Dating a player how to handle it

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There is very little rational thought going through their mind when making a decision. This is okay for the short term, of course -- you don't want this to go on for too long. Decide to date other men casually.

Dating a player how to handle it [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

He knew it. Not only did he know it, he was looking for us, and he wanted us not for a relationship, mind you. He wanted to do the old stop, flop, and roll—as in roll out of bed, down the street, and out of our lives. His secret?

How to Deal With a Player

He targeted the extremes—the under-confident and overconfident. When we find ourselves repeatedly targeted by players, wondering why we end up in the same kinds of dead-end relationship relationships over and over again, here are five steps we can all take to break the cycle and find the love we want and the man we need. Recognize and reject. Being secretive can dating a player how to handle it you an air of mystery, but he likely won't care about chasing those secrets down, so there's a better way to play hard to get.

Click on another answer to find the right one All of the above answers are good advice when you're dating a player, in order to protect your mental and emotional health.

But only one of them is a really good way to intrigue him by playing hard to get. Pick another answer! Texting someone to let them know you're thinking of them is a very romantic gesture. As such, it's wasted on a player.

Save that kind of communication for someone who's serious about you. If you text a player every day, you'll come off as a bit too invested in him, because he probably won't be texting you that frequently.

Try to dial it back so he doesn't think he has you wrapped around his finger. You don't need to always let him be the first one to text, but the lucky patcher dating apps should be pretty balanced.


If you find yourself texting him too much, stop until he takes the time to contact you. Playing hard to get is one thing, but if you never respond to his texts, then it's going to be hard to maintain even a casual relationship.

10 Unwritten Rules Of Dating A Player

You don't always have to respond immediately, but you do have to respond sometimes. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 15 references. Categories: Relationship Issues.

Learn more Decide if you want to play. One way to keep yourself from getting hurt is married women men in not expect the world from the player.

Right, then he may not be it. Though some players do change and settle down, this is not the norm. Instead, let things go at their own pace. After all, a player sticks to his own schedule. Being with a player is all about having fun, and you should enjoy the carefree benefits of the relationship. If you hold the player to dating a player how to handle it same standards as a serious boyfriend or a husband, then you are bound to be disappointed.

The best thing you can do with a player is not let him get into your head or your heart. Set the tone early. If he thinks he can get away with anything around you, then there will be no stopping him. If he texts you or calls you asking to hang after midnight, tell him you want a date first so he knows what to do, next time. Part 1 Quiz A good reason to have a relationship with a player is if you're looking for Something fun and casual. Something intense and romantic.

A guy you can rely on. A guy you can improve. Beat him at his own game. Contrary to popular belief, not every single girl out there is looking for a stable relationship, kids, or a white picket fence.

Play hard to get.


Just be flirty and give him a few compliments while teasing him and keeping things light instead. Make him work for it. Keep your guard up. If he starts opening up to you a bit, you can follow suit, but make sure not to give too much up at once. Keep doing your own thing. When it comes to dating, many people tie their self-worth to what others think of them or how other's treat them.

It's important to keep in mind that we live in a "me" culture, and on the whole, people are very hyper-focused on themselves. Players-types, even more. In other words, when someone acts selfishly in dating, you should focus on how this behaviour reflects on THEM as a person, rather then what it says about you. As a result, a player will often move onto the next people they date with a kind of soulless and jaded approach.

This is just a defence mechanisms for the heartbreak dating a player how to handle it recently endured and has absolutely nothing to do with you. Again, just a defence mechanism in trying to heal. They are likely going through some tough inner emotional turmoil and don't have the mental capacity to empathize and care for another's feelings. Similarly, it's important to take all their actions and behaviours at face value. You will drive yourself to insanity doing so and then miss out on all the fun and spontaneous adventures that come along with dating a player.

How To Get The "Player" Type To Commit To A Relationship (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

In other words, don't jump to conclusions and never assume. That's because people who are "playing the field" are on a mission to live impulsively for awhile. That's probably what attracts you to them in the first place. There is very little rational thought going through their mind when making a decision.

They are simply living the moment. Part of the fun of dating a player is the excitement and unpredictability. In order to take full advantage of the arrangement always keep this motto in mind. Keep your communication light, fun, and playful. Take this as an opportunity to flirt and say the things you would only dream of saying.

Be yourself to the full degree. Don't worry about hiding your true colours or saying something that will potentially put them off because this relationship won't last forever, so may as well catapult yourself and jump in enthusiastically with both feet. This not only applies to digital communication but face to face IRL communication as well.


Don't shy away from dressing or wearing what makes you feel comfortable and attractive in an effort to impress them. Because the person who is playing the field is definitely not only trying to impress you.

Dating someone who is emotionally detached can be a lot of fun if you stay in the same boat and vibe off each other for a while. These can actually be some of the most interesting and fulfilling relationships you will have in your lifetime.

When it comes to communication, it's important to manage your expectations because someone who is playing the field will rarely be consistent. In fact, I would argue that inconsistency is the corner-stone of classic player behavior. Another reminder: don't take it personally.

Dating a player how to handle it [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)