Lived like a single guy

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Why would a married man behave like a bachelor? There's a catch, of course: You're a man, but more importantly you're a human — and humans eventually need companionship that goes beyond sharing pitchers of beer with your buddies. The crossword clue for today new york times crossword puzzle is "Lived like a single guy" , and the right or the best answer for Lived like a single guy is :.

Lived like a single guy [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)
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Some men however, never grow up. They continue to live life as singles even after marriage. To such men, career, friends and self-satisfaction are much better than their wives.

Married-bachelor syndrome: when men fail to grow up

They find marriage a distraction. And there are common symptoms that married-bachelors exhibit. They hold Samuel in high esteem because he is generous to other people. Yet he rarely spends a penny on his wife. Married-bachelors also tend to live in a virtual world of fantasies.

They will not hesitate to assure their wives of how they will soon get super rich without necessarily explaining how such a miracle is possible.

Lived like a single guy

He will blow his salary in a day without contemplating, for a second, how his family will make it through the month. They are also dependant.


The wife has to massage his ego, build him up and accept him unconditionally no matter how immature he is. When Simon falls sick, Stella has to stay by his bedside round the clock, but he never reciprocates.


Besides being irresponsible and impatient with their wives, married-bachelors are also escapists. Instead of finding tangible solutions to their problems, they run off into addictions such as alcohol, drugs and pornography.

Why would a married man behave like a bachelor? Christine blames her mother-in-law. And psychologists blame it on early marriages. Margaret Lubowa Nalyaali, the executive director of Hidden Treasure Uganda, a counselling and psychology firm, says men who are 30 and below are likely to become married bachelors.

At this point, she advises, the wife is left with two choices - divorce or continue wallowing in misery. And science has something to say about that. The latter's brains "have less stimulation in the background, so they're always looking for the next fix from outward-directed, high-intensity, carefree interactions like going to bars and parties, and dating new people.

Not all men need this high — plenty of us are happy in monogamous relationships — but some are wired differently. And pretending you want to commit, when your heart yearns for freedom, is a recipe for disaster. Womens singles, several top cognitive-science experts say, you can wind up more isolated with a partner than you lived like a single guy by yourself.

John T. Cacioppo, director of the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at the University of Chicago, explains that "being alone and being lonely are not the same thing, lived like a single guy they're both stigmatized in our society. This is "not healthy, physically or mentally," says Cacioppo. There are good reasons to remain single, if you're not the codependent type. You'll have more time for whatever makes you feel alive — advancing your career, exploring your artistic streak, satisfying your wanderlust, or fighting for your political ideals.


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Lived like a single guy [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)