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Leave me a comment in the box below. While she has a handle on managing it now, her first-year post-diagnosis was difficult…. Even if it is on-line.

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MS-UK chat room. A lot of the members here have also battled for years. But having a rant here can often help us make it to another day, week or year!

Another helpful thing is to have a good network of support around you. Hi I'm new to this site I'm in Shropshire U. Looking for others to ms chat Please say hi.

Angela kilcullen.


Hi I am new here too xx. Put a post maybe with a title ' I'm new ' and a little bit about yourself. Keep well Jen. Hey my name is Martin am new to this is there anyone out there up for a chat?

Hi Martin, Welcome to the Forum. Regards, Anthony. Hello Sue You've joined your post onto an old thread, so the chances of getting any useful or relevant replies are less likely that if you started your own topic.

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But welcome to the forum anyway. Hi Angela, You really should see your GP. Best wishes, Anthony. But it does sound like you could do with some more help than we can give you.

I wish you well. Flutterby Butterfly. Hi Bob I am so sorry to hear about your wife and I really hope she gets some relief soon!!


Welcome to the forum! Figuring out which disease-modifying therapy is best for your case of multiple sclerosis can be confusing. In this Ask the Expert, Dr. Sherman Jia…. If you're living with MS, this expert-answered article will help you discern if your treatment plan is working effectively or if you need to try a new….

After an MS diagnosis, it's important to learn as much as you can about your condition. Not only can it ease your concerns about the future, but it…. If you've recently been diagnosed with MS, you may have several what-if questions about your future with the disease.

You may be concerned about your…. An MS diagnosis can often feel isolating. Reaching out to others within the community can help you feel supported, as well as provide you with advice…. Many factors can increase your MS symptoms or cause a flare-up, including stress, lack of sleep, and smoking. Here are some triggers that might worsen…. Online Multiple Sclerosis Support Groups. Multiple sclerosis chat rooms free Living with Multiple Sclerosis. MS Connection. Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Facebook Group.

Where to Find MS Support Online

MS LifeLines. Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis is an Australian-based organization that promotes dietary approaches to MS management. In addition to their work on treating MS with diet and lifestyle, they provide message boards and a supportive community.

Shift MS is a social network on a fun, modern interface. According to the creators, they seek to reduce isolation for people with MS, help them manage their condition, and create a community run by members. On the site, you can connect with more multiple sclerosis chat rooms free 11, members from around the world. Despite the site originating in the U.

The HealingWell website is designed to serve people with a variety of diseases and conditions. Buried within the people-rich pages is a section dedicated solely multiple sclerosis chat rooms free folks with MS.

On Facebook, you can find dozens of MS support groups. This onea public group, is hosted by the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, and has nearly 16, members. Members and admins share videos, statuses, and questions within the group. As the name suggests, ActiveMSers was created to inspire and motivate people living with MS to stay active — physically and mentally.

This online forum offers space for members to discuss everything from treatments to travel hacks with MS, share tips for staying fit, review their favorite MS gear, and connect offline.

In addition to our chat room, here is a list of some very good chat rooms that have been around for awhile. Cir was a moderator for one and helped start another, which he has since stepped down from a management position. We urge you to try our new forums and chat room. Join and participate. When you find a good fit, make friends. You don't need to live in isolation if you aren't able to move about like you did in the past.

Living with multiple sclerosis: Craig's story

If you've reached the bottom, here's the list of other forums and chat rooms again. We hope you enjoy it. Thanks for the link, Terry. Dear Friends.

Multiple sclerosis chat rooms free [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)