How to look like a powerful woman

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Whether in pants or skirt, a suit is a crucial piece in the wardrobe of the most important women all over the world. The Queen is above the flickering whims of fashion and trends; she has remained true to her style her entire life. You're the boss in that look for sure.

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They're our peers, friends, and mentors, and not only have they carved out their own corners of success, but they've managed to do so in some seriously killer work outfits.

If you've ever heard the term enclothed cognition, it's the idea that what you wear can alter your mood or self-perception. So what is it that power women wear when they want to feel confident?

We had to know. Below, 10 game-changing women let us in on the styles that make them feel ready to take on the world.


For some, it's a killer pair of heels, for others, there's no better ensemble than sneakers and sweats. But, for every woman, the idea of a "power outfit" boils down to always choosing clothes that fit their mood and the occasion at hand. Feeling inspired to try a new and easy outfit on for size?


I think this time around the difference is that, instead of dressing like men in a classic suit to illustrate power, women are using their femininity as power and so we are seeing a much softer version. Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion Director Roopal Patel added even more perspective explaining and I am sure you can relatehow excited she is "about power dressing right now and how she and Saks are calling it 'Boss Lady' with everything from power suits to power pumps making their way into your wardrobe.

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The style of 5 of the most powerful women according to Forbes. Power has a look. Angela Merkel The most powerful woman in the world is the first female Chancellor of Germany since and the de facto leader of Europe. However, the Jovani experts explain that this may be the most playful and colorful garment of the entire outfit.

When talking about shoes, the heel should be in the range of 1 to 2 inches. High heels are related to more casual occasions and can also make walking way more difficult. You want to reflect confidence! The peep toe is ideal to add the girly glam touch to your look.

The style of 5 of the most powerful women according to Forbes

Categories Fashion and Style. Some women in authority say they would almost never wear jeans to work because denim is not polished enough. Jeans do not portray the image of a person running a company. This wardrobe item is another statement that women are powerful enough to wear whatever they want, or that some items reflect less authority.

You can be sure the woman at the top considers these items among her go-to staples:. Wearing one color is both elegant and a way to broadcast assurance. A monochromatic outfit can make you feel more powerful and more together even when you may be juggling a million things on the inside.

How to look like a powerful woman [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)