the first thing they reach for is caffeine.

Coffee and other caffeine drinks affect everyone differently but some can find it difficult to sleep even after only one cup of coffee before dinner. Avoid alcohol While alcohol makes you feel drowsy and helps you sleep, it often wakes people up after only several hours sleep and stops the body from entering the deepest stage of sleep where the body heals and recovers itself.

This is often why people feel so sluggish after a night of hard drinking. Go to bed early and get up early The earlier you go to bed flirt her up pdf better. When electricity didnt exist humans when to bed when the sun went down, nowadays we stay up way past our bedtime. Your body is conditioned to do most of its recharging between 11pm and 1am. If you go to bed after these hours everyday youll constantly be tired and sluggish.

Dont stimulate the brain before bed If you watch TV, exercise or read suspenseful books before bed youll find it hard to sleep. Make it a habit to unwind an hour or two before bed rather than suddenly trying to sleep after an energy-intensive activity.


Keep a Rhythm Give your body a routine it can stick to by going to bed and flirt her up pdf up the same time every night. No one can go to bed the same time every night but make the effort to have a sleep routine a majority of the time. People who flirt her up pdf to accomplish too much tend to go to sleep very late and get up late.

Falling into a Christopher Williamson 36 www. Listen to mellow music If you find it hard to unwind before bed listen to soft, mellow music. Stay away from heavy rock and techno if you want to sleep.

Hide your clock Staring at your ceiling for more than an hour is frustrating enough but if you turn over to your clock and see that its been two hours that just increases stress and makes it even harder to fall asleep. Make sure there are no visible clocks in your room when you sleep. Just remember that the more sleep you get the more energy you have and the more energy you have the better you flirt with women.

Energy Tip 2: Energizing Exercise Everyone knows that exercise is good for you but how many people do you know that actually jog or swim on a regular basis? If you can motivate yourself to do between 30 60 minutes of moderate paced exercise every morning, youll feel totally energized.

If you havent exercised for several months you may get some minor muscle pain until your body adapts. After only a week youll see enormous changes in your day-to-day activities. Youll be faster, happier, stronger, healthier and more positive. Its during these times that people have an urge for sugar to give them a kick-start. Even though eating sugar and caffeine make you feel like you have instant energy, these foods make you sluggish and tired only hours after ingesting them.

Instead walk around, listen to music, and socialize to reenergize yourself. Now that you understand what is necessary to flirt with women, its time to explain the types of flirting that attract women. Even though the actual words you say have very little impact on flirt her up pdf success, learning to use the right flirting techniques will make you do the right things, skyrocketing you automatically to being successful with women.

Section 3: The Playful Conflict Flirting Formula If you really dont know where to start, understand that intense emotion is your objective when communicating with women. Youll know when youre doing things correctly because women will start responding positively towards you.

Theyll start laughing, smiling, hitting you and being generally friendly. The simplest and fastest way to create emotion with women is to intentionally start a playful conflict.

Here are the 4 basic conflicts you should start using. If you cant think of your own techniques start with these flirt her up pdf observe the results. This formula is the love finds you in sugarcreek ohio book of everything taught in this book and should be the fastest and easiest way to start getting success with women.

Use these factors in any order. While these ideas might seem absurd at the moment theyll make more sense as we move on further into the book. If she's enjoying the movie throw popcorn at her. If she's enjoying lying down tickle her. Steal her hat off her head. If she says shes a good girl, tell her you want someone bad. If she says shes cool, say youre cooler or shes a dork.

If she likes something say it doesn't look good. If she thinks something is cool give her a weird look. If she says she doesn't like something say how good it looks. If she sits older adult women to you tell her to keep her distance.

Playfully Accuse If she says she likes an actor, tell her she has a crush on him If she places her hand on your leg, give her a weird look like she coming on to you. If she says lets go home, say, Im not going home with you!

I dont even know you! Accuse her of being a bad girl whenever possible. If you're both playing a game make a confident wager that youll win. Always flirt her up pdf to win. Poke your tongue out at her. Playfully walk away.


Section 4: Flirting Qualities The 3 Qualities There are three specific qualities you need to portray in order to attract the women youve always wanted. Failing to follow these can results in rejection, awkward situations or confusion. Use this formula and relate it to your own experiences with women and pinpoint where flirt her up pdf may be going wrong. As you can see the above graph is a circle divided into three equal sections. They are in the form of a circle because each is equally important and all must be done.

Lets briefly define each step of this formula. Confident To make women comfortable by being confident Playful To make women interested by playfully with them Sexual To make women desire you by strategically communicating your interest Lets detail each of these qualities and provide examples to make it easier to understand. Hes not kissing up to me like all the other guys and isnt trying to get anything from me, or is he?

I like him. Can you see how telling a woman she looks like a dork works so well? While this behavior may seem mean or fake you must realize something. Look at these two examples to better top free casual dating apps the concept thats about to change your perception forever.

Example 1 A young man was brought up into a rich household and grew up with everything he ever wanted. He had the latest sports car, his own apartment and all the best suits. All he had to flirt her up pdf was ask his father for his credit card.

This man even got a job because of his fathers business connections. The Result: This man didnt value flirt her up pdf success. Example 2 A young man grew up with his single mother who earned just enough money to survive. He spent 2 hours traveling on three buses and a train to attend college for which he paid for himself by working two part time jobs.

They find that very attractive. Hell, it made me realize I should make therapy my profession. Personal hygiene. You mean what we mean. It helps if you dress well. Touch early. Touch slowly, not too long, and in appropriate places. Especially make sure to touch or hold her hands. It lowers your market value. Take her to places. Be original. Go cycling along the river, go paint Easter eggs, go for a mud bath. Bake a cake together.

Take the cheapest flight to an exotic destination together over the weekend. Challenge her. BUT: take her side when she tells you emotional stories. Except as a joke perhaps.

How To Flirt Via TEXT Message - 10 Texting Tips

Bash her a little. Joke around and tease her. So many women try so very, very hard to be nice all the fucking time, that they enjoy it when you fantasize about how she can be evil too.

Women have a lot of pent-up anger that they never act upon, so flirt her up pdf her explore her dark side in your conversations. It will relax her. They like attention, but they hate being idealized.

Be nice to people around her. But most women are simply not bitches. The longer nothing happens, the more certain it becomes that nothing will happen. You should be kissing after six to maximum twelve hours of interacting. Be happy on your own. Make sure you have everything in your life to feel fulfilled, regardless of how one woman responds to you.

In other words: play the hand you were dealt. Height is just one factor that translates as protection, high social standing to a woman. Look up the girlfriend of the cool dude that plays Tyrion on Game of Thrones… Be creative in flirt her up pdf communication. Be vibrant, be engaging. They always notice. Enjoy her beauty!

This is also why flowers are still a very good gift to give to women. Learn to control your energy and the energy of the interaction. One moment she wants to dance like crazy, and the next moment she wants to go home, kick off her shoes and eat ice cream in bed while watching an episode of Friends.

You need to be able to deal with that. A mistake would be to try and keep her in the same mood. This seems obvious, but what you can easily blurt out when talking to your mates, could very well shock the living day lights out of her. If the two of you are both seeing your connection as purely about sex, then yes, you will talk a lot about sex and swap a lot of sex stories.

A women will talk in general terms about what she thinks men are like or what relationships are like. Taking us to the next point. Women are very indirect in their communication. Learn to handle her indirectness and learn her language.

They start wanting to compete with you, try making a point of being smarter than you, might say things oiled mature women sound insulting.

You just pretend to be worth more than she is. Especially very flirt her up pdf women react to this, because they are used to being adored by all guys they meet.

Also: it might work initially, but it soon comes back to bite you. You can say some things that are, outside of her, comfort zone. Be aware of her comfort. Show her you are sexually aroused by her. Randomly talking about everything that turns you on in general will put her off. If she starts criticizing you smile it off. Remember what she tells you. During a first date nothing she tells you is entirely random. Women freely give you the manual of how they want to be treated. Just listen. Walks are actually one of the best dating activities.

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