How to meet christian guys in college

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How to Meet Christian Single Men. Allow the Spirit of God to search your heart. References Christian Dating Guide. Of course not everyone will find a romantic connection, but I truly believe it is impossible for a large group of singles to get together for an extended season of their lives and no one connect with each other romantically. We waste countless hours at the mall, snatching up the latest trends and trying to become more appealing to the opposite sex.

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Every week it seems, I encounter young women who are wrestling with thoughts like, When am I finally going to meet Prince Charming? Or spice up my Facebook page with how to meet christian guys in college photos of myself in a swimsuit? A plethora of books, blogs, advice columns, and magazine articles have surfaced in the last few meet people calgary, attempting to give Christian young women some helpful tips for snagging a godly guy and achieving that much-desired state of wedded bliss.

Let him know you are interested — otherwise he may overlook you and move on to a different girl! For many young women, these arguments can seem compelling. When it comes to finding a guy, there are loads of tips and techniques available for you to glean from. And God is the greatest Romance Expert who ever lived! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And His pattern does not need to adapt around modern culture.


His Word is timeless. But those rules never protected me from a broken heart and shattered life. And as I observed my Christian friends, I saw they were all in the same boat I was in, an endless cycle of shallow and cheap romances that never lasted and left us emotionally bleeding and insecure. It was my desperation that how to meet christian guys in college motivated me to start praying.

I would have said that He was my highest priority — but in reality, I was far more preoccupied with guys, friends, and my social status. My life was far more moral than most of my peers. But the fact that I kept getting my heart broken again and again finally made me wonder if I was doing something wrong.

Dating At A Christian college

After a nasty break-up, still wallowing in depression and confusion, I began to cry out to God for answers. Why am I so miserable and insecure? Why does every relationship end this way? Then came a soft tugging upon my heart.

Suddenly I somehow knew that my life did not need to be this way and that God had something better for me. I felt Him gently whisper these words to my soul: You continue to get your heart broken because you are holding the pen of your life and trying to write your own story. I am the Author of true love. I am the Creator of romance.

So when many single people come together and work towards a common goal, you have all the ingredients for relationships to form. Additionally the womens singles odds who usually join the same mission or cause obviously have a passion for the same thing, which again forms a natural environment for romantic connections to be made.

Top 10 Places to Meet Christian Singles

These people are single, they have similar beliefs, and they are experiencing new things together to form bonds that only they will understand with one another. If you are a Christian single who wants to glorify God in marriage one day, perhaps the best tip is that you must be around other Christian singles. You have to reach out to other people and be available when people reach out to you.

How to Meet Christian Single Men

While meeting someone can seem complicated, the first step is simple: Choose to interact with other people because it is literally impossible to meet someone when you are by yourself.

Proverbs The school I attend has a female to male ratio of 70 to The guys are acutely aware of the supply and demand issue on campus and use it to their advantage. We all know that God has this perfect person for us, but in a way it handicaps us in real life.

We keep waiting for someone better, someone that meets our high standards, when in reality, you may not meet your spouse for another three years. Everyone is too busy trying to out-worship their competition that they loose site of why they are worshipping in the first place. Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up!


Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. It will require you to get vulnerable, but why not take a step and get involved into a smaller group? Most churches have plenty of groups of different topics, interests, age groups and locations. So find a group that matches your style, and jump in. Did you know I met my husband at a conference? We met on a lunch break, and got to know each other during a group mini-golf outing. A recent statistic I read reported that most people meet their significant other by way of friends and family.

And it makes sense, because usually, these are the people that know you the best.

What Christian Guys Look For In Girls

So put the word out there, and give your friends and family a chance to introduce you to their social circles.

How to meet christian guys in college [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)