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Anonymous 30 April at Anonymous, why are u so uneducated? Not even mentioning other perks of beautiful Azeri women being the beat combination of intelligence, beauty, abtition, and full of love. Scary,u are real azery There is everybody-literally!

Dating an azerbaijani girl [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

What I discovered was a relatively untouched city with beautiful and exotic local women. Attractiveness of local Azeri women: 3. Americans and most Europeans need a Visa for Azerbaijan. You can purchase an e-Visa here. The application takes only 5 minutes to compete and the visa will be issued within 3 Business days.

Your visa will be emailed to you. Print it out and show the customs official upon arrival. Also, keep a copy of the visa on your phone. Credit cards are widely accepted in Azerbaijan. The average temperature is a comfortable 57 degrees F. The summer is hot and humid, but not unbearable with temperatures in the 80s F. It is situated almost feet below sea level. It is also a major international trade single guys due to its unique location.

Dating an azerbaijani girl was discovered in Azerbaijan in the late s and it soon developed into an energy powerhouse in the region. Everything in Baku revolves around the energy sector. It is the one and only industry. Almost all successful locals and expats are working in this field. Heydar Aliyev Dating an azerbaijani girl Airport is located about 15 miles outside the city center.

A taxi ride will take about minutes to reach the center.


Uber is a solid option with plenty of cars available. Private taxis are also ubiquitous. Hailing a taxi from the street is more expensive than Uberbut not killer. You should negotiate your price before entering the car. It is also safe and reliable. The metro and buses are dirt cheap, about 20 cents for a ride. Most people in Baku use mass transit of some kind. The best way to describe Baku is a Veneer. Baku has a nice city center with luxury shops, malls, pedestrian walkways and landmark buildings.

However, step outside these locations and you will find the real Baku-ugly, dusty and old dilapidated Soviet buildings bereft of charm and style.

Baku likens itself to an up-and-coming Dubai. With this in mind, logistics are important. There are several nice hotels in the center, including:. Park Inn.

Fairmont Hotel-Flame Towers. JW Marriott. One a short stay, it is worth staying in one of these quality properties in the city center. For longer stays, an apartment as close to Fountain Square is advisable. Fountain Square is the main pedestrian walkway in the center.

It is lined with shops, cafes, bars. Locals and tourists walk around endlessly through the loop. If you like light-skinned, Middle-Eastern looking women, Baku will be a paradise for you.

Azeri women have long dark hair, seductive brown eyes, and beautiful tanned skin. Obesity is not a problem overall, despite the numerous fast food chains in Baku. Women are generally thin but come in different proportions. I was pleasantly surprised that Azeri women had amazing bodies. They take great pride in being a beautiful woman. English levels are similar to FSU and perhaps slightly higher.

Most people are able to communicate in basic English. The first dating an azerbaijani girl is Dating an azerbaijani girl which is similar to Turkish. Russian is the second language and widely spoken and understood.

Like all the FSU countries, a knowledge of Russian goes a long way. Russian and Turkish culture have left indelible marks on Azeri culture.

They look at Turkish people as their cousins. They feel similar to them with respect to culture and even language. In short, Azerbaijan culture seems to have a tantalising blend of the best of everything. The official language is Azerbaijani, which belongs to the Turkic family of languages. The vast majority of residents speak Russian as a second language with some viewing it as the language of culture, in the same way that fluency in French represents a certain air of elegance in Europe.

Younger Azerbaijanis are beginning to learn English. One of the striking parts of Azerbaijan culture is the tea drinking rituals. Tea is almost sacred. The brightly coloured drink gets poured into a pear-shaped glass called an armuda, served without milk.

A cube of sugar accompanies, and then locals take a bite before sipping the tea. The reason behind this quirky style dates back to medieval times when paranoid rulers were afraid of assassination by poison.

Apparently, the sugar reacts to the toxin when dipped into the tea. Locals go to great lengths to help, and guests older adult women a valued commodity. Stay in a homestay, and hosts treat guests with endless cups or armuda of tea, snacks and anything else. Ask for directions, and they might show rather than tell.

The younger ones who speak some English are often happy to chat about their country. Giving good hospitality is deeply ingrained in Azerbaijani culture. Not everyone has a polite and helpful mindset, after being part of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.

A few decades ago, those in higher positions liked to flaunt their power. Dating an azerbaijani girl Azerbaijan has a minority who still have the old views and a Soviet mentality. An example of this might be someone who shouts at tourists who are taking photographs near a monument, which he or she perceives to be disrespectful. Old habits die hard. A positive legacy of almost two centuries of Russian rule is the way men respect women.

Men give their seat on the bus, insist on paying and hold doors open. InAzerbaijan became one the first countries to give women the right to vote — the first in the Islamic world.

I am an Armenian myself and enjoyed every piece of your writing! At the moment I am e-mailing this post to my husband, who is English. And he HAS a sence of humour and can read the meaning behind the lines, unlike those Azeris, who were desparately defending those mother-in-laws dating an azerbaijani girl would never dream of immigrating with their daughters.

Just to give you a dating an azerbaijani girl, Scary was actually praising Azeri dating an azerbaijani girl, she was just doign it with Modesty. Thank god, finally some brains in a pile of crap. Sorry for a late response I am addressing this comment to "the girl whose husband married her because she was not Azeri, because he loved her". At the moment, taking extreme care of your parents is not an issue to worry for you, probably because, as I see it, they are relatively young, dating an azerbaijani girl, are in a stable financial state.

Would you just visit her three times a year and just observing how the natural cause takes over, and how aging makes her disable?? Wouldn't you be judged by your numerous cousins, or ex neighbors for not taking care of her by yourself personally?? Wouldn't you do anything possible to get her immigrated to the country where you are, rent a place near you so that you could visit her every day?? But if you say "yes", then you have no reason to go against what Scary wrote in her post. Oh yes, I forgot to asnwer Anar.

Of course, marrying your own nation is great, makes it easy for your families to communicate, integrate. But every nation needs "big genetic pool", you need to mix blood, freshen it.

You Know You Are Dating a PERSIAN (IRANIAN) Woman When...

You might call the next generaltion bred by mixed marriages "hybrids", but "grapefruits" are as healthy as apples, aren't they? Shafag: I could not find the comment you were responding to, but I am a bit bored with these comments by now, people who cant get what I mean, people who are crazy dating an azerbaijani girl own self-importance and sensitivity. You should not have bothered either, but thank you for your support. I find your blog interesting and understand your views and sarcazm.

Living in Britain ,having foreign husband and being an Azeri myself I think we have a lot in common. I agree that marrying Azeri girl means being married to her whole family,but when it comes to inviting in-laws I am not to sure.

In my views,British culture should be judged ,not ours. My husband is fine with my family,we travel to Azerbaijan every year and he wants to emigrate there more than I do. He loves the hospitality,warmth,food and almost everything. Wish you good luck with your blog. I definitely think that overall, azeris have much closer relationship and respect for elderly, etc.

I hope my children take it from me, not from the UK ways. I am fortunate that my husband is very close to his parents, too. But it is not that common here. Living in Britain is not easy in terms of their culture. When you think about your children's future,them being out clubbing ,sleeping around,taking drugs and drinking ,so on the list goes forever,it makes you think about going back.

But there are not a lot of opportunities and so many problems back home. I so wish my children take it from Azeri culture not the British,or hope that Azerbaijan will prosper and be corruption-free the way things go,I very much doubt it so we all could return. I like your blog,try to read as much as I can. Good luck!

Hi, I am neither a British nor an Azeri. But one thing that I really like and appreciate the way how men and women from different corner of the world fall in love with each other and then get married in spite of so many social, cultural and religious barrier.

They have different lifestyles, food habits, social structure, cultural upbringings etc. But still they loved each other.

When people overcome such huge problems in their life and get settled then how negligible are those day to day family problems like wife wanted to migrate her parents, husband wanted more space etc. I think a happy and healthy life is a combination of happiness and small troubles which you can get rid of it soon. Hello Scaryazeri, I am an azerbaijani guy, I found your blog today by chance and liked it very much. I will recommend your blog to my international friends. Especially to ones who have azerbaijani boyfriend or girlfriend.

But when I read the headline of your article I thought you had written about other bad sides of azerbaijani girls. For example cheating. I grew up in Baku and almost all my friends were dating with married azerbaijani women, walking in parks it was very easy to find married azerbaijani woman who was looking for a partner. I came to UK 3 monthes ago and did not notice or hear about massive cheating of dating an azerbaijani girl women, dating an azerbaijani girl.

I read your other article where you mentioned that you had cheat on your boyfriend with his friend. Cheating is one of the major features of azerbaijani girls.

Many azerbaijani girls dating an azerbaijani girl with several guys at the same time. They always look for a better and appropriate one even when they are in relationship. At least they keep in touch with guys to keep them in reserve in show pregnant and dating if their boyfriend break up with them.

I have never seen a german, french, italian girl in UK cheating on their boyfriends. But there are many unfaithful azerbaijani girls in UK some of whom even cheat on their fiance. Taking everything into account I will never marry to an azerbaijani girl.

PS: Azerbaijani men are not so better than azerbaijani women. Anonymus, I bet you're not Azerbaijani! Eger sen dogurdan azerbaycanlisan, basha dushersen: sen- bigeyret ograshsan, eger senin anan bacin gehpe free online friends dating, hamiya aid eleme! Azerbaycanli oglan bele shey hech vaxt yazmaz. Anonymous: I understand why someone here would think you are not azerbaijani.

Azeri girls maybe cheat, some of them, just like girls all over the world. It is like a status symbol, I guess. It is very cultural. But as for women. I doubt they have any different sort of morals to anyone else in the world. Also, statistically women cheat a lot less than men, just for your info. It is so sweet and respectful of you to care about your parents with such diligence!

I'm from India and we share the same values as yours regarding parents and society. You should've married someone from India : Aniruddh. Good Blog indeed, Thank You.

Appreciate your reply. Regards Razman Majid. You know, I think that before marrying one should think over what exactly he wants and expects from the other person. As for me both of you have completely different dating an azerbaijani girl of view when it goes about womens singles odds issues.

Forgive my honesty, but you should blame yourself for dating an azerbaijani girl blind. Very phylosophical. Your honesty is forgiven. Hi scaryazeri! I am sure you are very pretty and not scary at all!

I loved your blog. My Australian husband sent it to me. So funny and true. I have been married for 11 years and blessed with two children and my beloved parents lived with us in Sydney for 1.

I love my parents and brothers and cousins and miss Azerbaijan very much. We are all going back in June for summer holidays and cannot wait to meet everyone. Great blog! Keep up your funny style of writing. All the best. Hi Scary Azeri, Your blog is awesome. In my case, I will be the scary american well, sort of, I am kind of a first generation american mix of everything in existence wife marrying the azeri man : Reading your blog has given the two of us a lot to laugh about.

If people cannot understand your humor, they probably shouldn't be reading blogs and should stick to encyclopedias. Keep it up. Best, Nitza. Hi ntza, Thanks for this and good luck with your azeri man!


I hope you have found a great one-they do exist, even if difficult to find! HI i have been reading ur blogs today dating an azerbaijani girl intrests, i have been talking to an azeri lady for a few weeks now and we have become pretty close. I live in the uk, she is younger than me but says she as feelings for me and would eventually like to us both to be together.

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She contacted me saying she had got my email address from somewhere, and so we started talking, she sends me a picture of herself daily. What i would like is a bit of advice please as to whether you have heard of this happening before or do you think that i could be being scammedthankyou. Honey, if you have to ask this question you already deserve being conned! There is a typical scam letter i have put n this blog somewhere. I have not got time to look up directions of how to paste a link here dating an azerbaijani girl try and google scary azeri hello my new boyfriend!

There is everybody-literally! Oil related, maybe. But also, a huge lot of eastern europeans and russians Syed Azeem, she's not Azeri.

She is just russian-jewish bitch from Azerbaijan, nothing more. Oh, dear. Not another idiot full of national pride. Ok, i get the bitch part and dont care if you call me that. Thats cool. But russian jew??? I dont have any russian in me, why cant you just accept that? But hold on If it makes you all feel better about yourself, my dear Hi ScaryAzeri, I am armenian, married with a belgian man.

Your story is so known, a lot of ladies will recognize in this their own story. In West men have some difficulties to understand why we care so much about our parents. Why it's so important for us that our children meet their grandparents as much as possible. My parents are in Armenia and the happiest time for them is the period when the grandchildren are visiting during the holidays.

It's just a huge cultural difference, other values and other education. I am lucky to have a good job, earning enough to help my parents in Armenia. Like your blog, written with humor. Thank you! Dont know much dating an azerbaijani girl belgian husbands, what are they like? Flemish guys generally are very good husbands, taking very good care of children, hard workers.

In my case he has very nice personality. I don't think there is huge difference between Belgian, English or other North European men. But if I compare with Caucasians there is of course, you must know this.

Really, I know few armenian and azeri families, the husbands are just great. I wana ask something els: i wonder wat's happened with the couple azeri girl and armenian boy both scout dating app online from London. I am so sorry for them. Are they still together I hope so? Do you have any idea?

Azerbaijan Dating

Hei Scary Azeri, Despite of the qualities you mentioned about an average Azeri gal, instead of finding them weird filipino dating and singles annoying, I found it more promising as in a potential mate. Because the fact she has a stronger ties to her family, it implies to the new family as well any Azeri lady starts with her husband. So what if she insists to help her family.

And it also teaches them the greatest lesson of life, to love their parent's no matter what and never abandon them. After all they took so much pain to give us our life and to raise us. I would readily start my life with an Azeri lady if I ever meet one. Don't you people understand Satire? Doesn't even "Scary Azeri" sound like a rather free mobile dating apps for android combination of words to you, or do you really take it seriously too?

Sorry mate, but we Indians don't understand sarcasm and neither do we encourage. We prefer being straight forward. And frankly speaking we do share the same values for our parents and also look out for these values in our spouses.

Mate" Just because you dont have enough sense of humor or dont get something does not mean the rest of your nation cant either. I personally know a few very bright indians who have a great understanding of satire, trust me.

So really, i am afraid lack of brain cells is internationally common. Well, I see that you're a pro at stereotyping. What bullshit? My wife is Azeri and she's unrivaled and she's most decent compared to British sluts! Brilliant post scary, love the writing style. Love of my life is an Azeri but she married the wrong person and now we are both unhappy.

She is definitely worth marrying the whole family Thank you for opening the eyes to the wonderful Persian culture and attitude and families, refreshing and entertaining.

I hope we all keep our eyes and minds open P. I think Azeris have got great culture and traditions which many nations in the word missing. We need to pass our best traditions and culture to our kids. When I say best I mean our family values, obligation to look after our parents when they get older this is a holy duty for Azerisour respect to elders, dating an azerbaijani girl, being helpful to those who are in need, hospitality, tolerance to other nations, religions and cultures.

These are the values which are not present in every country. I also did not get why it is scary to be sick in Baku? What, we are living in undeveloped city? There are no good hospitals or doctors?

Don't we have an emergency services? I would be much more scared to be sick in UK, because in public hospitals you need to wait too long to be seen by doctors, if I do not have an access to the private clinics. I had an experience with helping out to old woman who lived alone and sick at home, who couldn't afford to buy medicines, we as neighbors collected money and provided with what she needed.

She is in good health now. She was not abandoned by her kids, she lived alone all the time. This is the ''being helpful'' value which my nation has got. I really believe that you will be able to pass these good values to your daughter. I believe that this is in your heart and you know what it is to be Azeri. You came out from this culture. I truly wish you all the best.

Somehow I can't post this comment as a open ID or Goggle account. I am from India and loving one very beautiful Azeri girl, she too loves me madly but she is not ready to marry me. She thinks her father and brother will not like our marriage specially due to foreigner. She is not even ready to run with me due to her mom, she don't want to lose her mom.

I am helpless. Any help for me?? Sadig Garayev: For some reason your comment, even though published, appears in the comments section on the side, but not here. It must be that the blogger system got fed up with this complete and utter lack of understanding of satire and sarcasm!

It dating an azerbaijani girl so frustrating to listen to people like you, who just assume things about me without even having a clue at all. You need to take time and read some comments here, as I have explained it all before to other clueless people before you.

Hello, Reading your posts has certainly been interesting. I was born and raised in Iran but have been living in North America for the last 22 years and to be honest. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feed backs but i am very intrigued with the Azari Culture which seems to so much like mine and it certainly is refreshing to see a rich culture :. God Bless you all. One can't or shouldn't generalize on azeri girls.

Most of the girls who marry foreigners are from among so -called "ruskoyazichniy" those who prefer speak Russian to look intelligent, have mixed blood, were once divorced or have no father or elder brother, are not azeri turkish girl, jews, lezgis, russians born in azerbaijan and others. No matter how modern or "europeanized" is the turkic azeri gorl, her family would never let her marry a foreigner, unless there are some family ties like with Turkey.

That's it! On the other hand, we must not forget this immortal "A man's love goes through his stomach"! PS I'm that ashamed of some comments here!. Guys, it's even not about the PURE lacking of sence of humour! Hello Scary Azeri I am sorry I don't know your nameI found your blog by accident following the link from the article about Safarov, and keep coming back here as I am enjoying reading, and feeling that you are a sincere person. Choh sagol. I changed two families within a year, and was actually shocked while observing the relationship between parents and children.

Both families had eating schedules for their kids, and kids were not allowed to open the refrigerator between those hours, or have some extra piece of potato while dinning.

This was really shocking for me as my grandma was always chasing me with the food, and I was not allowed to leave the house before I eat, and when I was eating whole family would sit around me and enjoy watching me eating.

I think you would understand what I am talking about. Once, I asked my landlady what she would do with her pure dating app cancel subscription if she is not able to spend it all before she dies, would she leave them to her kids?

The answer was "no way" She said she would rather leave her money to me than to her children, they have to earn it themselves, and then I told her that no wonder your children will send you to dating an azerbaijani girl nursing home, and she was not against that idea. In my opinion what you give you get the same back. I am sure your kid feels that crazy love from you, and that is why I don't believe she would ever abandon you, and it is so great that she has at least 2 months of that valuable communication with your mom.

Gurgen, Trust me, not all brits dating an azerbaijani girl such bizarre relationship as you described here. My husband is very close to his parents, and even though there definitely are certain cultural differences, overall their relashipnship is pretty goos and natural.


Excuse the typing mistakes, ipad sucks. Anyway, i hope you are correct about my own kids, only the future will show! I also think that seeing how we treat our own parents helps to bring them up in a way we want them to grow up.

Scary Azeri, I agree with you, and I didn't mean to say that those parents love their kids less, it is just the way they foster them, and there are many positive sides in it. First, they have discipline, and second, children know that they have to be serious about their education and career as they have nobody to rely on, whereas, many of our guys just grow up spoiled. I was also reading some comments to this article,and was amused especially by those written by azeris.

It is clear that you portrayed azeri girl as loving and caring one, and very dating an azerbaijani girl to her family. This crazy attachment not all foreigners would understand, and even accept. That is why foreigner should at least be aware, and realize about that very important aspect. One good example came to my mind which shows how cultural difference can be difficult to understand. My cousin is a single armenian mom living with her year old son in the States. She has two jobs, and dedicates dating an azerbaijani girl her life to that guy.

She finally met a good arab man,who is a doctor. That man moved to my cousin's place, and they lived happily for a while. All of a sudden that man was offered a much better job in a different state where he offered my cousin to move, and she of-course refused because her son didn't want to move.

It was very hard for that man to understand why my cousin is not letting her year old son to live his own life without her continuous care. No one said cultures should be similar to British culture. And why on earth British culture should be a benchmark? I personally prefer catholic american culture, which is in many ways similar to azeri.

When you marry someone from another culture THe author talk about marriage with azeri girl. If you marry with a girl from any oriental country, you will feel the same. Dating an azerbaijani girl foreigners marry with azeri girl, if husband is good, they have very good families.

The information provided including photos has nothing to do with Azerbaijani cultureand history. People who intentionally publish misleading information on the web should be criminally responsible for their actions.

The report about illegal internet activities of this website has been recently submitted to the respective organization. I love AzerbaijanBecause i love Azerbaijani girlI married with Azerbaijani girlShe is from good familyAnd she is proper Muslim girlMy Sweetheart and my dream my life , I am happy with her , In the world no dating an azerbaijani girl can make me happy like her , Really and the main thing she is too dating an azerbaijani girl wife she care me alot , As i love her she also loves me , We can not live with out each other and i know her how she is true with me , She choose me in When i came in Azerbaijan i have lost and i was a poor guy , But she help me Not financially but with words with her tongue and now i am standing on my own feetAnd still she is with me , we have alot of fights just for what She is talking too much some time Arguing about some mattersSome time just for this thing as every where happening this , marriage detective agencies in i love her and she will be my partner for all my life and i will not cheat her i will look after her i will care her i will love her until my last breath But i am Pakistani Wajid.

Hahaha to 'is Azerbaijan even a real country' I pray that isn't a Brit who posted that. Hello, everybody. Azerbaijan is a real country has always been. And that is firm. I don't think the girl or whatever she or he or IT is. Since we don't know if this person is he or she. And for sure is not an Azerbaijani person. I am sure it is a scam. And I would kindly ask that scary someone to be careful with words. You should carefully choose who are insulting sugar, dating an azerbaijani girl.

Well, that is scary. I have a question for the author india chat room telugu this website. I just wonder why azeri ppl?!?

Azeri Women & Baku Azerbaijan (2019)

Why dont you write about scary portugese or nepalese etc? Is there any specific reason? Have you been hurt by someone in this country?

God willing, I can take care of my parents the way they took care of theirs. We learn what we see--this goes for your daughter too! Great Blog i love this i facing same problems with my azeri wife azeri girl dont marry azeri dating an azerbaijani girl with little money they find friends from all around the world want to fly abroad money is the more important to there life they dont care about husband or children big house car no cooking expensive shopping just pain the life no ethics take advantage of laws womens right blah blah western muslim never marry azeri girl period.

I doubt that you are Azeri but I will make a few comments: I'm not in a position to classify the whole nation under one category and if I do so it would be very ignorant of me. First of all most Azeris are very pride people, that is the reason why you rarely see any migrants from Azerbaijan cleaning the floor abroad unlike some other nations like armenians for example.

Azeris would rather be poor but feel like their own lord in their own land, So would my parents. Yet alone accepting charity from weird daughter and the son in law.

I'm married to an English man but but as a pride Azeri, I would never humiliate my family by buying something to them with the money of my husband or asking them to live with me. I can work instead and make my own income and doing some favor to parents out of your own pocket is always nice gesture considering what they have done to you. Humiliating your own nation in such a manner will not give you any bonuses especially in front of your own husband.

You first must respect yourself and be proud of what you are if you want to be treated the same way.

So far I perfectly understand why your husband doesn't want to see your family in his house. Cheers from a loving wife who is married to an amazing Dating an azerbaijani girl man. Agree: we are proud. After all we are Caucasians, and most of Caucasians are naturally proud people. As for cleaning the floors, you never where life will get you, so.

As for supporting your parents, I couldn't agree more too that yes, woman can work and support herself and yesI can imagine it would be rather humiliating to ask your husband for finance support for your parents. But I disagree that buying a present with financial support of your husband would be a humiliation. Why should it be in the first place? Unless you abuse his kindness, then yesit is. I can't wait to marry my azeri girl.

I am Canadian and she completes me. She is smart, sexy and independent. She speaks many languages and finds something good in everyone. I love you S. Good boy and im married with Scottish Boy, dating an azerbaijani girl, he loves me and we hv very good relationship. We building a house together. That's very nice, I hv a Scottish husband and we are very happy together and I love him so much, dating an azerbaijani girl, and we do not hv a family, problem, and I hv many gf who married with Australians, like my sister and many more who married American, Uk guys, no one never complained coz Azeri girls very smart and knows what they want, Don't listen this stupid losser, real man wouldn't talk like this, Wish u happy life together my friend.

I been married 4 times in my short live my first wife was English second Scottish third one was Turkish resend one is Azeri and mother of my kids I can say only one think they no perfection If you going to ask dating an azerbaijani girl Azeri wife opinion she will complain about you to so if you realy Orlando speed dating events hear you will see only good sites and ask your self why you get married with her in first place?

So good luck with your happy live Im happy azeri man with azeri woman. I will never go for azeri girl, coz loving them truely and immensely was my life's biggest mistake. I fought for her with my family, friends left everything coz I loved her unconditionally. There are times when you are on top achieveing your dreams and financially sound to make your beloved ones happy with love and what they need. But days are not always same When I was financially down, I didnt have money to give her gifts but wished her honestly and whole-heartly.

But reply I got was, "I dont want your cheap wishes. But she left me and got hooked up with other european guy. Typing all this I cant stop my tears and pains which I have inside my heart.

When I was going to Azerbaijan that time, they asked me reason for going azerbaijan at embassy during visa procedure. I answered that am going to see my love my life partner. The only thing that azeri man said was, " Friend you go like a good man, please dont marry a Azeri girl coz they keep relation for 2years and them leave you.

Now my belief in love has gone and to dont have strenght to love some else ever again. I really feel that instead of getting married to azeri girl I should have got married to My Indian girl who will never leave me but will stand strong for there beloved once. But eventually one thing I learned All this things you cant get from azeri girls at all :.

Just learned about your blog and I find it hilarious and something I can relate tobeing myself Azeri, i get to dating an azerbaijani girl every now and then about how grumpy I am, and different, etc, etc, etc. My friend, Yes I was idiot,a real freaking idiot coz I loved an Azeri girl from true heart and forgot that she had a selfish heart.

Coz when you love someone honestly, you think from heart. Hello my friend, who has replied on my post on 9th September. My dear friend, I am not a looser and have learned a great lesson in my life. Of course you right it Azeri women have nothing to deal with it, but it comes to honesty and Azeri women naaaa One of my collegue told me about azeri women.

I just cant imagine how she could sleep with her father's age person. Adding to I don't regret and standing back strong to find my true love Women all mainly the same ; will love you stronger when you have plenty of money and abandon as soon as your savings over. Pity them all. You know what? And whoever is writing it, not Azeri. Anyone can put a female pic and name and write dating an azerbaijani girl.

You see how many armenian supporters you got here: because you think same, you hate Azeries. Shame on you! Stop pretending being funny, dating an azerbaijani girl jokes and etc. You want a Humour, i would give some, just don't dating an azerbaijani girl time to your kind!

Anyone who will search "Azeri", will see your blog, i am sure you knew it and you aimed on it.

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