Family guy peter meets jesus

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I love how all the servers look like celebrities from the '50s. A- bird, bird, bird The bird's the word A- bird, bird, bird The bird's the word A- bird, bird, bird The bird is the word A- bird, bird, bird The bird is the word A- bird, bird, bird The bird is the word Peter, I have a mammogram in the morning. However, he sets his sights on Lois and gets her and Peter to agree to the affair. You couldn't leave well enough alone. It's not the Second Coming.

Family guy peter meets jesus [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Thirtysomething : Elliot has an affair and talks about it. Married…With Children : Terry Rakolta hates it. Thirtysomething Tie This is your life. The Flintstones : This is what life might have been. Married…With Children : She has a point. The Flintstones : The Simpsons. Home Article TV Families. TV Families. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Popular in Article. The clerk at the Dead Format Records store tells Peter they have sold all family guy peter meets jesus copies at once to "a dog family guy peter meets jesus a baby" before Peter notices that the clerk looks familiar, ultimately realizing he is Jesus Christ.

Jesus explains that he comes to Earth every century or so to unwind, but that he must also try to keep a low profile. Peter encourages Jesus to socialize and invites him over for dinner with his family, who recognize him as the messiah after he performs the miracles of turning vegetables into ice cream and making Lois' breasts become gigantic. Jesus has such a great time with the Griffins that he decides to make his second coming.

At first no one seems to notice him, but when Peter loses a dollar in the wind and it lands in a public fountain, Jesus retrieves it by walking on the surface of the water in front of everyone, amazing them.

He is caught up in his new-found popularity that he begins to neglect his friendship with Peter, sending all his cell phone calls to voice mail, prompting Peter to use Lois' cell phone to complain. Soon Jesus gets arrested after a drinking binge and ending up unconscious at Mary-Kate Olsen's house before making Antisemitic comments. You know nothing of my work. How you got to be president of anything is totally amazing.


Wouldn't it be great if life were like this? Listen, thanks for coming by tonight and hanging out with us. You may look like a bum, but you got a lot of talent, young man. Well, I never thought I'd say this, but I have had a blast. Oh, wonderful, wonderful. I'd forgotten how great it is interacting with people.

I better get some sleep. I gotta open the store tomorrow. You don't wanna go back to that store. You gotta get out there.

Family Guy - Dinner with Jesus

Coloring eggs and hiding them for kids. What, you mean reveal myself? This world needs you, Jesus. It needs you like a guy who can't get it up needs a distraction. I am so ready to have sex with you. Is that John Astin? I don't see anyone out there. Oh, well, now there's so much going international dating service. You know, you're right, Peter.

It may be time. But how do we do it? Everyone, may I have your attention, please? I would like to introduce you to the one, the only, Jesus Christ. That's right. That's Jesus Christ right here. These idiots, they're not listening. You know what, we gotta prove it to them. Listen, I'm gonna go get some water. Hey, can you get me a Cracked magazine?

Jesus Christ, unbelievable. All right, I'll be back. I'll get it. It's Jesus. It's him. And his best pal, Peter. Oh, wow. Jesus, can you believe you're gonna get to meet Jay Leno? Why is it when Jesus revealed himself to the world, he became famous and when I did, I got suspended for five days? You know, I owe this all to you, Peter. You gave me the confidence I needed. Never mind about family guy peter meets jesus.

Just go out there and knock them dead. Now go get them. Well, my thanks again to Dave Coulier. My next guest died for our sins, and it looks like he's back on the scene. Please welcome from the Bible, Jesus Christ. Oh, Jesus? Glad to be here. What have you been doing since you've been back? You know, just kind of bumming around playing a little Call of Duty 4, eating Pinkberry. I've been sampling the nightlife here. I raised River Phoenix from the dead.

We went out to the Viper Room, and he OD'd again. Jesus Christ, everybody. We'll be right back with Joss Stone. Did you see that? He made Jay Leno laugh. This guy is gonna be huge. Wow, a Paris Hilton party. Oh, this is so cool. Hey, Paris, I'm a friend of Jesus'.

Check it out, I have a cool bag family guy peter meets jesus, and it has a dog in it like yours. Hi, Paris. I'm Meg. Hey, Perez Hilton, how you doing, bitch? How are you, bitch? Cool, bitch.

Wow, I can't believe I'm really here. Who would've thought me, Peter Griffin, the guy who just two family guy peter meets jesus ago drew a smiley face on his own testicle to make his son laugh? I lost my train of thought, but this is really exciting. I'm having a blast. Some might say you're my savior. You ain't never had a friend like me. Everybody, what's up? What's up? You know what I hate? When you eat an ice-cream cone, and it's cold, and you're all: You're like, " Why didn't you warn me that's so cold?

But he's moving around a lot, so I guess. He was on the Internet, and I'm in college. Now to present the award for sickest on-screen gangsta pimp-out business Jesus Christ and the Pussycat Dolls.


Yay, Jesus! That's my buddy, Jesus. Hey, it's a pleasure to be here with you six interchangeable women. Last time I was down here on Earth, I only hung around with one whore. Come on, guys. Let's head over to my crib. Hey, you mind scooting over a little bit? Ooh, sorry. Doesn't look like there's any room.

What do you mean? There's only one space left, and I promised it to that cow. This is gonna be fun.

Jesus Christ

I'm gonna stick my head out the sunroof and wave my arms and go, "Whoo! I'm in Hollywood. I'm in Hollywood! I said I'd do it.

Put that thing away. We're trying to eat dinner. I can't believe fucking Jesus hasn't called. I left him a message four hours ago. Maybe he doesn't have his phone. No, it rang twice, and then the voicemail picked up. If it had gone straight to voicemail, the phone was off.

If it rang six times, that means he didn't hear it. But it rang twice, Lois. That family guy peter meets jesus the phone rang, he saw it was me he pressed a button and sent it to voicemail. You know what, give me your phone. I bet he'll pick up. Hey, hey, Lois. Hey, you, it's Peter. We were supposed to do something today.

Uh, I forgot to tell you. I have a doctor's appointment today.

Family guy peter meets jesus [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)