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Log In. It is a personal preference and with the society we lived in, everyone has many options to choose whom to fall in love with. Who is the sole supporter of the family? You have to understand that not every Hmong family is the same. Ryan, I wish you the best and are you still in your relationship?

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And to avoid husbands and in-laws who may not agree with their differing life goals, Hmong women dating a hmong girl stay away from Hmong men. Additionally, when your parents have pounded to your head that your only duty as a Hmong female is to honor and serve your husband and in-laws, you may grow up resenting your culture and run the other way. Mind you, some Hmong families are more progressive than others.

Some have adopted the Dating a hmong girl lifestyle completely or have started to give more leeway to a Hmong nyab. I feel as if during their journeys to seek those who will not confine them into a lifestyle of bearing children and domestic housework, many Hmong women forget that not all Hmong men—or families for that matter—are the same. So, how hard is it to find a Hmong man with the standards mentioned?

Statistics show that more and more Hmong women are exceeding Hmong men in graduating from high school and college. What does this mean? It means that the more educated a woman is, the more likely she will look for a life partner whose education is up to her level as well.

There could be a lot of reasons for this: 1 someone with a higher education is more likely to have a stable job and a steady income; 2 He is a hardworking, goal-oriented person who values black mirror online dating episode and 3 education equals higher intelligence and a more open mind; and lastly, someone with an education and a well-paying job is independent, dating a hmong girl.

Of course, not everyone who has a higher education may carry any of these attributes, but it is more likely. And from experiences and observations, Hmong women may start to believe that all Hmong men are the same and refuse to seek another Hmong relationship. Generalizing: we do it all the time. We, as a society, have generalizations of the poor, the rich, the young, old, fat, skinny, etc. Get to know a Hmong man and you may find that he is different from what you had expected.

I am one of those Hmong woman who is currently dating outside of the race due to my experiences with dating Hmong men. Education is the biggest factor as to why I am not in a relationship with a Hmong man. Like Like. Sometimes, you have to do things to make yourself happy, even if it is not accepted by family or the community. From my personal experience and evaluation, I think many Hmong men though not always highly educated are very intellectual people, hard working, dating a hmong girl and hold high values regardless of the stereotypes and stigma that society has seem to put on them.

Their values lie deep in being family oriented and having cultural values such as being the provider. I always say education can be overrated sometimes because we belittle those who do not have an education standard as high as ours. Many Hmong men and boys have a lot of pressure on them and struggles of their own that sometimes can be overlooked by the opposite sex.

And my Hmong man is out there in search of me as well as I am in search of him.

Why Some Hmong Girls Do Not Date Hmong Boys

It just a matter of taking time to meet one another. People choose who they want to spend their life with emotionally, physically, and financially.

I believe that everyone should keep an opened mind. It is a personal preference and with the society we lived in, everyone has many options to choose whom to fall in love with. I dislike the Hmong tradition, no offense, but I still respect each and every Hmong individuals….

Regardless what race, there is always something good or bad about it. Hmong is the same as American, dating a hmong girl. All American do not get along nor do they like everyone. Many stereotypes of Hmong men who do not have post-high school degrees are that they are lazy, unmotivated, and stupid.

My dear spouse is one of the Hmong men who do not have a college degree. I think the question comes up over the past few decades sometimes in hot debate: at a broader level on why some Asian-background women date non-Asian men and also why some Asian-background men date non-Asian women. It is important to remember where the person was at that point in life when they met their partner…face to face.

He makes the pureed veggie soups, creative salads, desserts while I throw together the stir-fries more naturally, homemade focaccia, etc. It does help in terms of sharing values, intuitive understanding on certain issues, that he himself was an immigrant, had to learn English, was from a poor family and betttered his own situation by going through university.

Jean, you bring up a dating a hmong girl good point. I live in a small town with an even more smaller Hmong community. And this Hmong community consisted of mainly families with the same last names. Growing up, it was hard to find a local Hmong boyfriend because of the taboo of dating someone with the same last name. Many girls opted for relationships with guys from out of town or out of state.

More importantly, we love, respect, support and trust each other unconditionally and have always embraced our cultural differences as a positive force to bridge our two worlds. My family especially my very traditional Hmong father had their reservations in the beginning, but gradually they have grown to absolutely adore my husband and also see in him all the great human qualities that I fell dating a hmong girl love with — integrity, morals, values and etc. In all honesty, I have to say that with my husband being a highly educated individual with a successful international career, it did make it a lot easier for my family to accept the possibility that our relationship could work.

In addition, my husband is very open-minded, respectful of the sensitivities underpinning our how to find friends line id differences and has always shown and maintained consistency from day one with his genuine interest in wanting to learn more about our culture i.

He took my parents to Laos for a whole summer to see, understand and experience our culture from their perspective and through their eyes, in order to enrich his learning process. I was born and raised in the US, grew up in one of the largest Hmong communities in America with strict Hmong values and principles. In the end, I met and fell in love with a white man from Europe. Sometimes, love just takes you down a different path south girls dating what your family would wish for you and themselves.

But, I also see many of my female friends and dating a hmong girl married outside of their race and out of the 9 that I know, only one is successful.

The rest of the couples have so much marital problems and 5 already divorce and are considered old maids in their thirties. Yes, Hmong tradition are sometimes not the best way to go, but please remember that other race have their own problems worst then us. I urged you to keep your culture and traditional believes the good ones and never forget who you are and where you come from. Past it down to your children too.

If u hate Hmong guys then this is the article for you.


As for me i saw it differently. This is incorrect and written from ones opinion. Not much of it is true. Proud to say my dad is the best person in this world. Cooks and clean for us always bringing us together.

Types of Guys Hmong Girls Like -Sac New Years- 2015

Of dating a hmong girl this is all my personal opinions on this matter. MB is just opening up a new paradigm of thought around why more and more Hmong Women are moving towards inter-racial relationships. And if you look across all ethnicities, inter-racial coupling is becoming more and more prominent as the world becomes better connected through the advancement of information technology, and being able to bridge people from across the globe.

It is up to each individual to make a relationship work, regardless of the color of their skin. Absolutely not. My marrying outside of my culture had nothing to do with this. Love has no boundaries, limitations or segregations… only people do. And in so doing, they create dating a hmong girl within themselves and others. Thank you for reading my article as is and not taking the assumption that I am bashing Hmong men.

Of course, I knew this was inevitable because it is a sensitive topic to many Hmong men. If you hate hmong guys or hmong people then this is pretty girl flirting article for you. As for me I saw it differently.


Just because you grew up in a mess up family or married into one doesnt mean all Hmong families out there are Meet people in atlanta up. Dating a hmong girl all I know the divorce rates for other races are freaken unbelievable. As a Hmong Man, I find it highly offensive, and it shows their ignorance and lack of understanding of our community. I believe that finding a partner, and love should not be bounded just to their community, and I also believe that one should not be enable by their community — stigmatizing Hmong Men in dating a hmong girl manner does exactly that.

Yes, some do it out of ignorance, but I believe most do it because they are aware of the responsibilities of being a Hmong wife and the dynamics of family life within a Hmong family; and that is not the kind of life they want to live. These are all learned behaviors that can taught starting at a young age. What I see is a problem are women who are aware of these issues continuing to enable their sons to perpetuate this cycle.

Before you judge us Hmong men too harshly, consider this: We live in a country that has always subjugated us through the media. In fact, the very idea of interracial marriage is most often depicted by a white male with an ethnic female.

We see this everywhere television, movies, stories, dating a hmong girl, posters, etc. In contrast, minority men especially Asian i buy flirt cosmetics are usually depicted as geeky, ugly and un-heroic. Avoiding your own kind IS a form of racism.

At least we Hmong men are dating a hmong girl to face these problems! Compared to every other ethnic group in America including white peopleHmong people have the greaest success in the shortest amount of time.

Not many groups can boast the same. It is a personal choice and whether or not you agree with it, they still have every right to do so.

I disagree. The Chinese have been here almost as long as Caucasians and they are still Chinese. They have integrated, but not assimilated into something other than Chinese. By your regard, we should all just lay down and become white-washed simply because we live here.

That they want more of a life than to become someone who has no voice, no opinion, no identity of her own? I love being Hmong. Your example of the Chinese, the Chinese also struggle with gender inequalities. Not as much as we do as Hmong women because they have been here longer. Comparing our history here to others is not comparable at all.

Are we slowly getting there? The role of a Hmong man has always been to provide and take care of his family. Our fathers did it. Their fathers did and so on. Here, in America, some may take care of their families, some may not. What does that make them? So, until you can solely say we are abandoning our culture when we chose to marry outside, I would stop to take a look at why it is happening.

We have assimilated. Maybe the problem is, our fellow Hmong brothers have not. We can be mothers, daughters, daughter in laws and wives but at the same time be strong, powerful, opinionated and educated.

That is why some of us have chosen to go elsewhere. Your mentality is the the perfect example of why. Mary, you are just too good for ALL of us Hamong men! That is why no Hamong men is good enough for you and you chose to marry a white guy instead.

Because you are trying to claim that an aspect of the traditional Hmong culture from Asia is somehow being used here in the USA to stop Hmong women from having careers. Guess what? Many agreed with my observations. Many others disagreed. Some disagreed dating a hmong girl a lot of anger both women and men. Aib ya! Ua li cas es Hmoob es…. And if they did, they missed my point altogether.

I thought I was clear enough. Apparently not. Prior to writing this article, I had been observing in my community and reading a lot of comments online about why some Hmong women have married their non-Hmong husbands or why some Hmong women refuse to date Hmong men. I have also observed the Hmong community ostracizing women who have made this choice. So, I thought, if I could try to explain, maybe the Hmong community would have a better understanding.

Maybe it would generate conversation about this and maybe create change—even minor changes make some difference. I was very clear to state that not all Hmong men are lazy bums and that not all Hmong families would treat their daughters-in-law horribly or work her to death.

Revisiting “Why Some Hmong Girls Do Not Date Hmong Boys”

I was very clear that I was generalizing the negative stereotypes of Hmong men. However, many just read over it and made their assumptions. You can find that in almost any ethnic group.

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Pages Liked by This Page. Hmong Funny Stories. Sorry to hear you had to suffer so much heartache. I'm glad you came out of it in a positive light. It takes a person to actually experience it themselves to talk about it, even if it's an "old story line, recycled as news. It's hard for me to call my relationship "interracial" because Dating a hmong girl don't look at it that way.

I'm very happy where I'm at, and I dare say I won't go back. I'll agree with Sam and say that this is "old news", but I think the topic is still relevant today. For my relationship, it dating a hmong girl been very difficult not to realize that it's not interracial. People stare.

It's all across the states that I have experienced this. It always makes me feel uncomfortable when people break their necks to stare at us. It makes me feel like we are doing something wrong. I think it will always be news. It's a clash of culture and tradition — there can be similarities at times, but there will still be a clash. I think that's the whole idea — some parents expect us to find someone who knows, respects, and can continue family tradition and culture that includes language.

Maybe you're find friends all around world too much about gay dating app logos Are you freshly dating outside your race?

Maybe there's something that makes you feel uncomfortable about your realtionship? People are on their merry way to do things, not to come out and stare at your relationship, dating a hmong girl. I think this is something you might have to learn how to accept if you've decided to date outside your race; not everyone is staring but are sometimes just more curious. BUT if you put out that vibe, people will catch on and you'll feel uncomfortable just as uncomfortable as you have.

Screw what people think of you from time to time. Good luck!! And you're absolutely right — I shouldn't be afraid of the negative things people think of my relationship. Gabriella Adams. No offense and Thank you…oh and. Does the world muslim ring any bells. I've also been wondering a lot about this topic, since my parents don't like the idea of it. Although I am dating a person outside of my race now, my parents are angry that I am. Should race matter when it comes to love or emotions?

I don't understand why it's so important to date people of your own race. I get it that if you date people inside your own race then dating a hmong girl have the same faith, religion, belief, etc. If it's someone I really like, I don't think it should matter but my parents don't seem to care. If parents don't like the idea, should you still pursue it even though it goes against them? I am so glad I came upon this. Thank you for sharing your experience.

I am currently dating someone of a different race and class background. My parents have always taught me to respect and be open to differences, but they do not support my relationship. It is very difficult when your family refuses to accept someone you love, but I am hopeful that through love and understanding we can set an example for them and others.

I get frustrated at the reality that people will judge us regardless, but will stay positive and believe in love. My parents are really strict on the old traditions. But I really do love her a lot…. And I know that she loves me too. I really hope that I can make my parents understand one day without breaking their heart….

Dating a hmong girl [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)