How to meet people while traveling solo

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Instead, make light of the situation you are all sharing and make a joke of it. The opportunities are endless. Groups form all over the world based on common hobbies: creative writing, sailing, programming, practicing French.

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And after days of fun… what happens when you get lonely? No matter how many times I arrive at an airport with just my luggage for company, I still have that feeling of nervous anticipation. Yes, even seasoned travellers get butterflies!

Traveling Alone: 19 Tips to Meet People When Going Solo

Hours sat in hostel bars, cooking in communal kitchens, and munching on free breakfasts has introduced me to some amazing friends from across the globe. In my hostel in Mexico there were people from the age of 18 up to 40, and they were all there for different things!

How to Meet People as a Solo Traveler

There was no right or wrong, and no peer pressure — it was really liberating! There are tonnes of companies offering group tours. Itineraries are planned in advance, transport is waiting — all you need to do is turn up and enjoy yourself!

Recently, I blogged about my first big adventure which I believe started the crazy wanderlust I have today. I have SUCH happy memories from that trip. We trekked around Chichen Itza, shared margaritas on the beach, ate our bodyweight in tacos and danced until dawn.


I was nervous but now I will stop worrying! Nimbin is truly awesome! Staying in a hostel and signing up for group tours have been, from my experience, the best way to meet great people when traveling. People are social beings. The young backpackers, from every country, are always good to me. I always try to carry a pen with me.

I find too, that at a lot of hostels the best place to get to know people is the smoking area. I wish more older people would give the hostels a chance…. Being a solo traveler I can relate with almost all of these experiences. I want to stay in certain cities at certain hostels, but the dates I check are never available — I would be happy to change my plans if I knew what dates were available.

Good reading. I am travelling to Italy and Spain later this week. Here I am, trying to decide whether to look for a new nicer job,move back to my country and try to open a small business,or go traveling solo hoping to get to know myself a little more,discover new places,making new friends and finding new perspectives.

What do you guys think should do? Thanks for this. I wish I read this before I experienced my first, awkward stay in a hostel in Europe on one of my trip. It was my first time and I was shy, paranoia and managed to strike the first 3 conversations which stopped there as it is LOL… I really had no idea what to do where and how.

You can either pay for for an official class or look for free language exchange meet-ups most often advertised at hostels, on Couchsurfing or Justin chat room, or via location-specific Facebook groups. There are typically countless ways to get involved as a volunteer wherever you travel in the how to meet people while traveling solo consequently meet local hosts and other volunteers -- but my favorite is HelpXthrough which I've found ultra-high-quality volunteering gigs for solo travelers, couples, and groups.

HelpX costs 20 euros for a 2-year "premier" membership essential for making full use of the site. Workaway is another highly regarded option. Search online for "rideshare [country name]" and there's a good chance you'll find a local network of free or low-cost rides between cities in private automobiles. Like Couchsurfing, the type how to meet guys offline people who do rideshares are typically interesting -- some might say eccentric -- and spending multiple hours in a car with them can lead to memorable stories and new friendships.

Coworking spaces are hubs for entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads, small business-people, and anyone else who wants to rent a little chunk of office space with reliable wi-fi and bathrooms so they don't have to camp out in coffeeshops anymore. If you'd like to get some focused work done while traveling, a coworking space can be a great place to do that among a group of like-minded peers. Most spaces have scheduled community social activities that you can browse via their online event calendars or via their e-mail newsletters which you can subscribe to in advance.

Membership options range from day passes to multi-visit punchcards to monthly membership, and many spaces offer free one-day trials. If you have a niche interest -- like raves, ultramarathons, or Python programming -- do a quick search to see if any big events are scheduled in the area where you're traveling. How to meet people while traveling solo as a paid participant or, even better, become a volunteer.

Search Twitter or Instagram for keywords and hashtags related to your location, interests, or activities. Use this website to search Instagram if you don't have an iPhone. Find out if there's a sub-reddit discussion board for your location. For example, googling "Queenstown NZ reddit" immediately led me to the Queenstown board where a few interesting conversations were taking place.


Start your own conversation or, as with Twitter and Instagram, consider directly messaging users who seem interesting. Do an advanced search on LinkedIn to find people in your destination based on their industry, keywords, and how closely you're connected to them. Message them through directly through LinkedIn or just google their names to find more effective means of contact like an e-mail or Twitter account.

Strike up a conversation based on mutual career interests. A website designed specifically for help travelers meet each other, TravBuddy boasts more thanusers -- both travelers and locals -- who seem to be active in even the most remote corners of the globe. Available in an increasing number of big cities, EatWith connects local chefs with strangers i.


Eat well and meet other foodies at the same time. Like Couchsurfing, AirBnB tends to attract some of the coolest hosts on the planet.


Or invite your host over for dinner in their own home! Travelers go to hostels because they want to meet other travelers, which makes them one the least awkward places to strike up a random conversation.

Do this by hanging out in the common rooms and kitchen, offering to help cook a group meal, sitting in the lobby reading an interesting-looking book, or joining a hostel social event. You can sometimes volunteer to organize your own social event through the hostel, too, like a group bike ride or game night. Homestays are wonderful because 1 you're instantly connected to a group of locals, and 2 those locals will surely introduce you to their friends.

How to meet people while traveling solo [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)